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Is a princess cut diamond best for my engagement ring?

Rachel Akmakjian


Rachel Akmakjian

Is a princess cut diamond the right diamond for you? Choosing the type of diamond for your engagement ring is a huge decision. With so many different diamond cuts out there, it can be hard to know where to start. For many people, the sleek, sharp look of the princess cut diamond is the ultimate choice for an engagement ring.

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What is a princess cut diamond?

This is the type of diamond that you probably think of when someone says “square diamond.” This popular diamond shape is a square with sleek corners and edges. Like round brilliant cut diamonds, they’re extra sparkly thanks to the many tiny facets that make up their cut. When you gaze upon a princess cut stone from the top, you’ll see these facets form a shimmering X shape that flashes when the light hits it. 


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Who is the princess cut diamond for?

Do you like the sparkle of round diamonds but prefer a square shape? Then the princess cut diamond is for you. With its angled geometry and shiny facets, this cut is for anyone who likes clean lines and symmetry but wants their diamond to really sparkle. Lovers of this shape especially like how princess cut diamonds sparkle with a signature X-shaped pattern in the light. Princess diamonds can look ultra-feminine with high prongs, diamond halos, or in a simple solitaire setting. They can also have a commanding and masculine presence in thick men’s wedding bands.

Is the princess cut diamond in style?

More modern and unique than round diamonds, the princess cut first become popular in the 1980s and remains popular to this day. Today we see this versatile diamond in many different styles of settings. Take Emily Ratajkowski’s engagement ring for example – her clustered diamond, boho-style ring featured a massive princess cut diamond. Another way this stone is gaining popularity is by flipping it a few degrees sideways, turning the square into a diamond shape. Called “kite-set” this setting makes head-turning and beautiful engagement rings. The square shape is cool and modern with its sleek lines, but it’s essentially timeless. You’ll be able to count on your princess cut ring becoming a treasured heirloom for generations to come.

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How much are princess cut diamonds?

Generally speaking, princess cut diamonds will be less expensive than round diamonds. That is because cutting a square diamond results in less rough waste. Its simply more efficient to cut a square shaped diamond because less of the stone goes to waste in the process, making princess cut diamonds cheaper. Of course, the quality and size of the stone will be the main factors in price. But typically you can expect to pay less for princess cut diamonds than for a round diamond of the same carat weight.

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What do I need to know before I buy a princess cut diamond?

The biggest thing to consider with princess cut diamonds is the stone’s sharp corners. All diamonds can become loose in their settings, but since these corners are particularly sharp, they can wear away the metal around them more quickly. Certain settings, like V prongs or bezels can help mitigate this risk. But you should ultimately choose the setting you like best for your engagement ring. Work with a jeweler you trust and have them inspect your ring a few times a year. They’ll make sure your stone is in place safely and securely.

Make sure your protect your diamond engagement ring

Like with any jewelry purchase over $1,000 (or any jewelry you wouldn’t want to part with), having jewelry insurance for your engagement ring is key. If your stone were to become loose and fall out, or if something happened with your ring altogether, you need to know you’re protected. Homeowner’s and renter’s policies won’t give you comprehensive coverage and will likely cost you more. That’s why we always recommend specialty jewelry insurance from experts.

Where do I get specialty jewelry insurance?

BriteCo offers affordable specialty jewelry insurance that covers up to 125% of your ring’s appraised value. Our policy covers loss, theft, damage, and mysterious disappearance. 

Check your price for insuring your ring in minutes and relax with the peace of mind that comes from properly protecting your valuables.

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