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5 tips for planning the perfect proposal

Rachel Akmakjian


Rachel Akmakjian

The Perfect Proposal: 5 Things You Have to Do to Create a Swoon-Worthy Moment

While the marriage proposal isn’t as important as the actual wedding, it does set the stage for all the romance to occur in the months ahead. Planning the perfect proposal shows your (hopefully!) spouse-to-be that you know them, you want to surprise and delight them, and you’re exactly the person that they want to spend the rest of their life with. 

Despite this seemingly monumental task, though, don’t let the pressure get to you. Coming up with a proposal plan that wows your partner is easier than you might think. Here are five things to keep in mind, to help you get started.


What You Will Learn

1. Think About What Your Partner Would Prefer

First and foremost, before you make even a single proposal plan, before you even step foot into a jewelry store to buy an engagement ring, think: “What would my partner prefer?”

Marriage proposals should be reflective of the couple and their personalities and, if you’re the one popping the question, it’s up to you to ensure that every proposal decision takes your partner’s personality into account. 

Are they the big romantic type? Do they love a grand gesture? Or, are they more on the quiet side, liking to keep things low-key and casual?

Do they prefer to keep special moments between the two of you private? Or are they extremely family-oriented, and would prefer to have family members present when you pop the question? 

When it comes to the engagement ring, will they absolutely love it if you purchase their dream ring from your local jewelry store? Or are they on the sentimental side, and would prefer to wear an engagement ring that previously belonged to a family member

Before you create your proposal plan, ask yourself, what’s my partner’s ideal proposal?

2. Make it a Surprise

Whatever type of proposal you go with, whatever style you think your partner might like most, make the event a surprise, if possible. 

Of course, a surprise proposal is easier said than done if you and your partner have been a couple for years and have already discussed marriage as an option in the near future. If that’s the situation you find yourself in, don’t just settle for the typical proposal at a fancy restaurant (particularly if you’re not the type of couple to ever go to fancy restaurants). 

You’ll have to think about what’s going to most throw them off your tracks. Maybe you enlist a family member as a proposal planner partner, to take your sweetheart to a special spot, where you’re then waiting on one knee. Maybe you put together a flash mob in an inconspicuous, normally crowded outdoor spot, using your partner’s favorite love song. 

Whatever the case may be, pull out all the stops to surprise and delight them. 

The one caveat? If your partner hates big surprises, keep the surprise low-key. A pleasant surprise doesn’t need to be flashy or in-your-face, if that’s not your partner’s speed.

3. Make it Special

Complete surprise or not, your proposal should still be special, incorporating lots of personalized details that show your partner that you know them, their interests, their history and their hopes for the future. 

There are all sorts of ways to make a proposal special and individualized to you and your partner and they don’t necessarily have to be elaborate or expensive. Maybe you purchase a custom ring box that’s a nod to a favorite fandom. Maybe you do go more extravagant and whisk them away for a vacation near the spot of your first kiss or first date

No matter what you do, make the big moment truly yours. Don’t go with a cookie cutter proposal.


4. Always Have a Backup Plan

Let’s say you didn’t plan an outdoor proposal, so if it rains on the day you plan to pop the question, it’s no big deal …. right? No need for a backup plan?

Wrong. Very wrong.

You always need a backup plan when planning a proposal. Take, for example, that rain that you think isn’t going to be a big deal. Let’s say it rains a lot. Then your proposal photographer is dealing with weather and traffic, trying to get to your proposal spot in order to capture the exact moment you get down on one knee. What if they don’t make it? What can you do? 

Or, maybe you plan to take your partner to the old diner in the college town where you had your first date, and propose there … and then you get there after a long drive and realize the diner is closed for remodeling. 

Think about the worst and have at least two alternative proposal plans in mind.


5. Think About After the Proposal

Once you actually get through the process of getting on one knee, asking your partner to marry you and getting that “yes” you were hoping for … what then? Plan for after the proposal, too, not just the moments leading up to it and the proposal itself.

Go out for a celebratory dinner with friends and family. Head off on a weekend getaway. At the very least, have a bottle of Champagne handy.

To Recap…

Your proposal plan should be…

  • Personalized to your partner’s preferences
  • A surprise (to whatever degree your partner likes surprises)
  • Special and reflective of your love
  • Not so set in stone that you can’t pop the question if your first plan goes awry
  • A celebration that lasts the rest of the day (or longer!)


Are You Forgetting Something?

So you’ve got the engagement ring, the proposal plan, the parents’ blessing (if your partner is into that) — what could be missing?

Unless you really love to live on the edge, you’ll want to get that engagement ring insured before you even take it out of the ring box. This piece of jewelry will be one of your partner’s most prized, most beloved possessions, and it deserves protection. 

BriteCo’s engagement ring insurance will guarantee that, in the event of loss, theft, damage or mysterious disappearance, your partner will be able to replace their ring with as close a replica to the original. Plus, it’s likely more affordable than you think, as engagement and wedding ring protection generally costs between 0.05-1.5% of the ring’s appraised value. 

Learn more and get your investment — and then get to planning that perfect proposal!

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