How Much Does It REALLY Cost To Buy Your Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring And Get The 'YES'?

3rd Generation Jeweler & Gemologist Who Has Helped Create 5,247+ Rings Reveals What Everyone Must Know Before They Spend A Penny On An Engagement Ring


Find Out How Much Your Dream Ring Will Really Cost

What ring you can really afford for your budget

The critical things you must know before buying a ring

Lab grown vs natural diamond (which should you choose)

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Here's What You'll Discover In Your Free Engagement Quiz & Report…

Insider Secrets To Get The Best Engagement Ring For Your Dollar

Do not get caught out paying premium prices for a poor-quality diamond ring - use these industry tips to get more value for every dollar you spend

The TRUTH About Lab Grown vs Natural Diamonds

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The 3 Most Popular Diamond Shapes In The US Right Now

Discover the hottest engagement ring trends sweeping the country so your ring is timeless and elegant... but with modern contemporary style

Does Size Matter When It Comes To Buying A Diamond Ring?

Bigger is always better, right? Not always - discover the buying criteria the ring must meet before stone size even comes into the equation

Why 'BOV' Is The #1 Most Important Factor When Comparing Rings

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And much, much more!


Find Out How Much Your Dream Ring Will Really Cost

Quiz Created By Dustin Lemick

CEO & Co-Founder of BriteCo

Dear Hopeful Romantic,

Buying an engagement ring can be confusing.

Cut, color, clarity, carat, shape, setting, design…

Natural diamonds vs. lab grown diamonds…

Custom made rings vs. off the shelf…

And most importantly - how much should it really cost to get a beautiful diamond ring that gets the resounding 'YES!' we all want?

This quick 45 second quiz shows you exactly how to design the perfect engagement ring…and what you should expect to pay.

Not only that, when you complete the quiz…

Plus, you'll also get a bonus engagement ring report that reveals critical information about rings and pricing so you can get more for your money!

Take the quick and easy quiz now and move one step closer to getting the YES.

To Your Happily Ever After,

About Dustin

Dustin comes from a long line of jewelers, with his family owning and operating jewelry stores in the Chicagoland area for more than 60 years. He is a qualified Gemologist with a graduate degree from GIA and has over 13 years of personal experience working in jewelry shops.

Dustin is also the CEO and co-founder of BriteCo, a technology company that helps jewelers more quickly and accurately appraise jewelry and enables consumers to insure their purchases so they can wear it more, and worry less.

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Discover How Much Your Dream Engagement Ring Should Cost In This 45 Second Quiz

Do not risk making a terrible mistake and buying the wrong ring. Or just blindly trust the local jeweler to not sell a poor quality ring at premium prices. Find out what to look for, the most important design elements, and exactly how much it should cost.


Find Out How Much Your Dream Ring Will Really Cost