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Is an Elongated Cushion Cut Diamond Best for My Engagement Ring?

Rachel Akmakjian


Rachel Akmakjian

Sparkly and bright with soft edges, the cushion cut diamond is a popular favorite. It blends the classic glitz of the round cut with the modern chicness of an emerald cut. Lately, the elongated cushion cut has begun to gain more popularity. Let us answer the critical questions and help you decide if an elongated cushion will make the diamond ring of your dreams.


What You Will Learn

What’s the difference between an elongated cushion cut and a cushion cut?

A cushion cut diamond has a square shape with rounded corners. This soft yet angular look has a pillow-like appearance, hence the name. 

An elongated cushion cut has the same look as traditional cushion diamonds but with a slightly elongated appearance. The cushion cut is square, whereas the elongated cushion cut is more of a rectangle. 

Old mine cut diamonds date back to the 1600s and were instrumental in developing both the cushion cut and the modified cushion cuts. So whether you choose a square cushion cut diamond or a rectangle cushion cut diamond, you can trust they have a timeless appeal.

Do elongated cushion cut diamonds look bigger?

Like emerald cut diamonds, cushion cuts have big bellies or girdles, which take up much of their carat weight. When viewing from the top, cushion cut diamonds look smaller than other cuts of the same carat weight since so much of their weight is down below.

cushion cut diamonds look bigger

The elongated, more oblong cushion cut diamond helps solve this problem. More of the diamond’s carat weight ends up on top of a rectangular cushion cut diamond, making them appear more significant than a traditional cushion cut. 

Are emerald cut diamonds best for my engagement ring? 

But how elongated should you go? A 1:1.5 ratio or higher will look more like a rectangle shape than a square and help the diamond show off its size. Remember, the more elongated the diamond, the more of a sparkly “crushed ice” look you get. To some, this is desirable, but others prefer the more flashy, “fiery” sparkle of a traditional cushion cut. 

Really, it’s all a matter of personal preference, and looking at cushion cut diamonds in person is the best way to figure out what you like.

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Is the elongated cushion cut right for you? See for yourself:


Platinum solitaire with a lot of center sparkle

Find it at Jean Dousset


Sparkle all over with this elegant cushion cut ring

 Find it at Dana Rebecca Designs


Looking for some extra color? We can’t get enough of this sapphire band and cushion cut center look

Get it now at Grown Brilliance

Are elongated cushion cut diamonds more expensive?

Like any diamond, the cost of a long cushion cut diamond will still depend heavily on the 4Cs – carat weight, color, clarity, and cut quality. 

The Ultimate Guide To The 4 C’s Of Diamonds | BriteCo™ 

But, in general, an elongated cushion cut diamond cut is still more expensive than a regular cushion cut. Due to their popularity, it is increasing the demand and is causing higher prices.

To find savings, check out vintage diamond rings with cushion cuts or old mine cut diamonds.

What types of diamond cuts are best for my engagement ring?

Which celebrities wear cushion cut engagement rings?

  • Chrissy Teigen wears her cushion cut engagement ring from John Legend between two pavé bands.
  • Sophia Veraga has a vintage-style, elongated cushion cut engagement ring from her husband, Joe Manganiello.
  • Megan Markle’s engagement ring from Prince Harry features a cushion cut diamond in the center with two side stones from Princess Diana.

Tip: Although these celebs all have traditional white diamond engagement rings, you can find cushion cuts in a rainbow of colors. This cut shows off the color of a diamond exceptionally well, so if you’re thinking of a colored diamond engagement ring, the cushion cut is a great way to go. 



Is a cushion cut a good engagement ring?

We think so! Cushion cut diamonds have a timeless appeal and a romantic feel, making them an excellent choice for engagement rings. They also combine some of the best features of other popular diamond shapes, like the brilliance and softness of a modern round brilliant cut or the sleekness and fire of an emerald cut. And their vintage look makes them stand out next to another diamond shape. Whether you choose an elongated or square cushion cut diamond,  you can be sure it will make a beautiful statement.

How do I insure my engagement ring?

So you’ve found the perfect elongated cushion cut diamond ring on a gold band. Now what?

You need specialized jewelry insurance to protect fine jewelry from loss, theft, damage, and mysterious disappearance. 

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Insurance for engagement rings is a must. And there’s finally an affordable and easy way to get comprehensive jewelry insurance.

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