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What to Know About Wedding Event Insurance

Dustin Lemick


Dustin Lemick

A Quick Guide to Wedding Event Insurance: Keep You, Your Guests, and Your Venue Protected

The average cost of a wedding in 2023 is $29,000. This number includes all your big-ticket items like venue rentals, floral arrangements, catering, etc. — but do you have wedding and event insurance factored into your budget, too?

While a wedding can seem costly, this once-in-a-lifetime special event can be even more expensive if you don’t have the proper wedding and event insurance. (Purchasing special event insurance is sometimes even a requirement at some wedding venues!)

So, what do you need to know about wedding event insurance? Keep reading to learn

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What is Wedding Event Insurance, and What Does Wedding Insurance Cover?

Depending on the policy you purchase, your wedding insurance coverage will include 1) general liability coverage and/or 2) cancellation or postponement coverage. (BriteCo offers both of these types of coverage.)

What Does a Wedding and Event Liability Insurance Policy Cover?

Purchasing a liability insurance policy helps you (and sometimes your venue) avoid any potential legal responsibilities for accidents or injuries at your event. For example, say someone is seriously injured, or the venue is damaged. Wedding event insurance prevents you from paying for medical bills or repairs.

Likewise, host liquor liability coverage explicitly covers you if someone is injured or causes damages to others or property after being served too much alcohol.

What Does a Wedding Cancellation Insurance Policy Cover?

Wedding cancellation policy coverage protects your expenses and deposits if the wedding is canceled or postponed. Think about the cost of lost deposits, changes to photography or video costs, or the replacement of unique clothing and items.

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What Does Wedding Event Insurance Not Cover?

Just as with any insurance, there are exclusions to wedding insurance policies, and different policies will cover various aspects of your wedding and potential accidents or issues.

Here are some exclusions and coverage limits you should look out for.

Does Wedding Insurance Cover the Ceremony?

It varies by insurance carrier. Some carriers will only cover your reception. Other carriers will cover the ceremony and reception. In rare instances, a carrier may cover everything, including your rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception, and post-wedding brunch.

We suggest finding a policy that will cover all the events you plan on hosting, as all these events pose a liability risk.

Other Wedding and Event Insurance Exclusions

Many carriers exclude coverage for incidents arising due to high risk activities, such as shooting off fireworks or having amusement rides at your reception. Likewise, most policies exclude coverage for motorized vehicles, intentional injuries, employees, and auto exposures. However, most carriers make their policies publicly available, so it’s easy to research each policy’s exclusions.

If you specifically purchased cancellation or postponement coverage, do note that cancellation coverage does not cover cancellation or postponement due to minor inclement weather, cold feet, or COVID-19.

How Much Does Wedding and Event Insurance Cost?

Wedding and event insurance is likely more affordable than you think and a worthy investment for the budget-savvy bride or groom.

The cost is different with every carrier, but generally, a $1 million liability insurance policy without liquor liability coverage costs between $65 and $135. Host liquor liability coverage will cost an additional $45 to $100.

Some carriers don’t allow you to buy general liability and liquor liability coverage separately, combining them into a single package. Some carriers will also charge additional premiums for medical expenses.

If you purchase wedding liability insurance from BriteCo, you can expect to pay as low as $125.95 for up to $2 million in total general liability coverage, with $1 million in coverage per occurrence.

If you purchase an additional Cancellation and Postponement Policy you can get coverage for up to 200 guests for as low as $359.83.

What are the Benefits of Wedding and Event Insurance?

Wedding and event insurance gives you peace of mind and protection when unforeseen circumstances arise. More importantly, insurance can help protect you from a significant financial hit should anything change or go wrong at your wedding.

However, beyond this, many venues simply require you to purchase wedding liability insurance to use their facilities. With wedding and event insurance, you’ll enjoy a broader selection of venues to host your special day.

Venue Wedding Insurance Liability Policy Requirements

Most venues will require you to purchase a general liability policy with limits of $1 million per occurrence and $1 million aggregate. Property damage coverage may be included in these limits; however, a venue typically requires you to hold $100,000 of property damage coverage if they are separate.

If you are furnishing and serving alcohol at the event, you must purchase host liquor liability coverage. (Note that if a professional bartender or caterer is serving alcohol, you do not need to host liquor liability coverage. Your bartender or caterer will have their own coverage, which should be sufficient.)

In addition to being a named insurer on your policy, your venue may request a waiver of subrogation or primary non-contributory wording. This wording means, essentially, if there were a claim, and even if the venue were at fault, you would be unable to file a claim against the venue’s insurance. This waiver is becoming a prevalent feature in wedding venue contracts. If your venue requests a waiver, your policy’s coverage may need to include a waiver endorsement, which will incur a surcharge.

How to Choose the Right Wedding and Event Insurance Policy

The proper wedding and event insurance policy for you will

  • Be with a reputable insurance provider with experience in wedding-related claims (like BriteCo)
  • Will match the size and scope of your big day

Things to Consider When Purchasing Wedding Event Insurance

Certain factors will influence which policy you choose for your wedding. Consider

  • Wedding venue: Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, easily damaged, or has a history of cancellations
  • Location: Local rules and regulations, if it is a destination wedding and the number of guests traveling to the ceremony
  • Time of year: The potential for inclement weather
  • Vendors: The number of different vendors, their specific rules for deposits, cancellations, and penalties
  • Guests: The number and age of guests
  • Vehicles: Whether you’re using self or chauffeur-driven vehicles or if there will be non-traditional vehicles on the premises, like golf carts
  • Alcohol: If alcohol is present, how much, what kind, and how much can guests drink
  • Additional dangers: Fireworks, amusement rides, or picture props that could be choking hazards

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How to File a Claim with Your Wedding Event Insurance Provider

If you choose a policy from a reputable insurance provider like BriteCo, filing a claim is easy. Simply log on to our claims website, follow simple prompts and instructions, and fill in the required information. We will process your claim as quickly as possible.

BriteCo Wedding Event Insurance for Your Big Day

BriteCo wedding liability and cancellation insurance can give you peace of mind and security on the happiest day of your life. We’ll help protect you from mishaps on the big day and protect you from unforeseen events that require a postponement or cancellation of your ceremony or reception.

Log on to our simple-to-use website for an affordable and bespoke policy in minutes, and start confidently planning your wedding.

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Dustin Lemick


Dustin Lemick

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