Engagement Ring Shopping Etiquette 101

August 25th, 2021

From the moment you decide you’re going to propose to the actual proposal itself, you’ve got plenty of homework on your hands. Between figuring out exactly How Much Should You Spend on an Engagement Ring to then secretly trying to Find and Measure Her Engagement Ring Size Without Her Knowing and then deciding how you’re going to pop the big question, the last thing you’re probably thinking about is engagement ring shopping etiquette.But here’s the thing: understanding proper engagement ring shopping etiquette doesn’t just save you time, the hassle, and potential dollars. It can even make the entire process more pleasant for you and your jewelry store salesperson! So, if you’re ready to go ring shopping but not quite sure where to begin? We can help!

Here are three etiquette tips for how to shop for engagement rings for a pleasant, stress-free experience for all involved.

Three Engagement Ring Shopping Etiquette Tips

  1. Educate Yourself

    Think you’re ready to shop engagement rings? Ask yourself this before you go anywhere, “how much am I willing to spend, and what kind of ring am I looking for?” Educating yourself on what kind of engagement ring you’re looking to buy is not only important for you as a buyer, but makes the jeweler’s job easier, too.

    This Engagement Ring Buying Guide can help with things like setting a budget, choosing a ring style, and helping walk you through the engagement ring buying process. Going into the jewelry store with these important questions already answered (or at least heavily considered) can make engagement ring shopping much less stressful and allow the salesperson to help you the best way they can. For bonus points, do the research ahead of time and bring along photos or inspiration of the style you’re looking to buy as you’re ring shopping.

    You may even consider having someone tag along with you for the purchase. Some might prefer a sibling or friend of the fiance-to-be that knows their style and can help make the final selection. If possible, we recommend bringing someone that has previous experience with engagement ring shopping, like a parent or friend who has a trusted local jeweler. Jewelers love helping referral customers, and you’ll feel more comfortable shopping at a jewelry store where people you trust also shopped and had a pleasant experience.

    On that note, educating yourself on the store(s) you plan to window shop and make your purchase at is also critical to your engagement ring shopping experience. We recommend reading reviews about other shopper’s experiences with the jewelry stores you’re interested in.

  2. Leave the Lowballing At Home

    There’s no doubt that buying an engagement ring can be a costly endeavor, especially if you don’t initially set a clear budget. While negotiation is expected on some major purchases, shopping for an engagement ring with the intent to lowball the price is not one of them.

    You see, not every jewelry store offers commissioned incentives for their salespeople. If they are to receive a commission, it is generally between less than one percent, or as much as three percent, depending on the jewelry type.

    Now, we’re not saying you can’t negotiate a little bit, but out of respect for the jewelry salesperson, don’t expect to haggle the price down to the bare bone minimum. Purchasing a ring within your budget is always going to be best practice over trying to get a significantly discounted price on a piece that is far more than you can afford. That way if you are able to get a discount, you’ll be saving money on a purchase you were already comfortable making.

Engagement rings on display in jewelry store
  1. Be Clear With Your Intentions

    It’s not uncommon for couples or soon-to-be fiance’s to do a little window shopping before actually making a purchase. This is completely acceptable and encouraged by jewelry stores. But when it comes to engagement ring shopping etiquette, be clear with your intentions when walking into the store. Let them know if you’re there to purchase a ring or if you are simply looking around to get ideas. Regardless of why you’re there, they’re happy to help you in any way they can.

    Maybe things happened quickly, and you’re now looking at rings that are over your budget. If this happens, politely let the salesperson know what your budget is and that you’d like to stay within that number. They will be happy to show you what options are available at your price point and will appreciate your honesty and consideration for not making them do extra work simply to save face.

Protect Your Investment with BriteCo™

Now that you’ve got your engagement ring shopping etiquette ground rules established, it’s time to put your newfound knowledge into action. When you do take your trip to the jewelry store to shop engagement rings, we have one last piece of advice, insure it before you leave the jewelry store with BriteCo™! First time shopping for engagement ring insurance? No sweat! We’ve got you covered.

If your new ring comes with an appraisal, great! You can get your engagement ring insurance on the spot with your smartphone and start protecting up to 125% of the ring’s value from anything and everything that could happen after you leave the store. If the jeweler needs to keep your ring for adjustments or custom changes, then ask them to appraise it before you get it back. This way, you can get your engagement ring insurance as soon as you have it in your possession (by the way, here’s What to Expect with Ring Appraisals).

In the meantime, visit BriteCo™ to get your FREE jewelry insurance quote and to learn why insuring your jewelry with Homeowners or Renters Insurance may not be not be such a good idea—especially when it comes to engagement ring insurance. Happy ring shopping!

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