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Shopping for Gaming Computer Insurance? Here’s What You Need to Know

Dustin Lemick


Dustin Lemick

Insurance Plans for Your Gaming PC: What to Know About Gaming Computer Insurance

Anyone who games knows that gaming computers are far more complex — and thus more expensive — than your average laptop or desktop computer. High-end gaming systems can be worth a lot of money. However, even the most expensive tech breaks for one reason or another. When it does, you’ll want to be insured.

If you’re considering purchasing gaming computer insurance, here’s everything you need to know.

What You Will Learn

How Do You Buy Gaming Computer Insurance?

There’s quite an array of ways you can go about buying gaming computer insurance. As this niche market has more significant insurance needs than the average laptop owner, quite a few brands offer gaming computer insurance with coverage plans specifically designed for gamers. You can find this or that protection plan or coverage plan available from popular tech manufacturers like HP and more standard insurance providers.

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Anyone can easily purchase gaming computer insurance online.

  • How Does Gaming Computer Insurance Differ from an Extended Warranty?

Let’s say you haven’t purchased gaming computer insurance yet, but you did buy an extended warranty at the time of your computer’s purchase. Do you still need gaming computer insurance? Yes — because there are some significant differences between the two. For example…

  • Warranties come with an expiration date.

A warranty, even an extended warranty, comes with an expiration date. For the warranty to apply, you must submit a claim within the manufacturer’s designated timeframe. If your gaming console or computer suddenly breaks one day after the warranty ends, you’re out of luck.

  • A warranty doesn’t cover everything.

While insurance usually covers issues like theft or your computer kicking the bucket during a house fire, warranties don’t cover issues like this. Instead, manufacturer warranties cover problems that can be traced back to the manufacturer — things like a computer suddenly dying for no apparent reason.

  • You can accidentally void your warranty.

Unfortunately, a few actions could void your warranty, rendering it useless. For example, if you make certain modifications to your gaming computer, that might void the warranty. Likewise, if you’ve damaged your gaming computer somehow, even if it’s not connected to your claim (say you have a partially cracked screen due to a different incident), that could void your warranty, too.

What Does Gaming Computer Insurance Cover?

So if a warranty doesn’t cover everything, what does gaming computer insurance cover? A gaming computer insurance policy also doesn’t cover every issue that might pop up with your computer, but it will cover a few key things:

  • Theft

Gaming PCs are pricey. Clever thieves know this. Don’t think you need to worry about theft? While, sure, a random burglar in the neighborhood might not know that you have a gaming PC to steal and then sell, many times, theft is committed by people that the victim knows.

For example, let’s say you have a friend named Joe who’s also a gamer. Joe may have mentioned your gaming PC to his creepy pal Steve. Steve then decides your house might make the perfect target for theft, and luckily, Steve knows exactly when you’ll be out late because chatty Joe mentioned a party you’re both going to.

Suddenly, your gaming PC is gone. If you have gaming computer insurance, you can replace that PC.

  • Accidental damage coverage

During your move, you accidentally drop your gaming computer. Hello, cracked screens.

Maybe you’re enjoying a beverage and a snack at your desk and clumsy, or the (malicious) cat knocks your drink over, spilling it all over your keyboard.

Whatever the case, there’s been an accident, and now your gaming computer is either ruined or not working properly. In these cases, your gaming computer insurance would get you sorted and back to gaming fast, often offering you the replacement cost so that you can purchase a new computer ASAP.

Will Homeowners Insurance or Renters Insurance Cover Gaming Consoles or a Gaming PC?

Most homeowners’ or renters’ insurance plans feature something called personal property insurance coverage. This coverage protects personal property within the home, such as electronics. However, this type of coverage isn’t always ideal.

For one, your homeowners’ or renters’ insurance won’t typically cover accidents. Instead, it focuses on natural disaster-related damage and theft.

Additionally, some policies feature an electronics cap, limiting coverage for high-end tech. Other policies feature high deductibles that make filing a claim for a PC or gaming console not worth it.

What to Consider When Shopping for Gaming Computer Insurance

Decided you want to upgrade from your homeowner or renters insurance policy’s lackluster electronics coverage or from that extended warranty’s stipulations? If you’re ready to buy gaming computer insurance, keep these things in mind as you shop for a policy.

  • How many claims can you make on the policy? Does the policy allow for unlimited claims?
  • Do you have to pay for the entire policy upfront, or can you pay monthly?
  • Is there any fine print that says you can’t claim certain damages or issues?
  • When a claim is processed, will the insurer provide you with the total replacement cost, or will the cost be adjusted for degradation?

Gaming Computer Insurance FAQs

Do I need gaming computer insurance?

If you’ve invested a lot of money into your gaming computer, then yes, buying gaming computer insurance makes sense. This insurance can protect your computer or laptop in the event of theft or an accident.

What’s the difference between insurance and a warranty?

A warranty only covers manufacturer defects, not any issues that might arise unrelated to the manufacturing, such as theft or accident. Insurance, however, will cover both theft and accidents.


Will my current insurance protect my gaming computer?

Your current renters’ or homeowners’ policy may protect your gaming computer in the event of a natural disaster or theft. Still, stipulations are typical regarding how you can apply your homeowners’ or renters’ insurance policy to electronics.

Gaming Computer Insurance is a Smart Investment — But It’s Not the Only Extra Insurance You Need

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Dustin Lemick


Dustin Lemick

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