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What are Romantic Style Engagement Rings?

Rachel Akmakjian


Rachel Akmakjian

With so many timeless and romantic engagement ring styles, choosing the perfect engagement ring can often be stressful. Luckily, BriteCo is here to help. Keep reading to learn more about your romantic style engagement ring options, from classic center stone cuts to more intricate designs, and get that much closer to finding your dream ring.

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What Sets Romantic Style Engagement Rings Apart?

Engagement rings have long been part of a romantic tradition. The custom of presenting a diamond engagement ring during a proposal dates back centuries and has evolved to represent not just a commitment but also personal style and taste.

The romantic ring style often incorporates features like delicate stone settings, intricate designs, and traditional aesthetics. Central to this style are classic engagement ring features such as solitaire diamonds, emerald cut diamonds, or round brilliant diamonds. Other key features might include swirling motifs or additional design elements that add a romantic flair, but the focus is always on enhancing the beauty of the center stone.

Romantic engagement rings are designed to be timeless, transcending fleeting fashion trends and remaining eternally stylish.

The History of Romantic Engagement Ring Styles

The Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Deco eras have significantly influenced the romantic engagement ring style we recognize today. These periods brought forth designs featuring various gemstones; however, the diamond ring, particularly a solitaire diamond, has remained a constant favorite, epitomizing the classic engagement ring.

Popular Romantic Style Engagement Ring Design Features

Various design elements are popular for romantic style engagement rings.

  • Romantic Center Stone Cuts

The center stone is the heart of a ring’s design, and the round brilliant diamond stands out for its unparalleled sparkle and symmetry, making it a favorite for romantic and timeless engagement rings. An emerald cut diamond, with its clean lines and dramatic flashes of light, is also a popular choice for romantic center stones.

  • Popular Romantic Ring Settings

The popular and romantic four-prong setting has evolved over time. Initially favored for its minimal interference with the diamond’s brilliance, modern adaptations have seen variations in prong shapes and styles. Designers have innovated with delicate and artistic prong designs that contribute to the ring’s overall aesthetic.

Similarly, the solitaire setting is timeless but versatile, fitting a range of diamond shapes and sizes. A classic solitaire ring can represent the elegance and simplicity of romantic engagement ring designs.

  • Other Romantic Ring Style Design Elements

If you’re looking for something unique, variations like a hidden halo add a subtle but stunning twist to romantic engagement rings. A hidden halo, a feature wherein small diamonds encircle the base of the ring’s center stone, offers an extra layer of sparkle when viewed from different angles.

Likewise, delicate stone details, such as smaller diamonds set along the band or around the center stone, add a touch of sophistication and personalization.

If you want a contemporary twist to a romantic and timeless engagement ring design, split shank bands and the addition of side stones offer a creative and eye-catching alternative. Split shank bands, where the band splits into two as it approaches the center stone, provide a larger canvas for intricate designs and additional diamonds. Side stones, whether smaller diamonds or other gemstones, enhance the center stone and add extra sparkle to the ring.

Metals Used in Romantic Engagement Ring Styles

elegant ring

Both 14k white gold and platinum are popular options for a romantic engagement ring. The former is known for its durability. The latter stands out for its natural white sheen and exceptional strength, making it ideal for securing precious stones and withstanding everyday wear. Both metals will highlight the beauty of the center stone.

However, yellow gold has long been a traditional choice for engagement rings. Rose gold also offers a unique blend of warmth and romance, with its pinkish tones adding a feminine touch. These two metals, with their distinctive colors, can lend a personal and intimate feel to romantic style engagement rings.

Before you make your choice, consider:

  • Platinum offers superior durability and is hypoallergenic, making it ideal for sensitive skin.
  • White gold, often rhodium-plated for extra shine and strength, requires periodic replating to maintain its luster.
  • Yellow gold and rose gold, while slightly softer than platinum and white gold, are classic and romantic.

How to Pair Romantic Engagement Rings with Wedding Bands

Choosing a wedding band that complements your engagement ring is key for a harmonious and elegant bridal set. For romantic style engagement rings, classic and timeless wedding bands are ideal. Choose a matching metal (yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or platinum) and complementary design details. The ring should enhance the engagement ring without overshadowing it.

To pair a wedding band with any of the various engagement ring styles, consider the shape, setting, and overall design of the ring.

Shopping for Romantic and Timeless Engagement Rings

Ready to shop for an engagement ring? Consider starting with Brilliant Earth.

Brilliant Earth has gained recognition for its commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainability in the jewelry industry. As such, the brand’s collections of classic engagement rings and wedding bands are not only elegant and beautifully crafted but reflect responsible and ethical practices. Brilliant Earth offers a range of timeless engagement ring styles.

As you shop, understanding factors that influence ring prices, such as the 4Cs (cut, clarity, color, and carat weight), the type of metal, and the intricacy of the design, is essential. You’ll need to consider your budget and the long-term value of the ring, balancing affordability and investment.

Protect Your Investment

At BriteCo, we provide comprehensive and affordable jewelry insurance. Our policies include protection against loss, theft, and damage anywhere in the world, so you can rest assured that your engagement ring and its timeless style are protected and in good hands.

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