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If customers are not coming to you, you need to reach out to them…

Introducing Virtual Reappraisals: A guide to updating appraisals with existing documentation

Engage your customers by offering an incentive to get their jewelry reappraised without leaving the house.

Virtual reappraisals

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Even though your store might be getting less traffic these days, BriteCo can help you make money with virtual reappraisals! How? By using BriteCo’s free appraisal software to update appraisals for pieces with existing documentation.

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Appraisal guide step1

Identify customers
Go through your appraisal files to see which customers might be due for a reappraisal. Contact them via phone, text, or email with an offer to update appraisal values for their existing jewelry from the comfort and convenience of their own home.

Appraisal guide step2

Make them an offer
Provide an incentive such as “Free Appraisal” for an existing piece, a discount on your regular appraisal price, or 10{f115248d9994dc7402af7653f303c84861e5f38335e05efe79cf6ce0df2e2c05} off your next purchase when you update the customer’s existing jewelry appraisals.

Appraisal guide step3

Collect details
Have the customer email or text you any copies of old appraisals, diamond certificates, etc., and have them send a photo of the piece.

Appraisal Guide Step 4

Create updated appraisal
Enter the details from the old appraisal docs into your BriteCo appraisal software to create a new, updated appraisal in a matter of minutes. Use the “Notes” section to indicate the appraisal was based on existing documentation.

Finalize the new appraisal, and it’s automatically emailed to your customer!

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Use smart technology to keep your customers engaged

  • Before you finalize an appraisal you can confirm any payment required via PayPal, Venmo, or through a debit or credit card.
  • Use FaceTime on your iPhone, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp for face-to-face conversations with your customers to clarify details and answer any questions. (Here’s an article about best apps to use for Android phones.)
  • Track your customer contacts in your current CRM system, or use free software such as Hubspot or MailChimp.

BriteCo’s free appraisal software gives you the perfect way to connect with your customers, keep your staff productive, and generate business during a slow time.


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