Top 5 Things to Consider While Booking a Wedding Venue

August 28th, 2022

Booking a wedding venue is perhaps the most critical decision when planning your nuptials. While many people have dreamed of their perfect venue for years, finding a location for the ceremony and reception can be challenging and requires detailed planning. 

There are five main factors to consider when choosing a wedding venue beyond aesthetics. Weddings are first and foremost social events, and your venue needs to safely and efficiently accommodate the guests and wedding functions. Consider the following five things before you book your wedding venue.

1. Capacity of the Venue

No matter how beautiful a venue might be, you need to ensure that it is the right size for your wedding. Your wedding will feel empty and lackluster if your venue is too large. You may also end up paying more than you need to; larger wedding venues typically cost more per guest and require a larger deposit. 

However, throwing a wedding that is too large for a venue can be a serious issue for guest safety and comfort. Every city has strict fire codes, and venues often have a firm maximum occupancy number. The venue owners could fine you or prematurely end your reception if there are too many people to evacuate safely in an emergency. 

Before selecting a venue, create your guest list. Although typically only 75-85% of invited wedding guests attend, you should still consider a venue that can accommodate your entire guest list.

2. Location of the Venue

Choosing the location of your wedding is more than picking between a local and a destination wedding. When selecting a location, think about the practical and logistical considerations of the event. Things to consider include:

  • If the location works with your other caterers and vendors, how much will you need to pay for travel expenses in addition to their services?
  • If there is sufficient parking or access to transportation.
  • If there are easily accessible accommodations for those coming in from out of town.
  • If outdoors, is there cover in the event of rain or unusually hot or cold temperatures?
  • If the layout is conducive to the party you want, can all guests be seated comfortably, are the acoustics good for music, and is there space for a dance floor?
  • What are the venue owners’ restrictions, and do they work well with your plans?
Location of the Venue

3. Availability of the Date You Want

Unfortunately, some popular venues will be booked out months in advance, particularly in popular wedding months like October, September, and June. If your venue of choice is unavailable on your preferred date, you can either change the date or change your venue. You should decide which of the two is more important.

A good way to ensure you get the venue you want is to have your wedding on a day other than Saturday, which is usually the most popular day.

4. Cost of the Venue

Wedding venues cost between $12,343 and $14,006 in 2022. Consider your budget and see if your dream venue is in your price range. Most wedding planners recommend spending 30% of your budget renting a venue. For a personalized wedding cost estimate, we recommend checking out The Wedding Report.

Cost of the Venue

5. Wedding Event Insurance

Weddings can be unpredictable, and taking proper precautions helps ensure the event runs smoothly. Wedding event insurance protects your wedding in two main ways: it can cover any accidents or mishaps that happen at the wedding and protect your investment in case of postponement or cancellation. 

Quality wedding event insurance from BriteCo can offer general liability insurance up to $2 million for as little as $125.95. This protects against damage or injury to guests, liquor-related damage, and medical expenses. BriteCo also offers cancellation/postponement coverage and can protect you from vendor and venue cancellation fees and loss of deposit for up to 200 guests for just $359.83.

BriteCo™ Can Insure the Perfect Wedding

No matter what venue you choose for your dream wedding, you should protect it with wedding event insurance from BriteCo. This insurance can give you peace of mind on your wedding day and ensure any issues with the venue are taken care of without added out-of-pocket costs. 

You can get a quote for a personalized, affordable policy using our convenient online tool and file a claim quickly by following the intuitive instructions on our claims website. Contact us to learn more and keep your wedding protected. 

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