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Solitaire Engagement Ring insured by BriteCo Jewelry Insurance

No excuses. We make engagement ring
insurance fast, easy and affordable.

Don’t leave your engagement ring unprotected - survey reveals people lose or break their jewelry 69% of the time!

Don’t leave your engagement ring unprotected – survey reveals people lose or break their jewelry 69% of the time!

BriteCo jewelry insurance offers the best coverage for your engagement ring:

  • Instant online custom price quote in 60 seconds
  • Extra coverage up to 125% of appraised value
  • No deductibles, zero out-of-pocket expense
  • Convenient monthly payment option
  • A+ rated worldwide coverage for loss, theft, damage and “mysterious disappearance”

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Fast, affordable, A+ rated coverage
We make great jewelry insurance easy

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People lose their engagement rings all the time. You put your ring in your jacket pocket or gym bag and can’t find it. It happens. With BriteCo, you’re covered.

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Losing your engagement ring in a theft or burglary can be traumatizing. We make it a bit easier knowing you’re covered for full replacement cost.

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Life happens. Accidentally banging your engagement ring against a counter and chip or lose a stone? Snag your ring, and bend a prong? You’re covered.

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Even if there’s no logical explanation how, where, or when your precious engagement ring disappeared, your BriteCo insurance policy has you covered.

How much could BriteCo™ save you?

Check your engagement ring insurance price today to find out!

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Do I Need Engagement Ring Insurance?

Yes! You do! In fact, did you know that a BriteCo™ jewelry insurance policy can protect your homeowners or renters insurance from jewelry claims?

It’s true! Jewelry claims through your home or renter insurance can result in rate hikes, or even insurance cancellation. And the ultimate risk to protecting your engagment ring? A standard homeowners or renters insurance policy caps payouts as low as $1,000- $2,000 per item!

Plus, a personal articles rider doesn’t even guarantee jewelry replacement.

Diamond Engagement Ring in Jewelry Box insured by BriteCo Jewelry Insurance

Considering the average amount spent on engagement rings is $5,900 and up, a quick mental calculation can tell you that, well, $2k from your home or rental insurance just isn’t going to cut it.

Don’t take a risk relying on your home or renters insurance!
BriteCo™ gives you the peace of mind you want with the best jewelry insurance you’ll be glad to have if the worst-case scenario were to occur.

Check your engagement ring insurance price to get started now!

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From Insurance Quote to Policyholder in Minutes

Instead of taking hours or even days of effort and follow-up, BriteCo™ makes it fast and easy to see an instant no-obligation online quote and get insurance coverage for your purchase in a few minutes on your smartphone.

Here’s how it works:

Two diamond engagement rings insured by BriteCo Jewelry Insurance
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Just click on the “Check Your Price” orange button on our website. You’ll instantly see our quote screen to enter your engagement ring appraised value and basic info.

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Within 60 seconds or less you get a customized quote with a price for A+ rated insurance coverage. Add additional information and answer a few questions to see what discounts you qualify for. You can also add your fiancé as an additional insured at no extra charge.

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Review your final quote and pay by credit or debit card. And we offer a convenient monthly payment option. Congrats, your engagement ring is insured in under five minutes!

Automatic Replacement Value Adjustments

Not only is insuring your fine jewelry and watches with BriteCo™ more efficient than ever before, but you also don’t have to worry about reappraising your prized possessions every few years.

That’s because BriteCo™ will automatically adjust the replacement value of your policy each year to reflect any changes in the market for diamonds, gold, platinum, etc., that would impact your appraisal value.

Check your engagement ring insurance price to get started now!

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No Deductibles
on Standard Policies

There are added advantages with BriteCo™ if you ever have to make a claim for loss, damage, theft, or what is called mysterious disappearance. BriteCo™’s standard policies have no deductibles, so you don’t have to worry about spending any additional money to get your jewelry replaced.

Plus, we insure up to 125% of appraised value, ensuring your local jeweler can get your piece replaced without you having to pay any extra. Go you!

Basic Maintenance
Repairs Included!

We didn’t stop at offering the best engagement ring insurance, either!

When it comes to protecting your most valuable items, we’re confident you’ll find the jewelry insurance with unmatched coverage you want with BriteCo™. Contact us today to learn more!

Free of charge
Basic maintenance and jewelry repairs including:

  • Prong retipping
  • Broken, worn, or bent prongs for rings
  • Broken earring posts
  • Clasp replacement
  • Restringing of broken or stretched pearl strands
  • Stone tightening
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BriteCo Inc. is a licensed insurance agency in all fifty states and the District of Columbia.
Please see the Licenses section of this website for more information. All insurance policies underwritten and issued by Glencar Insurance Company and administered by BriteCo.