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BriteCo Jewelry Insurance

Perfect Repair in Time for My Wedding! After only having my engagement ring for a few months it was unfortunately damaged in a car wreck. Thank you BriteCo for insuring my ring and making a perfect repair in time for my wedding!

Lena B.
On My Finger in Time for My Wedding!

Super Easy and Great Customer Support I was very happy that my quote was aligned with my budget for insurance. After receiving my quote, I uploaded my appraisal and took a photo of my item. And that was it - super easy and great customer support

Gianna C.
Super Easy and Great Customer Support

Very Happy With the Policy Easy and fast online application. Very fast turn around with issued policy. In review of issued policy you have photos of items covered as well as appraisals that can be viewed. I am very happy with the policy.

Beth A.
Very Happy With the Policy

Claim Handled With Care There are kind, empathetic, humans working at this company who understand the emotional toll that comes with losing a precious artifact. No further words other than THANK YOU

Darien S.
TClaim Handled With Care

Helpful and Friendly Such an easy process to sign up for the insurance! I had a couple of questions, so I called customer service directly. They were very helpful and friendly. The price on the insurance was very competitive too!

Carole I.
Helpful and Friendly

Easiest Insurance Transaction Ever My easiest insurance transaction ever. Insured my Fiancée's engagement ring. Pricing seemed more than reasonable based on other quotes I received. I highly recommend BriteCo!

Mark S.
Easiest Insurance Transaction Ever

Process Was Very Smooth A stone fell out of my wife’s ring and BriteCo paid to have it replaced. The process was very smooth and the people were extremely helpful. I highly recommend using their service!

Joey S.
Process Was Very Smooth

Saving Huge on Our Premiums So fast. So simple. Better Coverage for me and my wife, and we're saving a huge percentage on our premiums. Couldn't be happier with finding BriteCo!

Katie E.
Saving Huge on Our Premiums

I Saved Several Hundred Dollars It was so easy to insure my jewelry with BriteCo! I was worried about the difficulty of doing everything online but the system worked flawlessly and I saved several hundred dollars plus got even better coverage. Perfect!

Becky S.
I Saved Several Hundred Dollars

What does BriteCo jewelry insurance cover?

Insuring jewelry with BriteCo gives you fast, affordable, 5-star rated coverage
Worldwide Coverage
Worldwide Coverage

The best jewelry insurance means that your jewelry is protected anywhere in the world, 365 days a year, 7 days a week. You don’t ever have to worry about international coverage when traveling.

Zero Deductibles
Zero Deductibles

We’ve designed our jewelry insurance policies to be competitively priced with no deductibles. You shouldn’t have to pay out of pocket when making a claim.

125% Replacement Value
125% Replacement Value

No one should get stuck having to pay extra when replacing a precious ring or necklace. Unlike other jewelry insurance companies, BriteCo has you covered for all your jewelry items even if the appraised value of your piece has increased up to 125% since getting your policy.


Things get lost. An earring falls out unnoticed. You put your ring in your jacket pocket and can’t find it. Accidental loss happens. With BriteCo, you have the protection you need.


Losing your diamond ring or other precious jewelry to theft can be traumatizing. We make it a bit easier knowing you’re covered for full replacement.


Life happens. Accidentally bang your ring against a counter and chip or lose a stone? Snag your ring, and bend a prong? Rest assured, you’re covered.

Mysterious Disappearance
Mysterious Disappearance

Even if there’s no logical explanation how, where, or when your precious diamond ring or necklace disappeared, BriteCo has you covered.

Limited Impact on Homeowners Policy
Limited Impact on Homeowners Policy

Rest a bit easier knowing any jewelry insurance claim you make with BriteCo won’t affect your homeowners or renters policy coverage or cost.

How Affordable is Jewelry Insurance?

(Hint: very!)
$4.51/mo for $6,500 Earrings in New York, NY


for $6,500 Earrings

in New York, NY

$4.68/mo for $8,250 Engagement Ring in Chicago, IL


for $8,250 Engagement Ring

in Chicago, IL

$4.17/mo for $1,100 Wedding Band in Miami, FL


for $1,100 Wedding Band

in Miami, FL

$5.23/mo for $8,600 Pendant Necklace in Austin, TX


for $8,600 Pendant Necklace

in Austin, TX

$10.60/mo for $11,750 Watch in San Francisco, CA


for $11,750 Watch

in San Francisco, CA

$6.06/mo for $5,500 Engagement Ring in Phoenix, AZ


for $5,500 Engagement Ring

in Phoenix, AZ

Coverage costs are subject to underwriting review and approval according to actual policy terms and conditions. Rates may vary based on a number of factors, including value and primary location.

Trusted by Thousands of Jewelers

Across the USA
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Why Insure Your Jewelry?
Why Insure Your Jewelry?

Why insure your jewelry?

Why insure your jewelry?

  • Homeowners or renters policies don’t cut it.

    Most homeowners insurance and renters insurance doesn’t provide comprehensive coverage for your fine jewelry and watches. If they do, it’s for a very limited amount. The best insurance for jewelry offers better coverage.
  • Replacement and repair will cost you too much.

    Replacing lost, stolen, or damaged jewelry out of your own pocket is extremely costly and stressful, especially for an engagement ring.
  • Not insuring your jewelry will cost you even more!

    A high-end jewelry insurance policy for your high-value items only costs about 0.5-1.5% of the total value. So there’s no reason not to get online jewelry insurance with Briteco!

Protect Your Valuables In Less Than 2 Minutes

3 easy steps in 2 easy minutes!

  • oneAnswer a few simple questions
  • twoChoose how you want to pay
  • threeInstant peace of mind

BriteCo Gives You These Big Advantages

Prompt claims replacements
Prompt claims replacements

through your trusted,
local jeweler

No extra charge
No extra charge

to easily add co-insured person to your jewelry insurance.

Annual insurance
Annual insurance

coverage updates, no need to get re-appraisals

Backed by an AM Best

A+ rated insurance carrier

Accidents Happen

Lost Engagement Rings Protected By BriteCo Insurance

Bonus Advantages from BriteCo

  • Easily add co-insured person at no extra charge
  • Annual value updates keeps your insurance coverage current
  • Policies underwritten by an AM Best A+ rated insurance carrier
  • Prompt claims process for replacement through your trusted local jeweler at full value
Jewelry Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a jewelry appraisal for insurance?


Yes, jewelry appraisals are generally required (or highly preferred) for insurance on jewelry. A jewelry appraisal is a document that describes the characteristics of a piece of jewelry with an approximate value assigned to it. You can usually request an appraisal from your jeweler or the store where you purchased the item. BriteCo offers a convenient online jewelry appraisal option that can be used to apply for insurance coverage.

What are coverage limits for a BriteCo jewelry policy?


With our personal jewelry insurance, BriteCo has a maximum coverage limit for a single piece of jewelry of $250,000, and a maximum total of $750,000 for a schedule of items. BriteCo policies include worldwide coverage for loss, theft, damage and disappearance as well as preventive maintenance. You can get a jewelry insurance quote from BriteCo in 30 seconds.

How do I file a claim?


BriteCo provides replacement jewelry insurance coverage. Your jewelry appraisal is used by the insurance provider to determine a retail replacement value, reflecting how much it would cost to replace the piece of jewelry as brand new. Unlike some jewelry insurers, BriteCo works with the jeweler of your choice to replace the exact same item you lost or had stolen. Claims are filed online and expedited personally by our customer services representatives.

What’s different about BriteCo’s insurance for rings?


Recognized as a top provider of insurance for jewelry, BriteCo offers one of the best ring insurance policies with comprehensive all-risk coverage. When looking for the best jewelry insurance policy, consider that not only do we cover loss, theft, damage and mysterious disappearance, we also provide free preventive maintenance such as prong retipping; broken, worn, or bent prongs; and stone tightening. Get quotes and coverage in minutes.