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What is a Polki Diamond Cut?

Rachel Akmakjian


Rachel Akmakjian

What is a Polki Diamond Cut?

When it comes to diamonds, most of us are familiar with modern cuts like round brilliant or princess. But have you ever heard of a polki cut diamond?

You’re unlikely to find these hidden gems in your typical jewelry store, but they may be worth the search if you’re in the market for something unique. Read on to unravel the mystery behind these Old World, raw diamonds!

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What You Will Learn

What are Polki Diamonds?

When you think of a diamond, you probably picture something sparkly, with many light-reflecting facets. Well, that’s NOT what a Polki diamond looks like.

Unlike modern diamonds that jewelers cut to precise dimensions, jewelers leave Polki diamonds in their raw, rough, unpolished states. They don’t have a definite shape, and, because they’re not faceted, they’re not sparkly either. Polki jewelry showcases natural diamonds the way Mother Nature made them.

The History of Traditional Polki Diamonds

Polki diamonds boast a fascinating historical significance.

People began wearing polki cut diamonds around the 16th century, when diamond mining started in India. During the Mughal era, handcrafted jewelry adorned the royal and the wealthy.

As time went on, diamond styles evolved via the latest cutting techniques. Diamond cutters learned to facet diamonds to show off their sparkle and maximize their carat weight.

Despite modern trends, though, this old style of Indian jewelry making continues to this day, with jewelry designers using raw and uncut gems in traditional Indian styles that provide a cultural and historical connection.

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Are Polki Diamonds Expensive?

Antique Polki jewellery might be pricey today, but, otherwise, you can count on Polki diamonds costing significantly less than typical, modern-cut diamonds. Raw, unpolished diamonds do not require the time, labor, or technology that cut diamonds require.

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What to Expect From Polki Diamond Jewelry

Polki diamonds’ most distinguishing characteristic? Their rough, uncut appearance. The diamonds’ unique shape and natural surface offer a distinctive charm.

Polki diamonds are often flat on one side and domed on the other, reminiscent of the rough diamond’s original contours. Their surfaces may feature natural imperfections and irregularities, adding to their organic allure.

Jewelry designs that incorporate these uncut diamonds typically also incorporate a gold or silver backdrop, which gives the rough stone a sparkly contrast. The fusion of raw and refined elements blends beauty with tradition.

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Why Choose a Polki Diamond Ring?

  • Unique Beauty: Polki diamonds offer a distinctive allure that differentiates them from modern cuts. Each Polki diamond possesses a unique flair, making it a truly one-of-a-kind gem.
  • Historical and Cultural Connections: Jewelry wearers have cherished these diamonds for centuries.
  • A Conversation Starter: Polki diamonds spark curiosity and intrigue. When you wear a Polki diamond, you invite conversations about its unique beauty, cultural significance, and history.

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Does Diamond Jewelry Like Polki Diamonds Need to Be Insured?

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