Build a stellar internet presence for your jewelry store

June 18th, 2020

In today’s competitive and digitally driven market, your jewelry store needs to have a strategic, well-curated presence on the internet. Perhaps your business is doing well without any online initiatives. Things might even seem great! But establishing and maintaining a solid internet presence can help your business thrive and reach new levels of success, and it will become more and more critical for future growth. We’ll look at which elements come together to create a great internet presence, why this is important, and how to set up and master your digital presence.

The elements of a great online presence for your jewelry store

There are a few key elements to building an online presence. First is your website. A website for your jewelry store is important because it is your virtual storefront. It conveys your brand, provides visitors with key information about your offerings, and gives people ways to reach you. Check out our in-depth guide to creating or updating your website here.

In this article, we’ll focus on the other major elements of your online presence – directories, social media, and reviews.

Why it’s important to build a strong internet presence

There are many ways for a jewelry store to establish a great reputation. Maybe your store has been around for a long time and is a fixture in your town, or perhaps most of your business comes from referrals. These are great ways to build up a business, but consumer practices have changed, and it is important to adapt and meet your potential customers where they are, and that means you need to get online.

In an age where most consumers are connected to technology all the time, people are most commonly getting information by Googling it. According to Google, “local relevance is expected, but not always overtly requested.” That means that if I enter “Thai restaurants” or “jewelry stores” in the search box, I am implying that I’m looking for businesses near me. And that is what Google delivers in their search results. Why should this matter to you? Because “nearly two-thirds of smartphone users are more likely to purchase from companies whose mobile sites or apps customize information to their location.”

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If you’re not showing up online, your potential customers are more likely to buy from your competitors who are.

Not only do people search for information online, but they also develop an affinity for brands by getting to know them through their online presence. Showing up in all the right digital places in the right ways gives your potential customers a chance to develop trust in your brand.

Finally, a study conducted by Citi Retail Services in 2019 found that the majority of consumers still prefer to purchase jewelry in-store, and those who buy in-store spend more per transaction than those who buy online. The goal of a strong online presence is not to close sales online, but rather to develop familiarity, trust, and loyalty – essentially, to build a relationship that will be taken offline and into your store.

Setting up each piece of your internet presence

In addition to your website, the key building blocks of your jewelry store’s internet presence are directories, social media, and reviews.


Online directories are popular places for potential consumers to find your business.


The most important place your business needs to be listed is Google. Luckily, it’s very easy to set up your business profile, and it’s free! Setting up this profile will put you on the map (literally – this is how you get an official entry on Google Maps). It also makes your business look official, and it provides visitors with key information about you.

Speaking of Google, they also make it simple for you to create a professional email address, with the format [email protected]. Your business will look more sophisticated if you have an email like [email protected] rather than [email protected]. It’s a low-effort task and another way to come across as polished and professional.

Yelp and

Claiming your business on Yelp and setting up your free entry on are important steps for optimizing local search. Showing up in these directories associates you with your specific geographic location, and it demonstrates legitimacy to potential customers.

Local directories.

Find out if your Chamber of Commerce or other local business associations include directories that list businesses like yours. Appearing in places like these demonstrates a sense of belonging in your community, which is appealing to many customers.

Social Media.

Social media is a crucial piece of your internet presence. Keeping it up to date takes work, but it has major potential to help your business thrive and reach new levels of popularity.


The most important social media platforms to focus on are Facebook (create a Page for your store – a Profile is for personal use) and Instagram. You might also consider Pinterest. Pinterest is a great fit for jewelry because it is such a visual platform, and it’s known as the place people go to complete their research when they’re ready to make a purchase. Make sure the contact information on each profile stays up to date, and link each back to your website. Conversely, make sure to set up links from your website to all of your social profiles. Your website and various social profiles create an ecosystem that lets consumers understand what your jewelry store is all about, from a variety of angles.

Pro tips.

Here are a few ways to ensure the effort you put into social media pays off:

  • Brand. Keep your brand front and center, and use every post as an opportunity to reinforce that brand. If possible, one person should manage all of your social media so that it has a consistent look and feel – and a unified voice.
  • Content. Make your content unique and entertaining, and post frequently. If your posts are dry or too formal, you won’t engage visitors. Inject humor, ask questions, and make every effort to create posts that read like someone talking with a friend. People respond most strongly to visual content, so use videos and images as much as possible. And most importantly, make sure that everything you post is high-quality and relates to what is going on in the world. If you’re busy and want to streamline your social media efforts, use a tool to schedule your posts in advance.
  • Interaction. The secret to social media success is to engage with your audience! Respond warmly (and promptly) to anyone who comments on your posts, and try to keep the tone light. Social media is not meant to be a closing tool, nor is it a place to get into arguments; it is a way to get to know your audience in an open, public forum and to develop rapport with customers.
  • Gathering intel. Take a peek at what your competitors and customers are doing on social media to get inspiration and to understand how to tailor your messages most effectively. Just be sure that if you repost someone else’s content (which is a great idea if you see something good), you give them credit.

Get help.

If the thought of managing social media on top of all your other responsibilities makes you want to run for the hills, consider getting help from a digital native. Offer an internship or part-time job to a bright high school or college student, and you could gain tremendous value from their expertise. Think of it as reciprocal mentorship – you can teach them about business, and they can get you up to speed on tech.

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People pay attention to reviews. If enough people say they like something, others will follow. It’s the same idea as getting a recommendation from a friend, but on the internet, it requires a higher volume of consensus.


The most important place to get reviews is Google, since they’ll show up as part of your business profile. Try to get reviews on Facebook and Yelp, too.


Reach out to your existing customer base and ask for their feedback, and build it into your process for future sales. Be specific about where you’d like them to post. Tell them, “Your 5-star review would mean so much to us, and if for some reason you don’t feel you can give five stars, please let us know directly so that we can make things right.” Then make it easy for them to get in touch with you to share their constructive feedback, and let them know you’ve heard them. Nobody is perfect all the time, so use this opportunity to get valuable information that can help you improve.

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If you want to find a low-cost, straightforward way to grow your jewelry business, a strong online presence can pay huge dividends. Build a great website, claim entries in online directories, get your social media up and running, and get customers to write glowing reviews for you, and you’ll be well on your way.

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