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The Edgy Elegance of the Shield Cut Diamond

Rachel Akmakjian


Rachel Akmakjian

If you’re tired of the classic round brilliant or princess cuts, and are looking for something unique and edgy, but still elegant, then shield cut diamonds might just become your new, latest and greatest obsession.


What You Will Learn

What are Shield Cut Diamonds?

So what exactly is a shield diamond? 

Imagine a diamond with the sharp angles of a princess cut, the elegance of a marquise, and then a touch of modern flair. The diamond’s name comes from its resemblance to a shield, with two, slightly curved sides converging in a pointy end. Think of it as a sparkly symbol of protection adorning your finger.


Finding a shield cut diamond ring is incredibly rare. You’re unlikely to meet anyone else with a shield diamond engagement ring. However, if you go with a shield cut diamond ring over one of the more traditional diamond cuts, you’ll see all it offers. 

For one, those sharp edges give the illusion of a stone with a larger total carat weight. The diamonds are also highly versatile. A shield cut diamond can stand alone as a solitaire, or give a stunning effect as side accents framing a larger center stone or center diamond. 

How to Choose the Right Shield Cut Diamond Ring

If you’re considering purchasing a shield cut diamond engagement ring, here’s what you’ll need to think about before you start shopping. 


1. Start with the Metal: Rose Gold or White Gold?

An engagement ring’s band sets the tone for its overall style. Rose gold bands have been gaining popularity for their romantic and warm appearance. However, classic white or yellow gold bands offer a sleek and timeless look.

2. Consider the Unique Salt and Pepper Diamond

Since shield cuts are already a non-traditional option, consider opting for salt and pepper diamonds featuring a shield cut, for an even more unique touch. These diamonds boast mesmerizing inclusions and unique patterns, resembling a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Salt and pepper diamond engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular.

3. Ethical Choices: Conflict-Free Diamonds

When selecting a diamond, prioritize ethical choices. Conflict-free diamonds are ethically sourced and traded, ensuring they do not contribute to conflicts or human rights violations. Most jewelers offer a selection of conflict-free diamonds, and finding a shield cut diamond that meets these requirements shouldn’t be a problem. 

4. The Perfect Fit: Ring Size Matters

Since shield cut diamonds are more unusual, you might find the perfect shield cut diamond only when you shop online. However, to avoid any surprises or disappointments, know your ring size before placing any online order for a diamond ring. Get your ring finger sized professionally at a jewelry store to confirm your current size. 

5. Mixing and Matching: The Formal Wedding Set

If you want to go the traditional route of a matching engagement ring and wedding band, make sure your rings will fit seamlessly together, later. 

This is a little more difficult with a shield cut diamond, but not impossible. After you’ve chosen your shield cut diamond engagement ring, look for wedding bands designed to go with any type of ring, or have a wedding band custom made to match the shield cut engagement ring.

Are Shield Cut Diamonds Affordable?

Shield cut diamonds come in plenty of options to match both your preferences and budget. Whether you’re after a dazzling, statement-worthy rock, or a more delicate and subtle piece, you’ll find a shield cut diamond that fits the bill.

While shield cut diamonds offer exceptional beauty and uniqueness, they tend to be more affordable than their popular counterparts, like the round brilliant or emerald cut. 


So, if you’re looking to make a statement without breaking the bank, shield cut diamonds are worth considering.

A Word of Advice

Something important to keep in mind with shield cuts? Their pointy corners. 

Like princess cuts, shield cut diamonds can be sharp, and the wrong setting could leave you prone to snagging. Look for a pepper diamond engagement  ring with prong settings wherein metal prongs clasp each corner of the stone, or look for a ring with bezel settings that go all the way around the diamond.

Additionally, due to their unique shape, shield cut diamonds are not as standardized as other cuts. Because of this, it’s more important than ever that you buy from a reputable jeweler, who can provide detailed information about the diamond’s quality and offer certifications (if the diamond is eligible). 

Don’t Forget Insurance

Whether it’s a unique and edgy shield cut or a classic and traditional round cut, every diamond needs insurance. Loss and theft happen to even those of us with the best intentions, and homeowners and renters policies don’t include the coverage necessary to protect diamonds in these events. 

Your diamonds will always be safest with specialized jewelry insurance. BriteCo makes obtaining and maintaining your jewelry insurance fast, easy, and affordable. 

Get a free quote today and keep your diamond jewelry safe, with coverage you don’t even have to think about.

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Rachel's expertise is further enhanced by her distinction as a Graduate Gemologist from the prestigious Gemological Institute of America (GIA), equipping her with exceptional knowledge in gem identification and grading. Her education and experiences have given her an in-depth understanding of the demands and expectations facing jewelers and customers in today’s evolving retail marketplace.