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The Best Jewelry for Off the Shoulder Dress Necklines

Rachel Akmakjian


Rachel Akmakjian

Show Off Your Style: The Best Jewelry for Off the Shoulder Dress Necklines

If you’re wearing a strapless or off shoulder dress to an upcoming event, don’t just reach for any statement necklace in your jewelry box. When matching jewelry to your outfit, it’s essential to consider factors like neckline and dress style. The wrong choice can make your outfit feel clunky or too busy, with too much going on.

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However, when you think of a strapless or off shoulder top, you may think of a plunging neckline that leaves a lot of skin on display and thus requires a pendant necklace to accessorize your decolletage appropriately. However, that’s not always the case. An off shoulder neckline can be swooping or plunging, but also straight or fitted to the curvatures of your body. There are dos and don’ts for all of the above.

To help you choose (and look your best!), here are our five top recommendations for jewelry for off shoulder dress necklines.

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1. A Collar or Choker Necklace

Both choker and collar necklaces are back in style thanks to a resurgence of 1990s fashion trends. However, skip the plastic choker from your younger days and, instead, consider a more delicate, fashion-forward choker featuring gemstones and other high-end materials.

These types of necklaces work well with most off shoulder dresses, as, depending on the necklace you buy, they can be dramatic, eye-catching, or simplistic.

Another bonus? Since they sit directly at the base of your throat, they won’t get in the way of your dress’s neckline, like a longer necklace might.

2. A Small Pendant Necklace

If your dress is on the flashy side — think lots of sparkle and shine, maybe a big, bold pattern — then you won’t want to overdo things with an equally over-the-top necklace. In these instances, pair your strapless dress with a delicate necklace that will compliment it without competing with it.

3. Drop Earrings

Drop Earrings

You can’t only think about your necklace. When it comes to off the shoulder dress jewelry, earrings are also an important consideration.

When you’re wearing a shoulder-bearing dress, you have plenty of extra space to play around, so take up some of that space with fabulous and flashy drop earrings, particularly if you plan on wearing your hair up and out of the way. Your earrings will grab attention, so this is the time to show off your favorite pair of statement earrings.

4. A Statement Necklace

While a statement necklace won’t be a good fit for every off-shoulder dress or neckline, it’s still a good choice in many instances. Pull out that chunky necklace or large pendant, and get ready to dazzle.

However, be sure that if you choose a statement necklace, you don’t select an option that will distract from your dress’s style or a necklace that will fall along your neckline. Your necklace should only be touching skin. If your off shoulder dress has a plunging or V-shaped neckline, choose a necklace that will compliment the angles.

5. Layered Necklaces

No statement necklace in your jewelry box? Try layering a few necklaces together to get a chic, trending look using a few smaller, more delicate pieces. Pair like metals with like metals and opt for chains of varying sizes and shapes.

Other Things to Consider When Choosing Jewelry for Off-The-Shoulder Dress Necklines

Things to Consider When Choosing Jewelry for Off-The-Shoulder Dress NecklinesStill not made up your mind as to what you’ll pair with your off-the-shoulder look? Keep these guidelines in mind.

  • Aim for Balance

When pairing jewelry with any look, the key is to aim for balance.

If you’re wearing a plain dress, add some extra pizzazz and sparkle with more significant, bolder looks. Suppose you’re wearing a dress that’s already pretty big and bold; tone things down regarding jewelry. If your dress is more of a classic style, consider livening things up with a more artistic or modern piece of jewelry. If your dress is bold, wear a more traditional piece of jewelry like a simple chain or pearl necklace.

  • Match Your Lines

When it comes to jewelry for off-the-shoulder dress necklines, you want any necklace you wear to match your neckline’s angles as much as possible. So, if the neckline is plunging, go with a long necklace that falls into a ‘v.’ If the neckline of the off-the-shoulder dress is cut straight across your shoulders, go with a similarly straight-angled necklace or a choker or collar. If the neckline swoops and curves, go with a necklace with soft lines that lay more in a circular swoop around your neck.

  • Think About Your Entire Look

After you’ve sorted your jewelry to wear with off the-shoulder dress looks, don’t forget about other vital details, such as your hairstyle and makeup. You should aim for balance in these instances as well. For example, if your necklace is bold and eye-catching, you won’t want to take attention away from it by styling your hair to fall over your face and neck, essentially hiding your jewelry.

What about a One Shoulder Dress?

Beyond off the shoulder dresses, there are also one shoulder dresses. The rules for jewelry to wear with off the shoulder dress necklines differ from those for jewelry to wear with one shoulder dresses.

One shoulder dress naturally draws attention to your chest and neck because the fabric of such a dress swoops diagonally across the space. Because the fabric takes up so much of this space, it leaves little room for a necklace. If you wear a necklace with a one shoulder dress or top, go with a choker or collar necklace, which will take up minimal space and not interfere with the neckline.

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Keep Your Jewelry for Off-the-shoulder Dress Necklines Safe

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