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What Makes BriteCo Watch Insurance Different?

Getting great comprehensive coverage for your luxury watch has too often been an intimidating, time-consuming, and frustrating experience. BriteCo has changed all that as one of the best watch insurance providers.

You can now get a quote in seconds and coverage in just a few minutes for superior watch insurance coverage that includes replacement for theft, loss, and mysterious disappearance for up to 125% of the appraised value. Check out all the best watch insurance companies and we challenge you to find a better, more affordable policy.

Why BriteCo™ Watch Insurance?

BriteCo™ takes pride in delivering fast, easy, and affordable watch insurance you need to protect your timepiece from theft, damage, mysterious disappearance, and more. With us, you’ll get comprehensive watch insurance coverage right from your smartphone in under two minutes
BriteCo Watch Insurance

With service like this, it’s no wonder BriteCo™ is customer rated with 5-stars and trusted by 2,500+ independent jewelers nationwide:


I Have Homeowners Insurance.
Do I Really Need Watch Insurance Too?

Silver Breitling with Black Dial watch insured by BriteCo Watch Insurance

Absolutely! And for a few reasons. Besides the fact that a standard homeowners or renters insurance policy caps payouts fall between $1,000- $2,000 per item, jewelry and watch claims on your homeowner’s insurance can lead to rate hikes or policy cancellations. This is where specialized watch insurance providers like BriteCo™ step in to offer enhanced protection for your valuable watch. The cost of watch insurance with BriteCo™ is competitive, making it an attractive choice among discerning watch owners.

So, what does watch insurance cover? Whether you’ve spent several hundred or several thousand dollars on luxury watches, you’re going to want the very best watch insurance policy to protect your purchase in the event of loss, theft, damage, or mysterious disappearance anywhere you are in the world.

With BriteCo™ comprehensive insurance coverage , you can be confident knowing you’ve got great coverage at a very reasonable watch insurance cost compared to any other watch insurance company. The only question left is what could BriteCo™ save you? Get your free jewelry insurance quote today to find out!

Stay in the Know with BriteCo™

With BriteCo™, you get comprehensive watch insurance policies right from your smartphone in under two minutes. We’re obsessed with helping you get the most out of your jewelry and timepieces. That’s why in addition to world-class jewelry and watch insurance, we share the latest trends and helpful tidbits in fine jewelry, engagement rings, appraisals, and insurance.

Whether you want to know how to properly clean your watch, or the many differences between jewelry insurance vs your homeowners policy, we’ll keep you in the loop on what’s happening in the world of fine jewelry.

Contact us today to get the peace of mind you need for your fine jewelry!

Cartier watch insured by BriteCo Watch Insurance