A Jeweler’s Guide to Traveling with Expensive Jewelry

August 10th, 2021

With everything else you need to think about for your upcoming trip, learning how to travel with jewelry can seem like a low priority worry, but hear us out…

As a tourist, you’re an easier target for career thieves to steal from, especially if you’re not careful about concealing your cash, electronics, or jewelry. And those crafty criminals? They could be anywhere, which means remaining vigilant about your jewelry travel habits is crucial if you want to return home with everything you left with or picked up while on your trip.

Don’t worry, dear traveler. We’ve put together a comprehensive road map outlining the best way to travel with jewelry so you can protect your diamonds, gems, and precious metals on every leg of the journey. Let’s take a trip, shall we?

How to Travel With Expensive Jewelry

At Home

Before you leave the house, create a catalog listing every piece of jewelry joining you on your travels. You can list out the items and where they are stored or snap a photo of all your jewelry splayed out, so you know exactly where it was when you left the house. If you plan on wearing any jewelry on your trip, take pictures or write down what jewelry you wore out of the house for easy reference at any point during travel to your destination.

At The Airport

DO NOT CHECK EXPENSIVE JEWELRY! Unless you’re wearing it, keep all jewelry safely stored in a pouch in your carry-on bag in a secure pocket or secret storage books designed to unsuspectingly store valuables, and never let it out of your sight!

At The Hotel

When traveling with jewelry, never stay in a hotel without a safe. Some hotels offer safety deposit boxes for you to store your valuables, so check with your hotel to be sure they have the accommodations you need in-room or on-premise.

Storing your jewelry in a safe protects your jewelry from theft, fires, floods, or any other potential issues that could arise. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, it’s recommended to store any jewelry you’re not wearing in your room safe or the hotel’s safe deposit boxes. If there’s no safe in sight, rethink your stay or the valuables you plan on bringing.

Out On The Town

When wearing your jewelry out on the town during your travels, it helps to catalog what you’re wearing throughout the day. This way, you have a timeline of when and where you’ve worn certain pieces in the event a piece of jewelry goes missing. If you’re going somewhere that may not have the best reputation, we recommend not wearing your expensive jewelry at all. This includes luxury watches like Rolex, Chopard, Citizen, Omega, since expensive watches are heavily targeted for theft.

Travel In Confidence with Global Jewelry Coverage From BriteCo™

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