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Does Travel Insurance Cover Lost Jewelry?

Dustin Lemick


Dustin Lemick

With any journey comes the thrilling possibility of adventure, but with it can also come unforeseen risks. If you choose to bring jewelry when you travel, it can get damaged, lost, or stolen. The best strategy is not to travel with irreplaceable or expensive jewelry, but if you do, keep it locked in your in-room or the hotel safe when you aren’t wearing it. 

Although travel insurance is an important safeguard to have in place during a trip, many people wonder if it is sufficient should something happen to their jewelry.  

Knowing if travel insurance plans provide enough jewelry coverage is essential—it could mean the difference between joyous memories and costly heartache. Learn more about what travel insurance offers to protect valuable pieces and whether it is enough for your needs.



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How Travel Insurance Works for Jewelry

Travel insurance coverage for jewelry is focused on theft or loss of your covered items. But there are some limitations you need to understand. For example, your travel insurance policy may not fully cover certain types of high-value jewelry, such as engagement rings or luxury watches.

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You’ll need to carefully consider your travel insurance policy and clarify the coverage limits that apply to your jewelry. The coverage is described under the baggage coverage of your travel insurance plan and has a per-item limit as well as a maximum cap. 

To ensure that your travel insurance covers your jewelry, you may need to provide documentation of the jewelry’s value, such as a receipt or an appraisal. Additionally, some insurance providers may require that you keep your jewelry in a hotel safe while traveling for it to be covered.

Many travel insurance policies will not cover the loss or damage of jewelry due to negligence or carelessness on your part. For example, if you leave your jewelry in an unsecured location or lose it while participating in a high-risk activity, it may not be covered by your insurance policy

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What Other Types of Insurance Can Cover Your Jewelry When Traveling?

When traveling, you don’t have to rely on the minimal coverage that travel insurance offers for your jewelry. Dedicated jewelry insurance is a great way to protect your high-value pieces. Unlike other insurance policies that offer limited coverage, such as renter’s insurance or homeowners’ insurance, jewelry insurance provides specialized coverage tailored to the type and value of the jewelry you own. 

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Jewelry insurance can cover various scenarios, such as theft, accidents, and natural disasters. It can also include protection against mysterious disappearance, which occurs when a valuable piece of jewelry cannot be located after an extended search either at home or away.

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Tips for Safeguarding Your Jewelry When Traveling

When traveling with jewelry, it’s essential to safeguard your items to prevent loss or damage. Some tips to keep in mind include:

  • Make a List of Your Jewelry

Before you travel, list all the jewelry you plan to bring with you, including each item’s make, model, and value. Take photographs, store hard copies at home in a safe place, and digital copies on a cloud server like Google Drive.

  • Keep Your Jewelry in a Safe Place

Keep it in a hotel safe or lockbox when you’re not wearing your jewelry. If your hotel doesn’t have a safe in the hotel room, ask if they have a safety deposit box in the reception area.

  • Travel with Only What You Need

Consider leaving expensive or sentimental jewelry at home and only travel with what you need. The less jewelry you have, the less loss or damage risk.

  • Be Discreet

Don’t flaunt your jewelry while you’re traveling. It’s best to keep a low profile and avoid wearing expensive jewelry in areas where it could attract attention or put you at risk of theft. 

  • Don’t Put Your Jewelry in Checked Luggage 

Checked luggage can be misplaced, lost, or stolen by baggage handlers, airport staff, or other individuals. Even if your luggage isn’t lost or stolen, it can still be damaged in transit due to rough handling, pressure changes, and turbulence.

Pack your jewelry in your carry-on and ensure you wrap each piece separately in soft cloth or tissue paper to prevent scratches or damage. Place your jewelry in a sturdy, well-padded lockable jewelry case.

  • Insure Your Jewelry

Insure jewelry with a standalone policy in addition to your travel insurance. This ensures you have worldwide coverage against loss, theft, damage, and mysterious disappearance for your high-value pieces.

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Getting Insured With BriteCo™

With BriteCo’s worldwide affordable jewelry insurance, you’ll never have to worry about coverage when traveling. Your jewelry is protected 24/7, 365 days a year, no matter where in the world you are. 

Plus, with BriteCo, your jewelry insurance worth is up to 125% of its replacement value, and you don’t have to pay any deductibles. Mysterious disappearance is also included in your policy so that your jewelry will be replaced or repaired even if its whereabouts can’t be determined. 

And getting insured is fast – simply provide basic information about the type and value of your pieces and receive a quote within minutes. Our jewelry insurance costs just a fraction of the piece’s total value for affordable coverage while you travel.

Protect Your Jewelry When You Travel

Insuring your jewelry while you travel is one of the smartest precautions you can take. BriteCo offers flexible policies for reliable fine jewelry and engagement ring insurance so that your high-value pieces are safe wherever you travel. 

With competitive rates and add-on services, like complimentary maintenance repairs, our team will work with you to help customize a protection plan that fits your unique needs. Insuring your jewelry while traveling doesn’t have to be complicated – let BriteCo make it easy for you today.

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Dustin Lemick


Dustin Lemick

Dustin Lemick is the Founder and CEO of BriteCo and a third-generation jeweler with over thirteen years of retail jewelry experience. He holds a Graduate Gemologist degree from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and has in-depth knowledge and expertise in appraisal systems, diamond and gemstone markets, retail pricing models, insurance replacement models, and jewelry quotation pricing systems.