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How to Pick the Perfect Piece of Permanent Jewelry

Rachel Akmakjian


Rachel Akmakjian

First things first — If you’re not familiar with permanent jewelry, here’s a quick rundown of this growing trend

Permanent jewelry — which often encompasses a range of welded jewelry including permanent bracelets (sometimes also called a forever bracelet) and permanent necklaces — is jewelry that is, using a welding process, permanently latched onto your body. You can never remove or lose the piece (…okay, that’s a little bit of an overstatement; you can cut the piece off, but otherwise, it’s staying put). 

Permanent jewelry has become popular for a range of reasons, but, primarily, these accessories are used to commemorate a special occasion, meaningful milestones, or relationships. Best friends, for example, might get matching permanent bracelets. A college graduate likewise might invest in a forever bracelet to remind themselves of their accomplishments. 

Permanent jewelry can be purchased at many jewelry stores and boutiques, but also at branded pop ups and private events like bridesmaids parties. 

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What is a Permanent Jewelry Party?

While, as mentioned, permanent jewelry is available at boutiques and jewelry stores, it’s also becoming more popular for permanent jewelry parties to be offered by suppliers/designers in the form of a private party at one’s home or event venue, or for those same brands to host pop ups in conjunction with larger special events (especially after stores reopened following mass pandemic closures). 

During a permanent jewelry party or pop up, guests can choose from a selection of chains, usually available in options such as solid gold or sterling silver. The jewelry professional on-site will then use a welding process to connect a small ring on either side of the piece, securing the permanent bracelet or necklace in place. 

The overall process is quick and easy. 

However, there’s no need to attend a permanent jewelry party in order to add one of these permanent pieces to your jewelry collection. If you’ve found a jeweler near you who offers this service, here’s what you’ll want to consider before making the commitment.

How to Pick the Perfect Piece of Permanent Jewelry

Before you let a jeweler weld that new bracelet onto your wrist, ask yourself a few questions:

  • What kind of jewelry do you already wear on a daily basis?
  • What kind of jewelry goes best with your lifestyle?
  • What kind of jewelry goes best with your wardrobe? 
  • Will this jewelry truly commemorate something you want to remember?

Permanent jewelry is intended to commemorate special moments and people in your life, so, firstly, consider: Are you getting this new piece of permanent jewelry for the right reasons? Will it commemorate a special friendship? Or are you just getting bridesmaid forever bracelets with a group of women that you don’t really care for, because that’s what the bride wanted to do?

Once you’re sure you’re buying your new permanent piece for the right reasons, consider your lifestyle, wardrobe, and existing jewelry preferences, as you pick your perfect piece. You don’t want to go with something that’s completely out of the norm for you, something that won’t go with your other jewelry, or something that’s incompatible with your lifestyle.

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For example, if you never wear necklaces because you find them annoying while you’re at the gym or they’re constantly being tugged on by your toddler, you might want to opt for a permanent bracelet instead of a necklace. Similarly, if you only ever wear silver, you might find you don’t quite care for the golden gleam of a new, solid rose gold bracelet. 

Permanent jewelry should be very low fuss and convenient, yet still a treasured part of your wardrobe. If you ask the right questions and give it some thought, you’ll pick the perfect piece of permanent jewelry with ease (and never regret it for a second!).



What to Know About Permanent Jewelry Before You Buy

Found what you think is your perfect piece of permanent jewelry?

Here are just a few key things to keep in mind before you buy.

  • If you want to take your permanent jewelry off, you’ll have to break it.

Yep, that’s right. As alluded to above, the only way to remove permanent jewelry is by cutting the links that were bound together during the welding process.

  • Permanent jewelry does require regular care.

If you want to keep your permanent jewelry looking like new, you will want to clean it regularly. Since you’ll be wearing your permanent piece every single day, it may get a little dirtier than the pieces that spend most of their lives in your jewelry box. Some gentle buffing and washing with warm water and mild soap will go a long way.

Picking the Perfect Permanent Jewelry FAQs

  • Can I take my permanent jewelry through airport security?

Yes! You won’t need to worry about removing your permanent jewelry when you go through airport security

  • Can I get an MRI with permanent jewelry

While permanent jewelry can be worn through airport security, it should not be worn while getting an MRI.

  • How can I remove permanent jewelry?

If you find that you do need to remove your permanent jewelry, you can do so with a heavy-duty pair of scissors. Just cut one of the bracelet or necklace’s links. With a little force, the piece should snap in two. 

  • Why would you want permanent jewelry

Permanent jewelry is a unique, fashionable, trending way to commemorate an event, life milestone, or relationship. 

  • Is permanent jewelry a fad? 

While permanent jewelry is definitely trending, it’s already shown that it boasts more longevity than your average fad. Social media hype and influencer endorsements have ensured that this is a jewelry trend that will be around for a while. Plus, since most pieces of permanent jewelry reflect classic jewelry aesthetics and designs, most will remain in style long after the simple concept of getting the piece welded in place has faded from fashion.

Protect Your Perfect Piece

Once you’ve picked the perfect piece of permanent jewelry for you, protect it, with BriteCo’s comprehensive coverage. Policies can be purchased online, in minutes, and policies cover loss, theft, damage, and mysterious disappearance, worldwide. Contact us today to learn more about our coverage, or use our convenient online tool to get a quote for your insurance plan in minutes. 

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