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How Much Does a Ring Appraisal Cost?

Rachel Akmakjian


Rachel Akmakjian

How Much Does a Ring Appraisal Cost? A Quick Guide to Jewelry Appraisals

Getting jewelry appraised is necessary if you want to get your jewelry insured, are planning on selling jewelry at a fair market price, or are making a jewelry purchase from a private seller and want to guarantee you’re buying the real deal.

In short, if you buy or sell fine jewelry or even just a single engagement ring, you’ll likely need a jewelry appraisal at some point. But what does the appraisal process entail, and how much does an appraisal cost?

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What is an Appraisal?

Information about appraisalFirst things first, what even is a jewelry appraisal?

A jewelry appraisal is a detailed report prepared by an official jewelry appraiser that provides information such as:

  • Gemstone quality and carat weight (if you’re having something like a diamond ring appraised)
  • Precious metals used in the piece of jewelry
  • Any information related to your diamond grading report, if you obtained one from a graduate or certified gemologist with a gemological institute
  • The overall jewelry value

Remember that a ring appraisal may not always reflect the fair market value of your jewelry if you were to sell it. For instance, an appraisal value that an insurance company is most interested in is called a replacement value.

Why Would You Want to Get a Ring Appraised?

Insurance appraisals are required if you want to file an insurance claim if your cherished jewelry is lost, stolen, or damaged. For insurance purposes, you need this written record; a verbal appraisal or incomplete jewelry appraisal will not do. Insurance companies need to know a piece’s replacement value to fulfill a claim, whether a simple repair or making a new piece of the same caliber.

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Similarly, suppose you ever want to sell or buy a piece. In that case, an appraisal can provide invaluable information regarding its accurate and current value by a professional.

Where to Get Your Jewelry Appraised

If you do want an appraisal, where do you go? You have many options. Jewelry appraisers work for a variety of employers within the jewelry industry. You can find them at jewelry stores. Some jewelry insurers, like BriteCo, will also offer an insurance appraisal service.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Ring Appraised?

What kind of jewelry appraisal cost can you expect? Jewelry appraisal costs differ due to various factors, including geography and the type of jewelry being appraised (for example, antique jewelry pieces may cost more to appraise, as they’ll require the appraiser to have some level of expertise).

However, in most cases, ring appraisal cost isn’t much more than a few hundred dollars.

It is possible to avoid the cost for a ring appraisal altogether and score free appraisals. A jewelry store may offer to waive the cost to appraise a ring if you ask for it at the time of purchase. Similarly, if you’re buying jewelry insurance, the insurer may waive the cost of jewelry appraisal if you purchase a policy.

Whether you pay appraisal fees or not, having an appraisal document is vital for all your cherished items. Getting an appraisal is well worth your time and well worth the small appraisal price typically charged. If you ever need to file an insurance claim or want to sell your diamond engagement ring in the future, you’ll be glad you took the time to get that appraisal.

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Tips for Getting an Appraisal

Whether you’re getting a three stone engagement ring appraised or a piece of heirloom jewelry, here are a few tips to ensure the best experience possible.

Shop Around for an Appraisal

Unless you’re taking advantage of a free appraisal during a jewelry purchase or insurance policy purchase, shop around for an appraisal. Ask the providers, “How much is a ring appraisal, and what comes with it?” In addition to knowing the cost, you also want to know what their report includes, whether or not it will consist of photos, the appraiser’s credentials, metal cost, etc.

Show Up with a Clean Ring

Ideally, your jewelry should be clean before you take it for an appraisal. This step will help the appraiser make the most accurate appraisal possible, as they’ll be able to see all the piece’s elements more clearly and accurately assess any damage or wear and tear.

Prepare to Wait a Few Days

Many appraisers can complete an appraisal within an hour or two, but sometimes, it will take several days. If you need the ring within a few days, like if you’re getting ready to pop the question, then be sure to ask about wait times when asking the provider, “How much does an appraisal cost for a ring?”

Jewelry Appraisal FAQs

TL;DR? Here are the basics.

How much does an appraisal cost for a diamond ring?

Diamond ring appraisal cost will differ according to your location, as well as the specifics regarding the diamond ring’s age and other factors. However, you can expect to pay a few hundred dollars for an appraisal. You can get free appraisals under certain circumstances, such as if you’re buying the ring or getting it insured.

How long does it take to get a jewelry appraisal?

Most jewelry appraisals take a few hours, while others take a few days. Talk to your provider to learn more about their timeline.

Are jewelry appraisals really necessary?

You will need a jewelry appraisal in order to file any insurance claims related to your jewelry. You may also find it handy to have an appraisal if you want to sell the jewelry at a later date.

Need an Appraisal for Jewelry Insurance?

Now that you know what to expect and what appraisal costs will be, you can confidently navigate the appraisal process for your future jewelry insurance coverage needs.

BriteCo can help with both. Check out our appraisal services and then explore our wealth of coverage options.

Appraisal Tool:

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