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The ‘80s Jewelry Trends Your Wardrobe Needs Now

Rachel Akmakjian


Rachel Akmakjian

10 Top 80s Jewelry Trends to Add to Your Wardrobe

When you think of 80s fashion trends, what do you imagine? Big hair? White-washed denim? Neon leg warmers?

Whatever you think of, regardless of your feelings on all things the ‘80s, don’t bypass the jewelry from the ’80s when you look to previous decades for fashion inspo. Fashion icons turned 80s jewelry into more of a fashion statement than a mere fashion accessory, with big, bold looks that will forever have a place in the fashion world.

Here are the top 10 80s jewelry styles we love and tips on how to add them to your wardrobe.

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What You Will Learn

1. Oversized Hoop Earrings

We saw it in the 70s, and this trend continued into the 80s. The best and most prominent 1980s jewelry trends were all about being loud and impossible to ignore, and oversized hoop earrings made a statement — mainly if they popped with a bright color or were made from an unusual material.

Shopping vintage? Look for oversized hoops like these among costume jewelry collections.

2. Mismatched Earrings

But why go boring with two oversized earrings that match when you could shake things up even further with mismatched earrings? An ‘80s jewelry trend that’s pretty much stayed in the ‘80s but deserves a resurgence, mismatching your earrings adds interest to an otherwise plain outfit.

Consider mixing huge earrings with small studs. Mixing metals is also an option if you don’t want to mix and match different earring sizes.

3. Fashion Jewelry

Some of the most recognizable 80s jewelry trends take advantage of the era’s rising popularity of costume and fashion jewelry. Often made and sold cheaply, using non-precious metals and faux gemstones, fashion jewelry was an easy, quick, affordable way to add a little bling to an outfit. Imitation pearls were trendy, particularly when paired with more casual outfits.

4. Gold, Gold, Gold

From gold disc earrings to gold chains, this precious metal was prominent in the 1970s, and that trend continued when it came to jewelry in the 80s. Whether it was real gold or the fake stuff, both men and women chose gold over other precious metals to pull together a more refined look.

5. Jelly Bracelets

No one would call a jelly bracelet refined or classic, but they’re a fun accessory. These neon bracelets were all the rage, coming in neon colors like bright pink, yellow, orange, green, or blue. If you’re a millennial, you likely remember this trend continuing into the 1990s and even getting new life in the 2010s with the brief, silly bands trend.

6. Cocktail Rings

Another one of the 80’s jewelry trends that’s managed to transcend time? Cocktail rings.

These statement rings are the perfect thing to add intrigue and flashy style to an otherwise more subdued outfit. Cocktail rings are typically considered costume jewelry and are affordable, but they mimic ultra-luxurious pieces with their prominent faux gemstones, intricate designs, and complex metalwork.

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7. Large Pendants

When it comes to 80s necklaces, large pendants were in. These could hang from any essential chain (remember: gold was the top choice), but it wasn’t uncommon to see pendants and brooches hanging from strands of imitation pearls.

8. Woven Friendship Bracelets

You’ll be hard-pressed to find an 80s kid who doesn’t know how to make their friendship bracelets. These woven bracelets were a staple of 1980s summers, making their way into many an outfit, regardless of the wearer’s age. You can make your woven friendship bracelets at home with patience, time, and basic supplies from your favorite craft store.

9. Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets are classic jewelry pieces, with options available from high-end jewelry designers and at big-box department stores. However, this quintessential 80s jewelry reflected the best aspects of 80s jewelry styles by going bigger and bolder than charm bracelets had decades past, with packed bracelets laden with near-endless charms, each representing something unique to the wearer. A bracelet could easily feature dozens of souvenirs and memories.

10. Plastic Bangles

You’ve probably realized by now that the jewelry 80s fashionistas loved most was often affordable, allowing the wearer to purchase vast quantities of jewelry for endless outfits, combinations, mixing, matching, and stacking. Plastic bangles easily fit all these criteria, coming in bright colors and often worn in multiples.

10 Top 80s Jewelry Trends

How to Pull Together the Perfect 80s Jewelry Look

Are you still trying to figure out how to pull all or any of the above into a perfect 80s jewelry trends-inspired look? Find inspiration from style icons of the 80s to see how best to pair your jewelry with your everyday looks in your closet.

Whether you want to go bold and over-the-top or a look that’s more subdued and sophisticated, you can find a celebrity or pop culture icon from the 1980s with a style worth emulating. Look to 1980s outfits from…

– Princess Diana
– Madonna
– Cher
– Cindi Lauper
– Brooke Shields
– Iman
– Molly Ringwald

And similar celebs!

Give Modern Jewelry That 80s Feel

Of course, once you have an idea of the look you’d like to pull together, you need to have the pieces necessary to make it all work. You don’t need to hunt through your nearest vintage clothing boutiques to make your 80s-inspired aesthetic a reality. You can likely channel 80s jewelry trends with pieces in your jewelry box. Try…

– Mixing and matching metals for a layered look
– Mixing mismatched earrings
– Going for an all-gold look
– Focusing on bright, bold colors and shapes

If you want to invest in some brand-new jewelry with an 80s slant, look for the same features and look for costume jewelry featuring faux gemstones — the bigger, the better. Now’s the time to go over the top with the fake pearls, plastics, and oversized pieces.

Jewelry Trends Come and Go, But Keeping Your High-Value Pieces Safe Will Always Be in Style

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