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How To Keep Layered Necklaces From Tangling

Rachel Akmakjian


Rachel Akmakjian

Layered necklaces are a great way to dress up an outfit and add a bit of sparkle to your look. However, it can be challenging to keep them from tangling. Thankfully, there are several ways to prevent your necklaces from knotting up and becoming a tangled mess. 

This article will provide simple tips and tricks on how to keep layered necklaces from tangling to avoid damaging your jewelry. We’ll discuss how to store your necklaces and how to wear them. You can keep your necklaces in good condition and tangle-free with a few simple tricks.

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What Are Layered Necklaces?

Layered necklaces are a trend that has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Stacking necklaces typically consist of different chains with varying lengths and styles, some of which often feature intricate designs. You can achieve this stacked style with a combination of dainty and delicate necklaces or with multiple necklaces of different lengths and chain thicknesses.

The necklaces are sometimes made to be worn together, other times not, but either way, they can be stacked and layered to your heart’s content to create a unique and on-trend look. 

In 2022, layering necklaces went viral and became a trend on social media, and the phrase “neck mess” was born.  

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A-list celebrities soon began sharing selfies of their layered jewelry online, which only helped to take this popular accessory trend to the next level. It’s safe to say that layering necklaces are here to stay.

Keeping layered necklaces from tangling is crucial to preserve their delicate design and avoid unwanted damage. Stacked necklaces can quickly become knotted and tangled if they’re not stored and handled correctly, which can often damage the chains or individual pieces of jewelry. 

It can be challenging to untangle the jewelry pieces without causing any damage, and the process of untangling can cause:

  • Stress fractures to the chain
  • Metal warping
  • Damage to beads, gemstones, and other features
  • Dulling of the finish
  • Broken chain links or spring clasps

Taking the time to care for layered necklaces can help keep them in good condition and beautiful for years.

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How To Stop Necklaces From Tangling When Layering

If you want to wear multiple necklaces, there are a few tips that you can keep in mind that will help ensure your layers look great and remain tangle-free:

How To Stop Necklaces From Tangling When Layering


  1. Start with a shorter necklace. This should be the bottom layer of your stack and will help to keep the other necklaces in place.
  2. Add a longer necklace. This will create an exciting contrast in lengths and can be selected to enhance the look of the shorter necklace.
  3. Select a third necklace. This should be an in-between length to sit between the two other necklaces comfortably. 
  4. Ensure that the necklace chains are of a similar thickness. If the chains are of different thicknesses, the thicker ones will weigh down the thinner chains, which can cause tangling.
  5. Make sure that the clasp of the topmost necklace isn’t too heavy. A heavy clasp can pull down the other necklaces, making the delicate chains knotted.

How To Keep Layered Necklaces From Tangling: A Step-By-Step Guide

If you’re a layered necklace lover, then you’ve likely already experienced a tangled mess and the frustration that arises after spending hours styling a look only to have it undone in an instant by tangled and messy chains. Or that moment when you go to grab your favorite necklace to wear, only to find it wrapped and tangled.

But even worse than the original frustration is how time-consuming and tedious untangling the necklaces can become.

Nevertheless, there are a few simple solutions that you can use to keep your necklaces from tangling.

  1. Use a jewelry box: Jewelry boxes come in various shapes, colors, and sizes and are great for preventing tangles and keeping your precious necklaces organized. If you’re worried about storing your valuables in a jewelry box, then you can use plastic wrap to add an extra layer of protection. 
  2. Use a necklace clasp: Necklace clasps are small metal devices that attach two or more necklaces. This can help prevent the necklaces from becoming tangled. And, if you’re not a fan of necklace clasps, you can opt for a necklace spacer instead.
  3. Use a necklace detangler: Necklace detanglers are small devices that are designed to help untangle necklaces. Necklace detanglers are usually made from metal or plastic and feature a small hook to untangle the chains. Necklace detanglers are a great tool to have on hand if you’re prone to tangles because they can save you a lot of time and frustration.

Using these three tips can lessen your odds of dealing with the dreaded tangled mess in the future.

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How To Stop Necklaces From Tangling When Layering


  • How do you keep pre-layered necklaces from tangling? Storing pre-layered necklaces properly is the best way to keep them from tangling. It’s also important to remember to hold the strands separately and clasp them one at a time when you’re putting the jewelry on.
  • Do jewelers untangle necklaces? Yes, many jewelers offer services to untangle necklaces and other jewelry pieces. However, it’s best to prevent tangling in the first place by storing and layering your stack correctly.
  • Should you hang your necklaces? Necklaces should be hung on a jewelry tree, hanger, or rack. This will keep to keep the chains separated and prevent them from tangling.
  • Can I fix a tangled necklace? Yes, it’s possible to untangle a necklace. However, if you think you won’t be able to unravel the jewelry pieces without causing damage, you should contact a professional jeweler for help.
  • What tools help stop layered necklaces from tangling? Necklace clasps, spacers, and detanglers can help keep your stack in place and lessen the chances of your layered necklaces getting tangled.

Protect your precious possessions

Layered necklaces are a great way to style an outfit. However, as with any jewelry, these delicate chains can quickly become tangled if they’re not stored and cared for properly. 

By following the preventative measures laid out in this article, you should be able to minimize your chances of experiencing a tangled mess. 

Lastly, if you’re worried about the damage that tangling can cause to your valuable jewelry taking out an insurance policy can help to put your mind at rest. 

At BriteCo, we provide comprehensive and affordable jewelry insurance. Our policies cover damage caused by tangling, so you can rest assured that your jewelry is protected and in good hands. Our coverage includes protection against loss, theft, and damage anywhere in the world. 

For more information, please contact us, or use our online tool to get a quote.

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