Is a Jewelry Safe the Best Way to Store Your Jewelry?

June 11th, 2021

As a third-generation jeweler, BriteCo’s CEO and founder, Dustin Lemick, can confirm that valuable jewelry should be stored in a jewelry safe whenever possible. You see, safely storing your jewelry isn’t just about keeping it away from potential thieves. It’s also about preserving your timeless pieces from damage, environmental exposure, and other possible damage.

Today, we’ll share why the best way to store jewelry is with a jewelry safe and share tips on how to store your jewelry while traveling.

3 Reasons to Store Your Jewelry Using a Jewelry Safe

  1. Safety & Security

    Aside from the fact that a high-end jewelry safe can protect your timeless treasures from theft, jewelry safes can also keep your pieces safe from disasters, including fires, floods, earthquakes, and temperature changes. These days, jewelry safes can even be custom-made with your choice of dial, electronic, or biometric locks to protect your valuables from potential thieves.

    Pro Tip: In need of a secure jewelry storage solution quickly? Consider utilizing a small jewelry box or storage tray, or talk to your financial institution to see if an insured safety deposit box is available to store your jewelry and other valuables in!

  2. Reduce Everyday Environmental Exposure

    Did you know that everyday environmental exposure can affect your jewelry? Whether it’s the chlorine in the water, lotion getting in between the prongs, or discoloration and reduced durability from the sun’s rays, your fine jewelry requires the utmost care and attention, even when you’re not donning it on date night or for a fancy event. A jewelry safe will keep your precious metals completely protected from water and direct sunlight to ensure those timeless pieces last for eternity.

  3. Jewelry Safes Make Large Jewelry Collections Easier to Catalog

    A jewelry safe offers incredible organizing and cataloging capabilities that large jewelry collections need to remain undamaged and easily navigable. We recommend creating a cataloging guide and displaying it on the inside door of your jewelry safe to find your favorite pieces quickly and easily.

How to Store Jewelry During Travel

Where a jewelry safe shines in functionality, it lacks in travel capabilities. That’s why when it comes to the best way to store jewelry during travel, we’ve got a few tried and true ideas of how to store jewelry up our sleeves!

  1. Choose a Room with a Safe

    When booking sleep accommodations, request a hotel room or rental with a room safe that can serve as a stand-in jewelry safe during your travels. This will be your best form of protection from break-ins, fires, floors, or other possible issues.

  2. Utilize Secret Storage Cases

    If a safe is not available, the next best solution on how to store jewelry safely during travel would be to hide it on your person. For instance, secret storage books look like plain old books you would read on a flight or vacation but are meant to disguise your valuables from potential thieves in an unsuspecting way.

  3. Store Your Jewelry in Individual Pouches

    To protect your pieces from damage, scratches, or a tangled mess it’s best to store your jewelry in separate pouches, boxes, or even small plastic baggies. We recommend storing watches in watch pouches or travel rolls to best protect them from damage.

    Pro Tip: Take watches out to wind them every once in a while, if stored for long periods of time, or purchase a watch winding jewelry safe!

Safeguard Your Jewelry Investments with BriteCo Insurance

For everything you do to protect your jewelry, wouldn’t it be nice to have the best jewelry insurance coverage that worked just as hard to replace it if the worst-case scenario were to occur? Well, now there is!

At BriteCo™, we’ve made it our mission to provide the absolute best jewelry insurance designed to protect your timeless treasures wherever they may travel. Aside from our fast and easy jewelry insurance quotes and claims processes, we’re proud to offer a long list of benefits for our customers, including:

  • Coverage of up to 125% appraisal value in the event of theft, damage, mysterious disappearance, and loss.
  • Preventative maintenance on your fine pieces.
  • ZERO deductible.
  • Monthly or annual payment plans.
  • Free annual insurance value updates.
  • Worldwide coverage.

For all the ways you work to keep your jewelry safe, BriteCo can make the process of replacing and maintaining it all a little bit easier. Learn more and contact us on chat at

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Dustin Sitar, MBA - Director of Marketing and Operations

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