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The Perfect Jewelry to Wear with Black Dress Outfits

Rachel Akmakjian


Rachel Akmakjian

When it comes to fashion, few items are as timeless and versatile as the classic black dress. Its simplicity allows for endless styling possibilities, making it a staple in every wardrobe.

But is there the best type of jewelry to wear with a black dress? Keep reading to learn more about what to wear with a black dress, from classic choices to statement pieces, and get a few fashion tips for matching jewelry with different styles of black dresses.

choker-style pearl necklace

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What Jewelry to Wear With a Black Dress

Three top contendersOne of the easiest ways to elevate a black dress is by choosing the right jewelry to accompany it. Whether you’re attending a formal event, a casual gathering, or a wedding, the right accessories can transform a black dress into a stunning ensemble that reflects your personal style.

So, what jewelry goes best with a black dress? There are three top contenders.

  • A Pearl Necklace

A pearl necklace is a classic choice. Pearls are suitable for a wide range of occasions, from casual outings to formal events. Their soft glow complements the starkness of a black dress, creating an elegant look.

Consider the neckline when choosing a pearl necklace to pair with your black dress. A choker-style pearl necklace works well with a V neck black dress, while a longer strand complements high-neck or strapless styles. The key is to achieve a balanced and polished appearance by selecting the right length and style of pearls.

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  • Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry is a contemporary and understated option. When choosing silver accessories for your dress, consider the overall style of the black outfit. Delicate silver pieces can add a touch of femininity to a casual black dress, while bolder designs may be more suitable for formal occasions.

  • Gold Jewelry

Last, opt for gold jewelry for an infusion of warmth and luxury. Gold accents can elevate your overall look, adding a touch of glamor and sophistication.

Consider the dress’s undertones when choosing gold jewelry for a black dress. Yellow gold pairs well with warm tones, while white gold complements cool tones.

Whether it’s a pair of gold earrings, a delicate bracelet, or a statement necklace, incorporating gold into your look creates a timeless and refined aesthetic. Gold accessories seamlessly transition from casual to formal, making them a versatile choice for various occasions.

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Statement Jewelry That Goes with Black Dress Outfits

Statement jewelry is a go-to accessory for any black dress. These eye-catching pieces can transform a simple outfit into a show-stopping look.

  • Statement Necklaces: Choose a statement necklace that complements the style and neckline of the dress. Opt for a simpler statement necklace if your black dress features intricate details or patterns. On the other hand, a plain black dress provides the perfect canvas for a more elaborate and attention-grabbing statement piece.Experiment with different styles to find the perfect balance.
  • Statement Rings: While statement necklaces often take center stage, a well-chosen statement ring can add a touch of glamor and individuality. When choosing a statement ring, consider your overall aesthetic.A bold and sparkling ring can be the perfect finishing touch for a night out in a black cocktail dress. Ensure the statement ring complements, rather than competes with, other jewelry pieces you may be wearing. If the ring is the focal point, opt for more subdued earrings and vice versa.

Matching Jewelry for Black Dress Styles

  • The Little Black Dress

The iconic Little Black Dress (LBD) is a wardrobe staple celebrated for its versatility. When it comes to jewelry for black clothing, the LBD is a blank canvas.For casual occasions, consider pairing your black dress with jewelry items that are simple and understated. A delicate necklace and earrings can add a touch of elegance without overpowering the dress. Don’t shy away from more extravagant accessories, such as a statement necklace or bold earrings for formal events. Adapt your jewelry selection to the occasion, allowing the LBD to shine in any setting.

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  • Black Tie Events

A more refined and luxurious approach to jewelry is often appropriate for black tie events. Fine jewelry pieces made from precious metals and gemstones can elevate your black dress to new heights of sophistication.When selecting fine jewelry for black formal dress outfits, consider the dress’s intricacies. Opt for more understated jewelry if the dress features elaborate embellishments or a high neckline. On the other hand, a simple and sleek black dress provides the perfect opportunity to showcase exquisite and intricate fine jewelry. Strike the right balance to achieve a polished and sophisticated appearance.

  • Cocktail Dresses

Cocktail dresses embody glamor and style, and pairing the right jewelry with a black cocktail dress is crucial. The dress’s neckline will determine which jewelry pieces are suitable.A statement necklace can draw attention to the decolletage and is the best jewelry for black cocktail dress outfits with a plunging neckline. If the dress has an intricate neckline, use statement earrings to frame the face. Long necklaces can complement a V neck or scoop-neck cocktail dress, creating an elongating effect.Mix and match your accessories to balance glamor and subtlety, creating a stylish and cohesive look.


What Jewelry Should I Wear With a Black Dress?

The ideal jewelry to wear with a black dress depends on the occasion and your personal style. Classic choices include pearl necklaces, silver jewelry, and gold jewelry. Experiment with these options to find which complements your black dress best.

What Jewelry to Wear With a Black Dress for a Wedding?

Opt for more refined choices like fine jewelry with precious metals and gemstones. Balance the intricacies of the dress, ensuring your jewelry enhances, without overpowering, the overall look

Can I Wear Turquoise Jewelry With a Black Dress?

Absolutely! While less conventional, turquoise jewelry can add a unique and vibrant touch to a black dress, especially for casual occasions. Ensure the pieces coordinate well and enhance your overall aesthetic.

Are Statement Necklaces Suitable for All Black Dresses?

Yes, but choosing a statement necklace that complements the dress without overpowering it is important. Avoid intricate necklaces with detailed black dresses and opt for bold pieces with plain dresses.

How Do I Avoid Overpowering Necklaces When Wearing a Black Dress?

To prevent overpowering, match the complexity of your necklace to the simplicity of the dress. If your black dress has intricate details, choose simpler jewelry pieces. For plain dresses, feel free to explore bolder and more intricate necklaces.

What’s the Best Jewelry for a Sophisticated Appearance at a Black Tie Event?

Achieving a sophisticated appearance at a black tie event involves selecting fine jewelry that complements your dress’s intricacies. Opt for understated pieces that enhance the outfit’s overall elegance without overshadowing the formal attire.

What Jewelry Goes With Black Dress?

Pair your outfit with statement earrings or a bold necklace to achieve the best jewelry black cocktail dress look.

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From classic choices like pearl necklaces to bold statement pieces, find the perfect balance that complements the style of your black dress and the occasion at hand. Whether you’re dressing up for a black-tie event or adding a touch of glamor to a casual outing, the appropriate jewelry can transform your entire look.

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