How Do I Upgrade My Wedding Ring?

April 29th, 2021

Remember your wedding day? Of course, you do. That was the day you and your spouse made the ultimate commitment to one another—to love, to cherish, to have and to hold. Each wedding band represents that commitment. It’s a circle—an infinite shape representing the everlasting love you both share. A gemstone is the centerpiece of the ring; the ultimate statement of value and trust, it’s the cornerstone—your rock—a symbol of hope and truth. As your love grows throughout the years, it may be time to consider upgrading your wedding ring, but how does the process work? Everyone has a reason why they want to upgrade their wedding band, either by enlarging the center stone, or perhaps even replacing the entire ring with a new one. Here, we will discuss how to upgrade your wedding ring.

Why Should I Upgrade My Ring?

Many couples choose to upgrade a wedding ring to celebrate an achievement, commemorate a milestone of their marriage, or simply just because. There’s no right or wrong reason for upgrading your wedding ring because, in the end, your wedding ring is the ultimate symbol of the love and commitment of marriage between you and your spouse. While you don’t need a singular reason to want to upgrade your wedding ring, you are making a financial investment in the form of more valuable jewelry.

How Does A Wedding Ring Upgrade Work?

Depending on how you choose to upgrade your wedding ring, the process may vary. Let’s look at a few different upgrade scenarios:

Upgrading Your Center Stone – This is a very popular choice for many couples. Whether you’re after a larger carat size, higher color grade, or upgrading from a lab-grown diamond, Moissanite, or other gemstone to a natural diamond, a center stone upgrade is a fantastic way to upgrade your wedding ring.

  • How it works: If you want to sell the original center stone back to the jeweler, they will give you a credit toward the balance of purchasing and setting a new stone.
  • Alternatively: You may opt to keep your original center stone as a keepsake, an investment, an heirloom to pass down, or to use in another piece of jewelry, such as a diamond pendant or another ring. In the end, the choice is yours—but if you keep the stone, you’ll incur higher out-of-pocket costs related to your wedding ring upgrade.

Upgrading Your Setting – Another popular choice, this usually is more labor-intensive but the results are much more striking because it usually entails adding more diamonds or other gemstones to your wedding ring.

  • How it works: Depending on the extent to which you choose to modify your existing wedding band, a jeweler can either set more stones (as in a halo), or in many cases, the jeweler may need to start with a fresh ring (if adding accent stones, or melee in a new pave setting). If you’re designing a custom wedding ring, ask your jeweler to review the CAD drawing/3D renderings with you. Whether you wish to use the original metal from your existing band, or wish to use the original center stone, just make sure to discuss your wishes with your jeweler. Any material you contribute from the original wedding ring would be applied as a credit toward the creation of your new, upgraded wedding ring.
  • Alternatively: You may choose to keep your original wedding ring as an heirloom, investment, or keepsake. In that case, you’d be purchasing a brand new wedding band, and no credit would be applied since you chose not to sell it back to your jeweler.

What About Insuring My Upgraded Wedding Ring?

If you’re fortunate enough to upgrade your wedding ring, it’s absolutely critical that you properly insure it. Your jeweler should provide you with a new Jewelry Appraisal along with your newly upgraded ring so that your insurance provider has the most up-to-date information about a change in the value of your total insured assets.

Anytime you make a change to the jewelry you own, it’s always a great idea to re-evaluate your insurance situation. If you’re currently insured with your homeowner’s carrier, you may want to strongly consider choosing a Specialized Jewelry Insurance Provider such as BriteCo. At BriteCo, not only is updating your policy as easy as sending an updated appraisal for your new ring, but the coverage is worlds better than you’ll find with a typical renters or homeowners policy.

Only BriteCo gives you worldwide coverage up to 125% of the appraised value of your fine jewelry against loss, damage, theft, and mysterious disappearance with zero deductible and an affordable monthly payment option, with premiums starting below $5/mo.

Check Your Price for 5-star rated jewelry insurance coverage for your upgraded wedding ring from BriteCo today.

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