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Step Cut Diamonds: A Timeless Choice for Your Engagement Ring

Rachel Akmakjian


Rachel Akmakjian

If you’re shopping for an engagement ring, you’ve realized there are many different diamond shapes and cuts. If you’re overwhelmed by the options, you’re not alone. The good news is that you don’t need to learn every diamond cut available to find out what you like. That’s because every type of diamond is either a step cut diamond or a brilliant cut diamond. (Or a combination of both, but that’s for another day!) Once you know these two categories of diamond cuts, you can fine-tune what you like and discover that perfect diamond in a snap.

What types of diamond cuts are best for my engagement ring?


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What is a Step Cut Diamond?

Step cut diamonds have a square or rectangular shape and feature long, narrow facets arranged in a step-like pattern. These facets descend toward the center of the diamond like a set of steps and give a hall-of-mirrors effect when you gaze down at the stone. This type of facet pattern is perfect for showcasing the clarity and natural beauty of the diamond. Step cut diamond engagement rings tend to have a classic, old-Hollywood vibe that feels timeless. A step cut diamond does NOT have a ton of glittery sparkle. Instead, step cut diamonds sparkle in fiery flashes of light rather than an all-over glitter.

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Step Cut vs. Brilliant Cut Diamonds

You’ll find that uber-glittery sparkle in a well-cut round brilliant diamond. While both step cut and brilliant cut diamonds are stunning, they differ quite a bit in their visual impact. People love brilliant cut diamonds for their exceptional brilliance and sparkle. Their facet arrangement maximizes light reflection, resulting in a dazzling display. In contrast, step cut diamonds have fewer facets, and each step takes up a larger piece of the overall diamond shape. While brilliant cuts emphasize sparkle, step cuts emphasize clarity, symmetry, and elegance.


Emerald Cut Diamonds

This cut gets its name from the classic green emerald gemstone shape. The emerald cut is the most popular step cut diamond shapes. It showcases a rectangular shape with parallel lines and trimmed corners. The step cut emphasizes the diamond’s clean lines and mesmerizing depth. Its elongated facets create that hall-of-mirrors effect, providing a sophisticated and timeless look. Emerald cut diamonds are renowned for their versatility and can be paired beautifully with vintage and contemporary engagement ring settings.

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Asscher Cut Diamonds

The Asscher cut dates to the early 20th century and has a square shape with cropped corners. The unique feature of the Asscher cut diamond is its “windmill” pattern. When viewed from above, the diamond’s facets create a shape resembling a windmill’s spokes. This pattern makes the Asscher diamond sparkle with a distinctive flashiness. Want to feast your eyes on the best of the best Asscher diamonds? Check out the Royal Asscher Diamond Company. Founded by the brothers who invented the Asscher cut, this jewelry company offers unique takes on the original cut with their special Royal Asscher patent

Baguette Cut Diamonds

The baguette cut is a step cut known for its elongated rectangular shape. Baguette diamonds typically don’t boast a hefty carat weight for the centerpiece of your engagement ring. This cut is generally a small accent diamond or diamonds lining the ring’s band or around a more prominent, central stone. These sleek diamonds have fewer facets, allowing them to complement another stone beautifully.

Insurance for Your Engagement Ring

You’re still not done once you’ve found the perfect stone and setting. All diamond rings need proper jewelry insurance, especially engagement rings. Loss and theft happen daily, and homeowners’ and renters’ policies don’t have the coverage necessary to protect diamonds in these events.

Your diamonds will always be safest with specialized jewelry insurance. And BriteCo makes obtaining and maintaining your jewelry insurance fast, easy, and affordable.

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