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Is a Square Emerald Cut Diamond the Best for Engagement Rings?

Rachel Akmakjian


Rachel Akmakjian

Are you trying to decide on the perfect diamond for your engagement ring? With so many diamond cuts and shapes, where do you begin?

Well, if you want something classic, yet different from the crowd, consider a square emerald cut diamond. With its clean lines and distinct shape, this diamond cut exudes sophistication.

What You Will Learn

What is an Emerald Cut Diamond?

Two things define an emerald cut diamond.

Firstly, emerald cuts always have a square or rectangular shape. Typically, the emerald cut diamond comes in an elongated shape, similar to the classic green emerald from which the cut gets its name. If you want something rounded and soft, this diamond is not for you.

Secondly, both square and rectangular emerald diamonds are a type of step cut. Step cut diamonds have broad, flat planes or “steps” that create a mirror-like reflection. This type of cut doesn’t shimmer like a round diamond. Instead of emphasizing sparkle, the step cut diamond emphasizes exceptional clarity. Step-cuts shine in fiery flashes instead of sparkly, all-over shimmer (like what you might see in a round diamond).

The square emerald cut typically has 58 facets, with a large, open table on top. Facets along the sides create a captivating play of light and give the diamond a unique look.

A single emerald cut diamond

Creating the Square Emerald Cut

As is the case with any diamond shape, crafting a square emerald cut requires skill and precision. A diamond cutter starts by shaping the rough diamond into a square shape with cropped corners. Then, the cutter facets the diamond, creating the linear step-cut pattern. Precise alignment of these facets is crucial for highlighting a diamond’s clarity. Through all this, the diamond cutter also attempts to maximize the diamond’s carat weight.

The Difference Between an Emerald Cut and an Asscher Cut

If you’ve encountered the Asscher cut diamond in your research, you may be asking yourself if we’re discussing the same thing. Asscher cut diamonds are very similar to square emerald cut diamonds. However, a key difference lies in the facets.

A square emerald typically has broader, linear facets, while the Asscher cut showcases smaller, concentric facets.

Another difference? Since the Royal Asscher Company patented the Asscher cut, only the Royal Asscher Company can sell you a true Asscher. (That said, since the cut has become popular, many retailers still sell diamonds under the name Asscher regardless.)

If square shaped diamonds have captured your heart, Asscher cuts are worth considering for an engagement ring, too.

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Single Asscher cut diamond

Who Should Buy a Square Emerald Cut Diamond?

The square emerald diamond suits those who prefer timeless elegance with a modern edge. If you like a more understated look but still want your ring to turn heads, an emerald diamond fits the bill. This cut also complements vintage-inspired settings extremely well. It looks stunning as the center stone in a three stone setting or surrounded by a diamond halo.

The square emerald cut diamond is also an excellent choice for those who prioritize the clarity of their diamond. This diamond’s cut showcases a diamond’s internal characteristics thanks to the step cut facets. The square emerald cut is a great option for those seeking a diamond with a clear, pristine appearance.

A ring with an emerald cut diamond

Square emerald cut diamonds are known for their elegance and clarity.

Why Buy a Square Emerald Cut Diamond

In summation, there are four main reasons to buy a square emerald cut diamond.

Timeless Elegance

Square emerald cut diamonds offer a timeless appeal that never goes out of style. With clean lines and step-cut faceting, they provide a sophisticated and elegant look that complements both vintage and contemporary settings.

Sparkling Clarity

The square emerald cut diamond’s large, open facets and step-cut style emphasize the diamond’s clarity. This makes it an excellent choice for anyone who wants a very clear and pristine look, as the cut beautifully showcases the diamond’s internal characteristics.

Optical Illusion

The square emerald’s broad, linear facets create a captivating optical illusion known as the “hall-of-mirrors effect.” This mesmerizing play of light and reflections adds depth and brilliance to the diamond.


Compared to some fancy diamond cuts, the square emerald cut can be a more affordable option that doesn’t compromise beauty. It’s less sought after than the ever-popular round brilliant cut, which helps lower its price tag.


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