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What Does TW Mean in Jewelry?

Rachel Akmakjian


Rachel Akmakjian

What Does TW Mean in Jewelry? What Does TW Diamond Mean? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Total Carat Weight

If you’re shopping around for an engagement ring or any other piece of jewelry that incorporates multiple diamonds, you’ll likely come across the term “CT TW.” These letters are just another one of the symbols and abbreviations in the jewelry industry that the average person isn’t going to recognize. However, if you learn more about CT TW, it can come in handy during your shopping process.

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What You Will Learn

CTTW Meaning (Diamond Weight Abbreviations)

What does TW mean in diamonds? What is the CT TW meaning?

No matter how you spell or abbreviate it, several different abbreviations in the jewelry industry all stand for the same thing: the combined carat weight of all diamonds within a singular piece.

Popular abbreviations for this include:

  • TW (total weight)
  • CTW (carat total weight)
  • CTTW or CT TW (carat total weight)
  • DTW (diamond total weight)

How Does CT TW Differ From CW or Carat Weight?

When shopping for diamond jewelry, you’ll notice that many items list both a carat weight and a CTW (or one of the above equal abbreviations). However, while similar, these two measurements are not the same.

The singular carat weight applies to just the carat weight of a diamond — one single diamond within the piece.

In contrast, CTTW stands for carat weight overall — the karat weight of the center stone, smaller diamonds, and all the diamonds added together.

Why Does a Ring's Total Carat Weight Matter?

So why care about this little tidbit of knowledge? As you navigate the jewelry shopping process, you’ll find it helpful to know the differences between carat weight and carat total weight in a few instances. For example, it’s worth knowing that,

CT TW Doesn’t Include All Gemstones

Let’s say you’re shopping for a diamond ring with other colored gemstones around the band, like emeralds, sapphires, or rubies. That ring will still come with a combined weight measurement, but that measurement will not include the weights of the other gemstones.

CT TW only refers to the total weight of all diamonds in a piece, while the manner of weighing gemstones differs.

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A Higher CT TW Isn’t Always Better

Just because a diamond is more prominent — or, in this case, because multiple diamonds add up to a large CT TW — doesn’t mean those diamonds are better.

Remember, diamond grading follows the 4 Cs. The 4 Cs include,

  • Carat weight
  • Color
  • Clarity
  • Cut

While carat weight certainly impacts a diamond’s cost (or the cost of a piece of jewelry with multiple diamonds), it’s not the only factor to consider when diamond shopping. Small diamonds with exceptional clarity or color, for example, can cost much more than larger diamonds that are less desirable in terms of clarity or color.

Similarly, a higher CT TW doesn’t always mean you get better diamonds because they add up significantly. When shopping for engagement rings or any other diamond jewelry, consider all 4 Cs.

diamond grading follows the 4 Csdiamond grading follows the 4 CsTwo Identical Rings in CT TWs Can Have Different Prices

Along these lines, because of the 4 Cs and other factors, if you’re looking at identical rings in CT TWs, you can’t expect the two rings to share the same price.

Other factors come into play, such as how much of the CT TW comes from center stone diamonds and how much comes from numerous diamonds around the center stone. (The more significant the stones, the price will reflect a better and higher amount.)

Additionally, as mentioned, the 4 Cs also play a role in determining the price of diamonds. While carat weight is one of the 4 Cs, it isn’t the only factor and is not necessarily the most critical factor.

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TW Diamond Ratings Apply to Both Earrings in a Set

It’s also important to realize that if you’re specifically shopping for earrings instead of any other kind of diamond jewelry, then the CT TW will refer to all of the diamonds in both earrings combined — not the diamonds in just one of the two earrings.

What Does TW Mean in Jewelry? Diamond Weight FAQs

TL;DR? Here’s a quick hit of everything you need to know about the TW diamond meaning and how diamond weight impacts your shopping process.

What Does TW Mean for Diamonds?

TW” stands for total weight, which refers to the total weight of all the diamonds within a piece of jewelry.

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If a Diamond Weighs One Carat, is That Good?

A one carat diamond is pretty standard for engagement rings. They’re both large enough to impress but also on the lower end of the price spectrum.

However, a diamond stone of this size will differ in price, as all diamond prices do, according to factors beyond the diamond’s weight, such as cut, clarity, and color. Round diamonds are one of the most expensive cuts.

Will Diamonds of the Same Weight Cost the Same?

No. Many factors influence diamond cost, including color, clarity, and cut. Sometimes, a smaller diamond will be more expensive than a larger diamond due to its overall quality.

Is TW Only Used for Diamonds?

Yes, TW and CTTW are measurements only used for diamonds or several diamonds within a piece. However, these measurements apply to both natural diamonds and lab-created diamonds.

Can I Buy Loose Diamonds By CTTW?

A loose diamond can only be measured by carat weight, not total carat weight. Total weight or total carat weight only applies to jewelry with multiple diamonds within a piece.

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