BriteCo Integrates GIA Grading Results into its Innovative Appraisal Management System

June 3rd, 2023

BriteCo, a leading tech-driven provider of jewelry and watch insurance, has announced the integration of Gemological Institute of America (GIA) grading results to BriteCo’s Appraisal Management System.

The gold standard of gemstone analysis and valuation, GIA grading reports are one of the most trusted resources to independently confirm gemstone quality characteristics and determine value among retail jewelers.

The GIA grading results integration to BriteCo’s Appraisal Management System helps its retail jeweler partners provide faster and more accurate appraisals for their customers and better determine adequate jewelry insurance coverage. Read the article here.

BriteCo Integrates GIA Grading Results into its Innovative Appraisal Management System

Available free to qualified retail jewelers, BriteCo’s Appraisal Management System is the best-in-class appraisal system in the market, used by thousands of BriteCo retail jewelry partners to accurately appraise jewelry. Its proprietary software has revolutionized jewelry appraisals with digital forms that replace traditional paperwork, faster processes and superior accuracy. The BriteCo system enables retail jewelry partners to leverage technology to quickly and comprehensively appraise jewelry, while allowing customers to insure their jewelry with BriteCo’s top-rated jewelry and watch insurance. 

“BriteCo has helped our company to access and use technology to improve processes and better serve customers in ways we couldn’t before,” said Andrew Elawar of Chrysella Fine Jewelry and Diamonds of Woodbridge, Virginia. “For a retail jeweler, it means we can stay ahead of the competition while meeting customer demand for innovation.” 

Retail jewelers interested in joining BriteCo’s jeweler partner program can learn more here.

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