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How to Clean David Yurman Jewelry

Rachel Akmakjian


Rachel Akmakjian

How to Clean David Yurman Jewelry: Keep Your Fine Jewelry Looking Its Best

Step into any David Yurman boutique, and you’ll likely notice a few things instantly. Each David Yurman piece carries a particular style and aesthetic that makes David Yurman pieces stand out, whether you’re looking at a David Yurman bracelet, ring, or wedding bands. These pieces often combine different metals with gemstones for surprising results not typically seen among fine jewelry.

Among David Yurman’s jewelry, the signature cable bracelet is possibly the most well-known piece, offering a stylish, artistic appeal without appearing over-the-top or flashy. The unique cable-like metalwork is a design feature, such as David Yurman’s diamond rings and the sterling silver jewelry pieces that feature pavé settings.

If you’ve invested in a few pieces of David Yurman jewelry, you likely want to keep them looking their best. However, don’t grab your standard silver polish and a polishing cloth and assume you’re good to go. In fact, just remove silver polish from your arsenal of jewelry-cleaning solutions altogether.

You’ll want to take some special precautions to ensure you don’t inadvertently damage your jewelry beyond repair.

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First, Identify What Metals or Gemstones are in Your Piece

David Yurman designs incorporate a broad range of gemstones and precious metals. While sterling silver jewelry and diamond jewelry are staples at any David Yurman boutique, that’s hardly where the brand’s designs begin and end.

You must know what it’s made of to clean David Yurman jewelry properly. For example, if your jewelry pieces include delicate gemstones like emeralds, you’ll want to be sure that you never expose the pieces to ultrasonic cleaners, which can damage emeralds.

Similarly, if your piece includes opal, you won’t want to clean that jewelry in a bowl with other pieces of jewelry, as other precious stones and precious metals can scratch the opal’s surface.

Likewise, pearl jewelry can sustain damage by cleaning solutions, such as vinegar, a standard recommendation for jewelry cleaning.

Before you begin cleaning any piece — David Yurman jewelry or not — you must know precisely what you’re cleaning and what to avoid.

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Start Small with Silver

Before assuming you need to give your silver David Yurman jewelry a deep clean, start small with a simple step that only requires a David Yurman polishing cloth.

When you purchase a piece of David Yurman jewelry, the jewelry store will give you a silver polishing cloth that will do more to clean your jewelry than you likely think. This unassuming lint-free cloth will remove unsightly tarnish from your entire bracelet or other piece. Just gently rub the piece with the cloth to remove stubborn tarnish and buff the silver to a shine.

If your sterling silver piece also includes precious stones, you can use this clean microfiber cloth to polish those stones gently.

Dealing with More Stubborn Tarnish

If you’re dealing with more stubborn tarnish or feel like your pave settings aren’t quite sparkling like they used to, you may want to go with a slightly more robust solution.

How to Clean David Yurman Ring, Bracelet, and Other Jewelry Using Household Items

You’ll need:

  • A soft cloth
  • A toothbrush
  • A few drops of mild soap, baby shampoo, or dish detergent
  • Hot water

Mix your mild detergent with hot water to create a gentle soap solution. Then, gently clean your jewelry using the toothbrush dipped in the solution or the damp cloth. Lastly, rinse the jewelry in clean water and dry the pieces with a clean cloth.

This solution can clean diamond rings or remove tarnish from silver pieces.

Other online “hacks” might recommend you use silver cleaning solutions, a baking soda bath, or aluminum foil, but this is the gentlest option, especially when it comes to cleaning delicate items or items that you particularly don’t want to damage, for sentimental reasons, such as engagement rings.

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Take Your Jewelry to the Store for Professional Cleaning

The safest, hands-down, way to clean a David Yurman piece? Simply take the piece to wherever you bought it. They know how to best go about cleaning David Yurman ring settings, necklaces, bracelets, and more without harming the metals, gemstones, or design.

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Take Care of Your David Yurman Jewelry

However, the best way to ensure that you keep your David Yurman jewelry looking as good as new, as long as possible, is to take good care of it so that you need regular cleanings less often.

  • Store your David Yurman jewelry safely, such as in the individual jewelry pouches that the jewelry came in when you purchased it.
  • Use the polishing cloth with the jewelry whenever you notice any dulling or tarnishing.
  • Don’t expose your David Yurman jewelry to water, sweat, cleaning products, beauty products, and other substances that could damage or dirty the pieces.

Cleaning David Yurman Jewelry FAQs

TL;DR? Here’s what you need to know.

Can I clean David Yurman jewelry at home?

Yes, if your David Yurman jewelry is only slightly tarnished or dull, you can likely clean the jewelry on your own, at home, using a simple solution of water, mild soap, and a cleaning cloth.

Will David Yurman jewelry tarnish?

If you have a piece of sterling silver jewelry, it may tarnish after it comes into contact with certain environmental elements. Luckily, tarnish is easy to remove at home.

What should I not use to clean David Yurman jewelry?

If you clean your jewelry at home, we advise you not to use harsh chemicals or so-called cleaning “hacks” that use substances like vinegar, baking soda, or bleach. Instead, opt for the gentlest solution possible — mild soap and warm water. If you need a more robust solution, go to your jeweler and see how they can help.

Can I wear David Yurman jewelry in the shower?

We recommend you remove all jewelry before showering, no matter the type or composition of your jewelry. Exposure to water can be safe for precious metals and gemstones. However, your shower has more damaging substances, including chemically treated water, shampoos, and other cleansers.

Keep Your David Yurman Jewelry Safe

Beyond keeping your David Yurman jewelry safe with proper care and cleaning, you also need to consider how you’re keeping it safeguarded against loss, theft, and accidental damage. That’s where BriteCo can help.

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