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The Magic of Rough Cut Diamonds for Your Engagement Ring

Rachel Akmakjian


Rachel Akmakjian

Are you ready to embark on a sparkling journey to find the perfect engagement ring? Consider delving into the world of rough cut diamonds! These earthy gems offer a unique and enchanting twist to traditional engagement rings. So, if you want to stand out from the crowd and embrace your individuality, keep reading as we explore if a rough diamond engagement ring is the perfect choice for you.


What You Will Learn

1. You like the beauty of raw

A rough cut diamond, also known as a raw diamond, is a diamond that has yet to undergo the traditional polishing and cutting process. It retains its natural form, showcasing the raw beauty of the diamond crystal. Unlike their polished counterparts, rough diamonds come in various shapes, sizes, and textures. These diamonds showcase the unadulterated essence of nature with their organic shapes, unique inclusions, and raw textures. It’s like wearing a piece of the Earth’s rugged elegance on your finger!


2. You prefer to stand out from the crowd:

If you love to march to the beat of their drum, a ring with a rough cut diamond is perfect for you. Your engagement ring should reflect your personality. What better way to achieve that than rebelling against the traditional polished diamond? Each natural diamond is utterly unique, possessing its characteristics and story. With rough diamond engagement rings, you can truly embrace your individuality and showcase your distinctive style. Whether you prefer bohemian vibes, a modern edge, or an effortlessly chic look, a rough diamond ring is an excellent choice to express your personality.

3. You appreciate the diamond cutter's magic touch:

Now, you might be wondering about the role of a  diamond cutter when it comes to rough diamonds. Rough diamonds are a diamond cutters’ dream material. Skilled diamond cutters play a crucial role in unlocking the hidden potential of any rough stone. They study each natural diamonds meticulously, analyzing its shape, inclusions, carat weight, and natural contours. With their expertise in diamond cutting, diamond cutters bring out the stone’s inherent brilliance, clarity, and fire through precise diamond cuts. It’s like a magical transformation that preserves the charm of the raw diamond while maximizing its radiance.

Rough Cut Diamondss

4. You know real beauty is inner beauty:

With rough cut diamonds, it’s all about inner beauty. When a diamond is cut and polished, some internal characteristics called inclusions may be removed or reduced. However, rough diamonds often retain these distinctive inclusions, showcasing their individuality and captivating story. These inclusions can form minerals, crystals, or even tiny fractures. Embracing these quirks adds character and depth to your engagement ring, making it a true conversation starter.

5. You’re eco-friendly and ethical:

Many rough diamonds come from ethical sources. You can support ethical mining practices and promote sustainability by opting for a rough cut diamond. Rough diamonds require minimal processing compared to polished diamonds, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint. So, not only will your ring be stunning, but it will also be a conscientious choice.

6. You want your ring to be symbolic:

A rough cut diamond engagement ring holds profound symbolic meaning. Like your relationship, rough diamonds have endured pressure and time, emerging as something remarkable and beautiful. Choosing a rough diamond ring represents the journey of love and growth—a symbol of the beauty found in imperfections. It tells a story of transformation and resilience, making it a perfect reflection of your unique bond.


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Rachel's expertise is further enhanced by her distinction as a Graduate Gemologist from the prestigious Gemological Institute of America (GIA), equipping her with exceptional knowledge in gem identification and grading. Her education and experiences have given her an in-depth understanding of the demands and expectations facing jewelers and customers in today’s evolving retail marketplace.