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How to Wear Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Sets

Rachel Akmakjian


Rachel Akmakjian

How to Wear Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Sets: The Best Look for After the Wedding

Picking an engagement ring can be a complex process. Not only do you need to choose a ring that will fit your fiancé correctly, but you also should pick a ring that suits your fiancé’s style and tastes as far as gemstones and precious metals go.

However, even after the engagement ring is firmly on your fiancé’s finger, your jewelry shopping isn’t done yet. There are still wedding rings to buy. While men’s wedding bands are pretty straightforward — pick a metal and width you like and add on any extra engravings or similar features — buying a wedding ring alongside an engagement ring is a little trickier.

To comfortably, safely, and stylishly wear your engagement ring with a wedding ring, you have to consider the engagement ring’s shape, metal, gemstones, and other features.

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How to Wear a Wedding Band and Engagement Ring Together: The Basics

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First, let’s start with the very basics. You wear wedding rings — both your engagement ring and your wedding band — on your left hand.

While there might be some differences depending on culture, in a standard American engagement and marriage, the bride will wear her engagement ring on her left hand ring finger first, from the time of proposal until the wedding. Then, after the wedding, she will also add the wedding ring to her left ring finger. The wedding ring sits closest to the body, between the hand and the engagement ring.

This process is easiest when you have a plain wedding band that will not interfere with the engagement ring’s design (as engagement rings typically include more design elements, such as gemstones and intricate settings, whereas bands typically do not). If you have a plain yellow gold or white gold wedding band, you likely don’t need to wonder how to wear your wedding band and engagement ring together. They just fit easily together.

However, only some couples or brides prefer a plain wedding band, which is when things can get complicated. The wrong ring and wedding band pairing can mean an uncomfortable fit, damage to either ring as metals or stones rub against one another, or simply an unattractive look.

So what do you do? How do you wear your engagement ring and wedding band under these circumstances?

Luckily, you have options.

How to Wear Engagement and Wedding Ring Sets: The Unconventional Methods

Wedding Band and Engagement Ring on Opposite Hands

Like many couples have ditched standby wedding traditions in favor of planning an event that celebrates their love in their own way, so are more brides ditching the conventional mode of wearing engagement and wedding rings on their left hands. After all, do you really have to wear wedding and engagement rings on your ring finger, or the same hand? Of course not. Here are some popular alternatives.

Wear Your Wedding Band and Engagement Ring on Opposite Hands

You don’t have to wear your wedding ring set on the same finger or even on the same hand. Some brides have found that wearing their engagement ring on one hand and their wedding band on the other is simpler.

Wearing engagement rings and wedding bands on opposite hands allows you to wear both simultaneously. Still, it prevents the two from rubbing against one another (potentially causing damage), and it can be more comfortable if it’s uncomfortable wearing both on one finger.

Whether you go with your left ring finger and right ring finger or any other combo, it provides a maximalist or boho look that some brides prefer.

Wear a Wedding Ring on a Necklace (And Maybe Your Engagement Ring, Too!)

For some, the wedding ring itself isn’t comfortable, but they still want their specific wedding ring. Perhaps it’s an heirloom or other significant jewelry piece, but it cannot be resized for the new wearer’s size. In these cases, the wearer might choose to continue wearing their engagement ring alone after the wedding but add the wedding ring to their look on a necklace.

In other cases, a bride might want to wear both the engagement ring and the wedding ring on a necklace. This necklace approach could be for similar reasons or because they use their hands too much in their job or recreation and worry about damaging their rings.

But What If You Want to Go the Traditional Route? How to Avoid Damage and Discomfort

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If you don’t like the look of wearing your wedding band and engagement ring on separate hands or a chain, you’ll want to take a few precautions while shopping for your wedding band.

Look specifically for rings designed to match your engagement ring in shape and size. Your wedding band and engagement ring should sit flush for the most comfortable fit possible. For this reason, it’s essential to try on wedding bands while wearing your engagement ring.

If your rings are scratching against one another and damaging one another in the process, you should add a ring spacer between the two or consider soldering them together.

Need a Solution for How to Wear Wedding Ring and Engagement Ring Together?

Suppose you still haven’t found a solution for how to wear wedding ring and engagement band sets without damage and discomfort. In that case, you may want to reconsider your set and, after a time, invest in anniversary rings explicitly chosen to be worn together in place of your existing rings.

Wedding Band and Engagement Ring How to Wear Them: FAQs

Can Men Wear Engagement Rings?

Yes! Anyone who’s engaged can wear an engagement ring. There are no complex rules about who can and can’t wear an engagement ring, nor are there rules about how to wear an engagement ring. Whatever finger you prefer, whatever hand, if you choose to wear it on a necklace — it’s all fine.

Do Your Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Have to Be the Same Metal?

Not necessarily. However, you do want to ensure that you don’t pair metals or ring designs together that will end up scratching one another through daily wear or that will be uncomfortable when paired.

How Do You Pick a Wedding Band to Go with an Engagement Ring?

When picking your wedding band, try on various bands next to your engagement ring to ensure the two will be comfortable when worn together. Besides comfort, other things to consider are a complementary design and whether or not the two rings will damage one another when worn together.

Found Your Perfect Wedding Band and Engagement Ring Set? Protect It

Once you’ve finally found the perfect wedding band for your engagement ring, protect your valuable investment with specialized jewelry insurance. BriteCo can help with our fast, free, and easy insurance quotes for coverage in mere minutes. Get your quote today!

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