The Ultimate Engagement Ring Buying Guide

June 30th, 2021

So, you’ve met the love of your life and you’re ready to buy an engagement ring and make it official?


To help successfully navigate the world of buying engagement rings, we’ve put together the ultimate engagement ring buying guide chocked full with tips and expert advice you need to not only help you learn how to buy an engagement ring but find and purchase the perfect ring for your better half!

Set a Budget

The first step to learning how to buy an engagement ring is to set a budget. Ring shopping can get overwhelming quickly, but you can narrow your search to rings that fit within your price range if you have a budget.

The 4Cs of diamonds–carat, color, clarity, and cut–determine the price of a diamond. Knowing your partner’s expectations will help you determine which of the 4Cs are most important to them. For example, “carat” refers to the weight of a diamond and how big it looks, and “clarity” refers to the number of imperfections in the diamond.

Would your partner rather have a larger diamond of lower quality or vice versa? Depending on your budget, you may be able to have it all, but it is important to decide how much you should spend on an engagement ring before you start shopping. If you’re looking for budget-friendly options, we also recommend looking into engagement ring stone alternatives such as a moissanite diamond, or pearl over the traditional diamond.

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Choose a Ring Style

Choosing the style of ring is something you can do together or on your own, especially if you’ve planned a surprise proposal!  If your partner has already expressed the engagement ring style they want, then you can go ahead and check this item off your list. Otherwise, start by considering your partner’s personal style and aesthetic if you’re buying an engagement ring on your own. Do they prefer clean and more simple looks, something more modern, or full-on glam? There are ring styles for every look but keep your answer in mind as you’re deciding which ring is the one for them!

Determine the Best Time to Buy the Engagement Ring

Here are some questions to consider for determining if now is the best time to buy an engagement ring for your partner.

  • Do you know what style of ring they want?

    Unless you know exactly what type of ring your partner wants, it’s a good idea to shop around and consider different options before making the final purchase.

  • Do you know your partner’s ring size?

    Finding out your partner’s ring size can be tricky, though not impossible. There are a couple of ways to find out your partner’s ring size without them knowing, but don’t sweat it if none of those work! Most jewelers can easily resize rings, so go ahead and buy the engagement ring of your choice in a standard size for the proposal and then have it resized to fit your partner’s finger after they say “yes!”

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  • Have you compared prices?

    As mentioned, engagement rings vary in price depending on the setting and stone you choose. Prices can also vary from jewelry store to jewelry store, so it’s a good idea to shop around before deciding where you’ll buy the engagement ring.

  • Are there any promotions or sales?

    When comparing prices between different jewelers, ask about any current sales or promotions. If it fits within the timeframe of your engagement plans, wait until a popular holiday when jewelry tends to go on sale, like Valentine’s Day or Christmas, to buy an engagement ring.

Buying An Engagement Ring

So, you found the perfect engagement ring and you’re ready to buy? Nowadays, there are many purchasing options available. You can go to a local jewelry store and chat with a salesperson about what you’re looking for. They may have the perfect ring in-store, or they might be able to custom order it for you.

Another option for how to buy an engagement ring is to shop online. This might feel a little nerve-racking at first since you most likely won’t get to see the ring in person until it arrives in your mailbox, but it does allow you the time and freedom to explore more options. Some of the most unique engagement rings are handmade in other countries or custom made by sellers on sites like Etsy.

When you’re ready to buy an engagement ring, the best advice is to consider all of your options and then choose the one that feels right for you!

Insuring An Engagement Ring

The last and most important step in our engagement ring buying guide is to protect your investment and purchase with engagement ring insurance. While this may not be as exciting as proposing to the love of your life, BriteCo™ makes it easy to cover your ring in the event of theft, damage, and mysterious disappearance. Plus, BriteCo™ offers complimentary services to keep your engagement ring in the best condition all the time. You can insure the ring even before you propose by getting a free jewelry insurance quote today!

No matter how, when, or where you pop the big question, this engagement ring buying guide is designed to give you the skills to master how to buy an engagement ring and the confidence to know that you’ve chosen the absolute best engagement ring for the love of your life!

From the entire team at BriteCo™, congratulations and best wishes in this big step towards your new future together!

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