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Heart Cut Diamonds: Love in Every Facet

Rachel Akmakjian


When it comes to diamond cuts, few capture the imagination and symbolize love like the heart cut diamond. People love its distinctive heart shape, symmetrically curved edges, and pointed tip.  Its shape has made it a popular choice for engagement rings and other diamond jewelry. We’ll dive into the heart shaped diamond’s history and explore what makes them and other fancy cut diamonds so appealing. Let’s embark on a sparkling journey!

What You Will Learn

The History of Heart Shaped Diamonds

The heart shaped diamond first emerged during the late 16th century among royals and the rich and powerful. Then, in a testament to the power diamonds have to convey emotions, in 1562, Mary Queen of Scots gifted Queen Elizabeth a heart shaped diamond. The gift was a token of friendship and diplomacy between some of the most influential figures of the time. 

The heart shape diamond cut continued to grow in popularity. Over the years, it would come in and out of fashion. Then, in the 20th century, advancements in diamond cutting techniques allowed for the precise creation of the heart shaped diamonds we know today.  These new techniques enable diamond cutters to capture the diamond’s beauty and brilliance and offer a powerfully symbolic shape.

Heart Cut Diamonds

What People Love About Heart Cut Diamonds

Heart cut diamonds are adored for their unmistakable shape and sentimental value. The symmetrical design, with its smooth curves and pointed tip, creates a visually striking centerpiece for any jewelry piece. They are often considered a symbol of true love, making them a popular choice for engagement rings. Heart cut diamonds can also be more affordable than round brilliant diamonds, offering an elegant and unique option for those seeking something different.


Exploring Other Fancy Cut Diamonds

While heart cut diamonds hold a special place in the hearts of many, the world of fancy cut diamonds offers a wide variety of captivating options. Let’s take a closer look at a few popular fancy shapes, along with the pros and cons of these diamond shapes:



Princess Cut:

The princess cut is renowned for its contemporary and bold look. With its square or rectangular shape and brilliant faceting, this cut offers exceptional sparkle and scintillation. However, the pointed corners of this diamond shape can be vulnerable to chipping, so it’s essential to choose an engagement ring setting that protects them.

Emerald Cut:

The emerald cut is a classic and elegant choice. It features a rectangular shape with step-cut facets that create a captivating hall-of-mirrors effect. The long lines and open table of the emerald cut make it perfect for showcasing a diamond’s clarity. However, due to its step-cut nature, this cut may highlight any flaws or inclusions within the stone.

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Marquise Cut:

The marquise cut is known for its distinctive boat-shaped outline and elongated appearance. It can make fingers appear longer and more slender. This cut offers excellent surface area and brilliance, but its pointed ends are more susceptible to damage, so proper care and protection are crucial.

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Heat Shaped Celebrity Inspiration

Heart diamonds and other fancy shapes have captured the attention of celebrities worldwide. Some notable figures who have flaunted heart-shaped diamond engagement rings include Lady Gaga and actress Elizabeth Taylor. Celebrities like Gwen Stefani and Nicki Minaj have also shown off their heart shaped diamond rings, highlighting the alluring beauty of this fancy cut.


The Art of Diamond Cutting

Crafting a heart diamond requires immense skill and precision. Diamond cutters study the rough stone carefully, analyzing its proportions and inclusions, and determining the best way to maximize its brilliance. They meticulously shape the diamond, carefully carving each facet to create the desired shape while retaining as much carat weight as possible. It’s an actual labor of love that transforms a rough stone into a stunning masterpiece. Heart diamonds continue to capture our hearts with their romantic appeal and unique charm!

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