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Top Classic Engagement Ring Styles

Rachel Akmakjian


Rachel Akmakjian

What are Classic Engagement Ring Styles?

When it comes to engagement and wedding rings, some traditional and classic styles have stood the test of time, holding a special place in romantic traditions across the globe. Here are a few of our favorite traditional styles, and some tips for shopping for an engagement ring, no matter the style you choose.

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A Long History of Classic Engagement Ring Styles

The classic engagement ring style you love today has likely existed for centuries.

Classic engagement rings and, more specifically, proposing with a diamond engagement ring, can be traced back to 1477, when Archduke Maximilian of Austria asked Mary of Burgundy for her hand in marriage. This event marked the beginning of a tradition that would grow and evolve over the ages.

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By the late 19th and early 20th centuries, with the discovery of vast diamond mines in South Africa and advancements in cutting and polishing techniques, diamond rings became increasingly popular. The classic styles from these eras set a template for what many consider the quintessential wedding ring today.

Classic Engagement Ring Features

There are a few different types of classic engagement rings.

Classic Solitaire Engagement Rings

The solitaire ring features a single diamond or gemstone set on a simple and unadorned band, with the stone’s natural beauty and brilliance taking center stage. The style’s simplicity is its main attraction, making it a popular choice for those who appreciate classic elegance.

In a classic solitaire engagement ring, the center stone is the focal point, and the choice of the center diamond is important as it defines the ring’s character. Classic choices include the round brilliant diamond, known for its unmatched fire and brilliance. Other popular cuts include:

  • The emerald cut offers a more understated elegance with its clean lines
  • An oval center stone, which combines the brilliance of a round diamond with a more unique shape

The center stone’s cut, clarity, color, and carat weight combine to create the perfect solitaire ring, balancing aesthetic appeal with personal significance.

Design Variations

There are, of course, variations to classic solitaire rings.

  • The band, traditionally yellow gold, could also be white gold, rose gold, or platinum.
  • Buyers can choose between a four prong setting to secure the diamond or a six-prong engagement ring setting for added security and a slightly different look.
  • Intricate designs on the wedding band may complement the simplicity of the solitaire diamond, adding a touch of sparkle without overshadowing the center stone.

The classic solitaire engagement ring is often described as a dream ring for many due to its timeless appeal. Its design transcends temporary trends, making it an elegant ring choice for those who value enduring style.


Three Stone Engagement Rings

The three stone engagement ring is one of the most popular classic ring styles. In this design, two matching stones flank the central diamond. The three stone engagement ring offers versatility and potential for customization. Couples can choose different combinations of diamond shapes to create a unique engagement ring.

A classic round brilliant diamond can be paired with tapered baguette side stones for a traditional look or with a radiant cut diamond or emerald cut diamonds for a more contemporary feel.

Design Variations and Engagement Ring Settings:

  • Traditional metal options like yellow gold offer a warm, classic look, while white gold and platinum provide a sleek, modern backdrop for the diamonds.
  • The setting of the stones can vary, with options like prong, bezel, or channel settings, each providing a different look and level of security.

Other Traditional Engagement Ring Styles

In addition to the classic solitaire and three stone designs, traditional engagement rings might also include:

  • Halo Rings: This style features a central stone surrounded by a “halo” of smaller diamonds, making a round center stone appear larger. This style is often combined with a pavé band.
  • Other Gemstones: The use of colored gemstones alongside, or instead of, diamonds can provide a distinctive touch.

These variations on traditional engagement ring styles still embody timeless elegance and skilled craftsmanship.

Shopping for Classic Traditional Engagement Ring Styles

As you shop for the perfect engagement ring, there are a few factors to consider.

  • Always consider your diamond’s carat weight and quality, including cut, color, clarity, and shape.
  • Metal, from traditional yellow gold and white gold to a modern platinum band or even rose gold bands, plays a role in the ring’s overall look.
  • Equally important, consider your recipient’s personal style. A classic ring might best suit someone who values elegance and simplicity.


How to Care and Maintain Traditional Rings

Classic engagement rings often feature simple and minimal designs, but they still require regular care and maintenance.

  • Periodic cleaning with mild soap and a soft brush will maintain the ring without causing damage. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals.
  • For protection against scratches and dust, store the ring in a soft-lined jewelry box when not worn.


What is a classic wedding ring?

Classic wedding rings feature a simple, timeless design on a plain metal band. These rings are known for their understated beauty and are favored for their versatility and ability to complement any engagement ring.

What are the most popular classic engagement rings styles?

The most popular classic engagement ring styles include the solitaire and the three stone ring. These timeless designs have remained favorites due to their simplicity.

Are traditional and classic styles timeless engagement rings?

Yes, traditional and classic styles are considered timeless engagement rings.

What are the key features of classic diamond rings?

Classic diamond rings typically feature a solitary diamond, often in a round or princess cut set in a simple and elegant band. The focus is on the diamond’s brilliance and clarity, with minimal embellishments. These timeless rings are known for their understated sophistication and enduring style.

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Protect Your Investment

With their timeless style and enduring appeal, classic and traditional engagement ring styles offer something for every couple.

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