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What is a Statement Ring?

Rachel Akmakjian


Rachel Akmakjian

What is a Statement Ring? Everything You Need to Know

Look at any list of the must-have jewelry items that every jewelry-wearing individual should own, and you’ll see classic, versatile options such as tennis bracelets, stud earrings, and, of course, statement rings.

Alongside a wedding or engagement ring, a statement ring is likely the most worn for many reasons.

However, exactly what is a statement ring? And do you have to wear statement rings a certain way? Keep reading to learn:

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What You Will Learn

What’s a Statement Ring?

Statement rings are a type of statement jewelry, which means the point of all statement jewelry is to make a statement. And we’re not talking about just any statement. We’re talking about a bold statement.

Statement ring designs are eye-catching and flashy. They typically feature large gemstones and other adornments (in some cases, the gemstones are fake, with these faux statement rings considered costume jewelry).

Statement rings are nothing new. They’ve fallen in and out of style throughout the decades, and in the early to mid-1900s, cocktail rings got their name because a cocktail ring was considered the perfect accompaniment to a cocktail dress. Whereas the dress might be a little simpler, the cocktail ring would add a dash of personal style and sparkle to the ensemble.

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Statement Ring Meaning

Many times, jewelry carries some sort of symbolism or meaning. Engagement rings represent a promise of marriage. Wedding rings represent a commitment to eternal love. So, what is statement ring symbolism?

While some statement rings are a fashion statement, some wearers consider their statement rings to be very personal, carrying individual symbolism and meaning.

What is a Personal Statement Ring?

A personal statement ring is any kind of statement ring that you choose to represent something of great importance to you. For example, some personal statement rings might include a family crest or an engraving of a meaningful quote or passage. In other cases, a personal statement ring might feature a particularly unique material or precious stones with a special meaning (such as a birthstone, the wearer’s own, or that of a loved one).

Tips for Wearing Statement Rings

Tips for Wearing Statement Rings

Now that you know the answer to “what’s a statement ring” and what statement rings mean, you might be wondering how to actually wear a statement ring appropriately.

The good news? There are no hard and fast rules regarding wearing rings of any type, including statement jewelry pieces. Wear them on your index finger, ring finger, or middle finger. No one will bat an eye.

That said, there are a few ways to elevate your style using statement rings to ensure this piece of jewelry makes the most impact possible.

1. Wear Multiple Rings

Who said you just had to make a singular statement? Stacking rings (and all sorts of jewelry) are in, and if you pair the correct statement rings together, you can wear multiple statement rings at once.

Since statement rings often feature large gemstones or other embellishments, you may not be able to stack multiple statement rings on the same finger. Still, you can definitely wear various rings on the same hand. Make sure your rings complement one another, and have fun mixing and matching complementary styles.

Don’t feel like you need to stick with the same metal motif or ring size as you combine statement rings. A gold ring can look great with a sterling silver ring. Chunky rings can look great paired with a smaller, slenderer ring. The key is to combine rings that look similar in style and aesthetic.

2. Think About Size

Sometimes, bigger isn’t better, even with flashy, over-the-top statement rings. Just as you might when you purchase any ring, consider the ring’s overall size — not the size of the ring in terms of whether or not it will fit you without being too tight or too loose, but the size of the ring in proportion to your hand. When you wear the ring, does it look abnormally large or abnormally small on your hand (for statement rings, the former is the likelier reality)?

A statement ring shouldn’t look bulky or unwieldy as you wear it.

Additionally, even if a statement ring doesn’t look odd or bulky, consider what you’ll do while wearing it. Will it feel clunky and uncomfortable? If you feel uncomfortable, you’ll look awkward.

3. Upgrade an Everyday Outfit

Don’t think that cocktail rings are exclusively for cocktail dresses or that statement rings are only for formal outings. Statement rings can easily elevate even an everyday outfit, giving casual occasions a more elegant, refined feel. A simple pair of jeans and a plain blouse can benefit from a statement ring’s sparkle.

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How to Care for Statement Rings

How you should care for and clean your statement ring will depend on what materials make up the statement ring. In all cases, you should be as cautious as possible to avoid inadvertently damaging and potentially ruining your jewelry forever.

Before jumping right into online cleaning hacks for jewelry requiring a foil covered dish and suspicious chemicals on your precious metals and gemstones, go for a gentler method. Use a soft, jewelry-specific cleaning cloth and warm water to wash your jewelry. Then, dry it thoroughly with another jewelry-specific cleaning cloth.

Consider using a gentle dish-cleaning soap for extra cleaning power if you absolutely must. In some cases, a soft-bristled toothbrush can help. Still, in others, a toothbrush can scratch or damage the jewelry.

Your best option for cleaning any jewelry is to take it to a professional who can properly clean it on your behalf.

Protect Your Favorite Statement Pieces

The right cocktail ring can make a statement in any setting, but you know what else can make a statement (and not a good one)? Losing or permanently damaging your favorite jewelry pieces due to unforeseen accidents — and then being unable to afford necessary repairs or replacement.

That’s where specialized jewelry insurance can come in and save the day. BriteCo’s comprehensive coverage will protect a range of jewelry pieces, from engagement rings to luxury watches to, yes, your favorite statement ring.

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