How Should I Pack My Jewelry for a Move?

June 12th, 2022

A common question people have is “how to pack jewelry for moving?” Whether it’s to another neighborhood or cross-country, packing for a move can be extremely stressful. Small items such as jewelry items can often be overlooked and become a tangled mess of chains, pendants, and charms, or worse, damaged or lost during transit.

To prevent any valuable or sentimental jewelry pieces from going missing while you move home, you need to plan you packing jewelry strategy appropriately and plan to take them with you rather than placing them in the moving van. These simple tips can ensure your expensive jewelry makes it to your new home safely.

Store Jewelry in its Original Box

Ideally, the best way to pack necklaces and other valuable pieces is in the original box you received from the jewelry store. These boxes are typically lined in foam and felt to prevent scratches and dents. They also feature holes, posts, or molds to ensure your jewelry retains its shape and doesn’t become tangled.

Once you’ve placed your jewelry in separate boxes, secure the boxes with packing tape to ensure they don’t open during transit. Then, pack them in a single, small moving box labeled ‘Fragile.’

Various jewelry in an open compartmented jewelry box

Use a Jewelry Roll

If you no longer have the original boxes, a jewelry roll is one of the best ways to store and protect family heirlooms or valuable jewelry. A jewelry roll is typically made from cotton lined with felt, satin, or velvet. The roll features separate pockets or zippered compartments for each jewelry piece to minimize tangling. You can also find rolls with hooks for earrings or a fabric-covered ring bar.

Once your pieces are safely stored in the compartments, you roll up the jewelry roll and secure it closed using snaps or ties. This provides you with an easily portable storage solution to pack in your handbag, carry-on, or car, so you keep your valuables close.

Thread Necklaces Through Straws

If your jewelry collection contains numerous neck chains of different lengths and thicknesses, you may need help preventing tangles and damage to the links and clasps. Drinking straws are an excellent option for separating your necklaces and allow you to wrap them easily in crumpled packing paper for added protection.

Open the necklace and thread one end through a paper straw, secure the clasp closed and trim the ends of the drinking straw to avoid overstretching the necklace. For larger chains, use a toilet paper roll or paper towel rolls. Trim the drinking straws to the appropriate lengths for bracelets before threading them through. Then, wrap each jewelry piece separately in plastic wrap for cushioning and place it inside a Ziploc bag.

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Place Stud Earrings in a Pill Box

There is nothing worse than losing a single earring from your favorite pair. You can keep your chandelier and dangle earrings secure by threading the latch or fishhook backs through a piece of foam or the holes of a plastic button, then wrapping them in packing paper.

However, keeping your pair together for smaller stud earrings and drop earrings with a post back can be challenging. Rather than securing them in packing paper, purchase an inexpensive plastic pill box. Each compartment is perfectly sized to fit a single pair of studs, and you can secure the box closed with tape for additional protection.

Pill boxes are also an excellent option for storing rings. To prevent the earrings and rings from rattling inside the boxes, place cotton wool, balled-up packing paper, or bubble wrap on top before closing the pill box lid.

Woman unpacking gold necklace from box

Protect Your Jewelry On the Move With BriteCo™

Sometimes, your valuable jewelry can be damaged or lost during a move, no matter how much care you take to pack your jewelry safely. You can protect your jewelry before, during, and after your move with BriteCo Fine Jewelry Insurance.

BriteCo™ insurance policies offer worldwide coverage, so wherever you are relocating, your jewelry is protected. BriteCo’s policies cover loss, theft, damage, and mysterious disappearance and offer 125% of the appraisal price to replace the jewelry with no deductibles.

BriteCo is backed by AM Best A+ rated insurance carrier and offers a simple, prompt online claims service so you can restore your collection sooner. If you are planning a move, use BriteCo’s easy online quote calculator and application to insure your jewelry for peace of mind.

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