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Engagement Ring Insured by BriteCo

Are you considering Engagement Ring Insurance?

Here is what you need to know about protecting your most valuable jewelry.

Engagement and wedding ring insurance is a method of mitigating risk in the event of loss, theft, damage, or mysterious disappearance. A ring insurance policy will also cover preventative maintenance. Replacement policies will allow you to work with the jeweler of your choice to ensure that your emotional loss is as minimal as possible. This is one reason why it is important to know how to insure a ring and specifically how to insure an engagement ring.

How much should Engagement Ring Insurance cost?

Protection of your Engagement and Wedding Ring should cost between .5%- 1.5% of the appraised value of the item. There are several factors that will determine the exact amount, such as where you live and the cost of the ring. This means you should expect to pay between 50 cents and $1.5 for every $100 of the value. You may ask, how to insure engagement ring or where to insure engagement ring? The answer lies in searching for the best wedding ring insurance policies.

It’s one of your biggest purchases. Be sure to protect it.

At the time you purchase an engagement ring (even before you propose) you should get your ring insured right away. Your best engagement ring insurance policy comes from a company founded by a 3rd generation jeweler.

Don’t rely on a standard homeowners policy.

Most homeowners’ policies limit their coverage of personal items to $1,000 to $2,000. That’s not enough to replace most fine jewelry engagement rings.

What happens if you need to make a claim?

Make sure you can work with your local jeweler in the event of a claim. Some ring insurance companies require you to get a lost or stolen ring replaced from their selected vendors. You want to be able to replace your ring from your local jeweler.


Brides Rates BriteCo Best Engagement Ring Insurance in 2023

“BriteCo’s policies protect engagement rings against many covered perils, including theft, robbery, accidental damage, mysterious disappearance, and some natural disasters, like hurricanes and earthquakes.

We also found that BriteCo premiums for engagement rings were about 3% below average. And the company received far fewer complaints than expected over the last three years.”

BriteCo Makes Engagement Ring Insurance Fast, Easy and Affordable

You can get engagement ring insurance coverage from BriteCo in just a few minutes, on your smartphone, or any device with all these advantages.

Instant online custom price quote in 60 seconds
Instant Insurance Quote

You can quickly get a custom quote for the cost of engagement ring insurance in 60 seconds online. See immediately how affordable BriteCo jewelry insurance can be.

No Out of Pocket Costs

BriteCo engagement ring policies feature zero deductibles, so you don’t have to worry about paying out of pocket should you ever need to make a claim for replacement.

Convenient monthly payment option
Convenient Monthly Pay

Unlike most jewelry insurance providers, BriteCo gives you the option to pay for your engagement ring insurance policy monthly, with a discount for annual pay.

briteco insurance safe and secure
Coverage Up to 125%

Most jewelry insurance companies cover 100% of the appraised value for an engagement ring replacement. BriteCo provides ring coverage up to 125% of your ring’s appraised value!

How Much Could BriteCo™ Save You?

Check your engagement ring insurance price today to find out


Insurance You Can Trust

Real reviews from our happy customers
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BriteCo Jewelry Insurance

On My Finger in Time for My Wedding! After only having my engagement ring for a few months it was unfortunately damaged in a car wreck. Thank you BriteCo for insuring my ring and making sure it is back on my finger in time for my wedding!

Lena B.
On My Finger in Time for My Wedding!

Super Easy and Great Customer Support I was very happy that my quote was aligned with my budget for insurance. After receiving my quote, I uploaded my appraisal and took a photo of my item. And that was it - super easy and great customer support

Gianna C.
Super Easy and Great Customer Support

Very Happy With the Policy Easy and fast online application. Very fast turn around with issued policy. In review of issued policy you have photos of items covered as well as appraisals that can be viewed. I am very happy with the policy.

Beth A.
Very Happy With the Policy

Claim Handled With Care There are kind, empathetic, humans working at this company who understand the emotional toll that comes with losing a precious artifact. No further words other than THANK YOU

Darien S.
TClaim Handled With Care

Helpful and Friendly Such an easy process to sign up for the insurance! I had a couple of questions, so I called customer service directly. They were very helpful and friendly. The price on the insurance was very competitive too!

Carole I.
Helpful and Friendly

Easiest Insurance Transaction Ever My easiest insurance transaction ever. Insured my Fiancée's engagement ring. Pricing seemed more than reasonable based on other quotes I received. I highly recommend BriteCo!

Mark S.
Easiest Insurance Transaction Ever

Process Was Very Smooth A stone fell out of my wife’s ring and BriteCo paid to have it replaced. The process was very smooth and the people were extremely helpful. I highly recommend using their service!

Joey S.
Process Was Very Smooth

Quick and Easy!! The day I received my engagement ring, I also applied for insurance on it. So easy to do online, took about 5minutes and they got back to me within 24hours with my policy! Quick and easy!!

Katie E.
Quick and Easy!!

I Saved Several Hundred Dollars It was so easy to insure my jewelry with BriteCo! I was worried about the difficulty of doing everything online but the system worked flawlessly and I saved several hundred dollars plus got even better coverage. Perfect!

Becky S.
I Saved Several Hundred Dollars

All the Comprehensive Jewelry Insurance Coverage You Need


Things get lost, especially when you travel. An earring falls out unnoticed. You put your ring in your jacket pocket and can’t find it. It happens. With BriteCo, you’re covered.


Losing your diamond ring, wedding band or other precious jewelry to theft can be traumatizing. We make it a bit easier knowing you’re covered for full replacement.


Life happens. Accidentally bang your ring against a counter and chip or lose a stone? Snag your ring, and bend a prong? Rest assured, your diamonds are covered.

Mysterious Disappearance
Mysterious Disappearance

Even if there’s no logical explanation how, where, or when your precious diamond ring or necklace disappeared, BriteCo has you covered.

Quickly Go from Insurance Quote to Policyholder

BriteCo™ makes it fast and easy to see an instant no-obligation online quote and get insurance coverage for your purchase in a few minutes on your smartphone.

Here’s How it Works:

Check Your Price

Check Your Price

Just click on the “Check Your Price” orange button on our website. You’ll instantly see our quote screen to enter your engagement ring appraised value and basic info.

Apply for Discounts

Apply for Discounts

Within 60 seconds or less you get a customized quote with a price for 5-star rated insurance coverage. Add additional information and answer a few questions to see what discounts you qualify for. You can also add your fiancé as an additional insured at no extra charge.

Get Engagement Ring Insurance

Get Engagement Ring Insurance

Review your final quote and pay by credit or debit card. And we offer a convenient monthly payment option. Congrats, your engagement ring is insured in under two minutes!


“Quick and easy. I got my fiance’s $8,250 engagement ring insured for less than $5 a month!”

Jeff G.

Essential Maintenance and Repairs Included!

Premier engagement ring insurance means your valuable items have coverage for the basics as well


Maintenance and jewelry repairs including:

  • Broken, worn, or bent prongs for rings
  • Replace broken or chipped stones
  • Stone tightening
Zero Deductible

BriteCo™’s standard policies have no deductibles, so you don’t have to worry about spending any additional money to get your jewelry replaced.

Plus, we insure up to 125% of appraised value, ensuring your local jeweler can get your piece replaced without you having to pay any extra. Go you!

How to Get Diamond Ring Insurance

Did you know 85-90% of engagement rings contain at least one diamond? A diamond ring should always be protected with insurance in the event of loss, theft or damage.

Insuring a diamond ring follows the same easy process with BriteCo and is eligible for all of the standard discounts. Simply check your price of diamond ring insurance using the free quick quote tool by clicking “Check your Price.” The cost of insurance on a diamond ring should  be around $100/yr per $10,000 value. You can get diamond ring coverage in as little as 5 mins.

How to Insure a Diamond Ring
Do I Need Engagement Ring Insurance?
Do I Need Engagement Ring Insurance?

Yes! You do! In fact, did you know that a BriteCo™ jewelry insurance policy can protect your homeowners or renters insurance from jewelry claims?

It’s true! Jewelry claims through your home or renter insurance can result in rate hikes, or even insurance cancellation. And the ultimate risk to protecting your engagment ring? A standard homeowners or renters insurance policy caps payouts as low as $1,000- $2,000 per item!

Plus, a personal articles rider doesn’t even guarantee jewelry replacement.

Don’t leave your engagement ring unprotected – survey reveals people lose or break their jewelry 69% of the time!

Ring Insurance

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Insuring Your Engagement Ring!

Not Insuring the Engagement Ring:

Failing to get insurance for an engagement ring is a big mistake, given that nearly 50% of engagement rings are not insured. Jewelry insurance is typically affordable, with policies costing between 0.5% to 2.5% of the ring’s value annually.

Confusing Warranty with Insurance

A warranty is not the same as insurance. Warranties do not offer full protection against loss, theft, or damage, while a specialized jewelry insurance policy does, even covering “mysterious disappearance.”

Relying on Homeowner’s Insurance

Many people incorrectly assume that their homeowner’s insurance policy fully covers their engagement ring. Most policies do not cover the full replacement value of fine jewelry and may not cover certain scenarios such as natural disasters or “mysterious disappearance.”

Not Getting an Appraisal

A detailed jewelry appraisal from a specialist is necessary to accurately insure your jewelry. A receipt isn’t enough; an appraisal verifies the value and details of your ring, ensuring accurate insurance coverage and avoiding disputes if a claim needs to be made.

Neglecting to Update Insurance Coverage

It’s important to regularly update your insurance coverage, as the value of the ring may appreciate over time. Most insurance providers recommend a reappraisal of fine jewelry every two to three years. Failure to do this could result in insufficient coverage if you ever need to replace the ring.

Considering the average amount spent on engagement rings is $5,900
and up, a quick mental calculation can tell you that, well, $2k from your home or rental insurance just isn’t going to cut it.

Don’t take a risk relying on your home or renters insurance!
BriteCo™ gives you the peace of mind you want with the best jewelry insurance you’ll be glad to have if the worst-case scenario were to occur.


Why BriteCo is One of the Best Engagement Ring Insurance Policies

BriteCo Jewelry Insurance offers you coverage with low-cost premiums for insuring wedding rings, engagement rings, and other fine jewelry property. Backed by an AM Best A+ rated insurer, BriteCo has coverage for the full value of your ring in the event of loss, theft, damage and mysterious disappearance.

When making a claim, you avoid any out-of-pocket costs with our zero deductible policies while assuring you get up to 125% of appraisal value in a replacement ring. No need to add a personal jewelry insurance rider to your homeowners policy to protect your valuables when you can get specialty jewelry insurance coverage from BriteCo that’s fast, easy and affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth it to insure an engagement ring?


Yes. Especially if you are unable to replace it if it is lost, stolen, or damaged. The cost of engagement ring or wedding ring insurance should be between 50 cents to a $1.50 for every $100 in ring value, making it an affordable investment to receive protection in most cases.

Will insurance cover a lost ring?


Diamond ring insurance should cover a lost ring and the most common form of a lost ring - "mysterious disappearance". In general, specialized jewelry insurance is your best bet. Buyer beware of home policies that will have low coverage limits or a high deductible.

How do I insure my diamond ring without homeowners insurance?


Insurance for diamond rings should cover a lost ring and the most common form of a lost ring - "mysterious disappearance". In general, specialized jewelry insurance is your best bet. Buyer beware of home policies that will have low coverage limits or a high deductible.

How much is insurance for an engagement ring?


Full coverage of your engagement ring will cost betwee 0.5%-1.5% per year of the appraised value with BriteCo. There are a variety of factors such as where you live or prior claims that can affect your individual cost. Learn more about ring insurance cost.

Does BriteCo offer watch Insurance?


Yes, BriteCo offers world-class luxury watch insurance. Our coverage is designed to protect against loss, theft, damage and mysterious disappearance. BriteCo's watch insurance policies are comprehensive and can be conveniently arranged from your smartphone in under two minutes.