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The Strongest Metal for Rings

Rachel Akmakjian


Rachel Akmakjian

The Strongest Metal for Rings: Jewelry That Can Stand Up to the Test

If you’re not all that familiar with the world of jewelry, you might just think that when you’re shopping for wedding bands or an engagement ring, your options are limited to gold rings and silver rings. However, with just one quick trip to the jewelry counter, you’ll readily see just how many options there are. White gold, rose gold, stainless steel, titanium, platinum — your possibilities are only limited by the number of precious metals mined from the earth’s core.

So, which metal should you choose for your wedding band? If you specifically want a ring that will stand up to daily wear and tear, and maybe even more, then you have to buy a ring made from a very durable metal. Not every precious metal is durable and tough, though. Some are better than others.

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What is the Strongest Metal for Rings?

The strongest metal for rings, hands down, isn’t gold or platinum. It’s tungsten carbide. This once-unfamiliar wedding ring metal has become a quick favorite with those shopping for men’s wedding bands and who love the superior scratch resistance. A tungsten ring just can’t be scratched.

That said, tungsten wedding bands do come with their downsides. You can’t resize a tungsten carbide ring. Some contain nickel, meaning those with nickel allergies will want to avoid picking this wedding ring metal.

If, however, resizing and nickel aren’t a worry for you, you’ll find that these rings are affordable, rugged, and perfect for men’s wedding bands, particularly if the man in question is hard on his hands, whether at work or play, from the workshop or garage to the slopes or trails.

What About Other Options and Alternative Metals?

Of course, while tungsten is the strongest wedding band material, it’s not the only robust and hard wedding ring metal out there. If you don’t care for tungsten, you do have other options.

Cobalt Rings

Another top hardest metal for rings? Cobalt.

One of the most durable metals out there (though not quite as durable as tungsten carbide), cobalt is also relatively affordable, and it won’t tarnish. Cobalt rings do not contain any nickel — making them an excellent choice for those shopping for men’s wedding bands who may have a nickel allergy or are concerned about developing a nickel allergy in the future.

Titanium Rings

A titanium ring is often chosen for its strength over other metals, precisely when you want a band that looks like silver but that is a little more durable than actual silver. Do note that you can’t resize titanium wedding rings (as is the case with other strongest metals, like tungsten carbide).

Metal Rings

The Strongest Metal for Engagement Ring Use

But the above metals are most often used to craft men’s wedding bands. You won’t often find them used in making more delicate, slender women’s wedding bands or for making engagement rings.

If you’re specifically shopping for an engagement ring, look for gold. While gold may not be as tough as tungsten, it’s still a suitable option — under one condition. Don’t buy a gold ring made of pure metal if you want a ring that’s extra strong. Pure gold is soft, so look for a ring that combines gold with another metal.

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Specifically, look for rose gold, which combines gold with copper, for a stronger, harder, scratch-resistant finish. Rose gold is more durable than both white gold and yellow gold.

Beyond gold, platinum bands are a popular option for both men and women. However, compared to gold, platinum wedding rings can be quite costly.

Other metals like palladium are also a good choice for both men and women. Palladium is often chosen over platinum when platinum is just a little too out of reach of a couple’s budget.

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Non-Metal Rings are Becoming More Popular

Some shoppers may grow frustrated looking for the strongest ring metal, not quite finding any rings that will fit their lifestyles and needs. If you’re among them, you may want to give up on finding the strongest metal for wedding band use and, instead, look to an alternative that’s becoming more popular: silicone rings.

Silicone wedding bands come in an array of styles. Thin, thick, textured, carved, in many colors — if you have an idea of what you’d prefer your perfect wedding ring to look like, you can probably find a silicone wedding band that will deliver that aesthetic.

Silicone rings are comfortable, scratch-resistant, and affordable. Some couples wear their silicone rings as their primary rings. Other couples, meanwhile, buy silicone rings to supplement their “real” rings, wearing the silicone bands in situations where they might worry about potential damage to their more valuable ring (i.e., at the beach, at the gym, while gardening, etc.).

To Recap

To recap, if you’re looking for a super-strong wedding band metal, look specifically for rings made from…

Rings material

Other Aspects to Consider When Ring Shopping

Beyond just picking a ring that suits the wearer’s lifestyle, though, also think about potential allergies (allergen-friendly rings contain no nickel), skin tone, what metal will look best against it, and whether or not the wearer can resize the ring as needed. Even a slight change in body weight can make resizing necessary, and with some rings, like tungsten carbide, resizing isn’t an option.

Wedding Ring Durability: Does It Really Matter?

While you may be inclined to prioritize fashion over durability as you shop for a wedding ring or engagement ring, don’t overlook a metal’s durability and how that will impact the wearer’s experience down the line. If the wearer is frequently in situations where they might scratch, ding, or damage a more delicate ring, then they’re more likely to either harm the ring beyond repair or leave their rings at home more often to avoid such damage.

For a ring that stands up to wear and tear, go with one of our top six preferred options to make sure you get strongest metal for rings.

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