What Color Jewelry Should I Wear?

May 6th, 2022

People buy jewelry to express their personal style, taking into account factors such as their own personal skin tone. You may have a platinum watch because you like the luxury statement it creates, or purchase trendy pieces like chunkier rose gold chains to complement an athleisure outfit. How you style your jewelry with your wardrobe can take a simple outfit from bland to beautiful, whether you have a cool, neutral, or warm skin tone.

While it’s important to pick pieces that complement your skin tone, such as silver jewelry for those with cool skin tones, you also need to consider the clothing you plan to wear. Learn how to coordinate your jewelry with your wardrobe to look your best and avoid a fashion faux pas, whether you have a neutral skin tone that works well with most metals or a warm skin tone that shines with gold accessories. This way, you can create a harmonious balance between your chosen jewelry and your outfit that truly reflects your personal style.

Pairing Jewelry with Your Outfit

Picking out the perfect outfit is challenging, even without the added pressure of finding the right jewelry to match. Having a wide selection of jewelry with different colors and gemstones gives you many options but may leave you feeling overwhelmed. When selecting a piece of jewelry to wear, consider:

  • The occasion: what you wear for work will differ from a special evening out
  • Clothing patterns: you want your pieces to complement your clothing and not clash
  • Your accessories: make sure the pieces you pick out pair well with your other accessories and jewelry like your glasses, an engagement ring, or a hat
mid-shot of woman in green dress with large gold earrings on green background

What Color of Jewelry Goes with a Green Dress?

Green is a popular dress color all year long, with lighter and brighter tone greens in the spring and summer and richer, deeper tones throughout fall and winter. It’s a versatile color and can have undertones ranging from blue to yellow. The shade of your green dress determines which jewelry colors look best.

Metallic tones complement all shades of green. Warm metals like yellow or rose gold pair perfectly with a green dress, giving you a luxe yet effortless appearance. Try tonal accessorizing with jewelry featuring darker green gemstones like Trapiche or Colombian emeralds or even semi-precious green stones like malachite, jade, or tourmaline. Tonal dressing gives your look a modern edge.

Consider contrasting a green dress with pink and red-colored jewelry, like pink sapphires, rubellite, or Mozambique ruby, for dresses lighter in tone or brighter in color for a casual look.

What Color of Jewelry Goes with Burgundy Clothing?

Burgundy is a warm color with purple and red undertones. This rich shade looks best with a complementary tone like yellow gold, but white gold and silver can also look appealing against it. Pieces containing black or cream colors can give your outfit contrast without clashing.

Pair a chunky Cuban link yellow gold chain or necklace with a casual burgundy t-shirt and blue denim jeans combo. For a burgundy suit at the office or a rich burgundy cocktail dress, accessorize with a white gold tennis bracelet or dangle earrings.

Avoid colored gemstones and bright colors or anything too flashy. You want your jewelry to enhance your outfit, not take attention away from it.

close up of ornate yellow gold necklace with various colored gemstones

Accessories for a White Dress

A plain white dress is a blank canvas for your jewelry. You can showcase bright gemstones, yellow and rose gold jewelry, and pieces with darker colors, such as onyx or obsidian gemstones or black Tahitian pearls.

Lighter-colored metals, like silver, white gold, and platinum, may not be as noticeable against the background of your white dress. Select statement pieces, like a bib necklace or a cuff, featuring additional colors if you prefer cool-toned metal.

If your white dress is patterned, ruffled, or heavily stitched, choose simple jewelry, such as a delicate rose gold box chain necklace or diamond stud earrings, rather than ornate pieces to avoid looking gaudy. Save your statement pieces, louder earrings, necklaces, and bracelets to pair with unembellished dresses.

What Color of Jewelry Goes with a Navy Blue Dress?

Navy blue is a classic dress color that complements many skin tones. This neutral dress is quite versatile, allowing you to go from a subdued professional setting to a chic event or date by changing the jewelry you pair with it.

Silver, white gold, platinum, and white jewelry keep your dress neutral and approachable while making you look chic. To make a bold style statement, pair a navy dress with earrings or a necklace featuring orange gemstones like fire opal, sunstone, or amber.

Protect Your Style

Your jewelry can make or break an outfit, and protecting your pieces from damage or loss can keep you looking fabulous. Consider an insurance policy from a specialized jewelry insurer like BriteCo.

Our affordable and comprehensive coverage protects your jewelry from theft, damage, and mysterious disappearance. We offer a 125% replacement value for each item with a zero-dollar deductible. Contact us for information or to get your free jewelry insurance quote.

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