BriteCo announces IDEX as a preferred partner for diamond pricing

February 12th, 2020

BriteCo, an innovative appraisal and insurance technology provider, announced that IDEX, the leading online diamond-trading platform for professional diamond traders, has become BriteCo’s preferred source for diamond pricing.

Free to qualified jewelers, BriteCo’s appraisal software provides retail jewelers with intuitive, self-guided screens to enter key information, include photos, and get a recommended range for appraised value, based on more than 200,000 current data points. Once the jeweler finalizes the appraisal, the customer receives an email with a customized electronic copy of the appraisal for their records.

“The addition of IDEX pricing to our BriteCo appraisal software is another major advantage for our jeweler partners. With more than 900 jewelers creating thousands of appraisals on the BriteCo appraisal platform, IDEX pricing will help our jewelers save time and assure appraisal accuracy, while enhancing the customer’s experience at retail.”

~ Dustin Lemick, BriteCo Founder & CEO

Featuring online, live supply listings with dynamic pricing, IDEX also provides a discounted rate on membership for BriteCo jeweler partners, Lemick noted. IDEX is the only B2B platform that has real prices and real transactions data derived directly from the trading platform, he explained, as well as providing over 15 years of historical asking price data. Diamond pricing data is at the core of IDEX business.

Immediately after the jeweler finalizes an appraisal with the BriteCo software, the customer receives an email or text directly from BriteCo offering replacement insurance coverage on the appraised item. The customer clicks a link in the message, fills out a short application on their smartphone or other device, and gets an exact quote based on their piece’s appraised value. Paying by credit or debit card, the customer is insured instantly.

Licensed to sell jewelry and watch insurance in all 50 states and backed by an AM Best A rated global insurance carrier, BriteCo is revolutionizing the appraisal and insurance process, allowing retail jewelers to compete more effectively in-store by leveraging innovative technology.

To learn more about BriteCo’s appraisal management software and immediate insurance coverage, click here or email [email protected].

BriteCo- instant insurance coverage

About BriteCo

BriteCo provides retail jewelers free time saving appraisal software to create accurate and reliable appraisals, offers immediate insurance to protect their customers’ purchases, while generating new revenue opportunities. For consumers, BriteCo is a faster and easier way to protect fine jewelry and watches from loss, theft, or damage. All BriteCo-provided insurance is covered by an AM Best A rated insurance carrier. For more information, please visit

About IDEX

IDEX – International Diamond Exchange – is the leading online diamond-trading platform for professional diamond traders located in the main diamond cities such as Antwerp, Mumbai, Ramat Gan and New York. IDEX features online, live, supply listings with dynamic pricing features and a proprietary and unique online transaction clearing function (GDTTM).

IDEX reach into the professional diamond trading is comprehensive – more than 7,000 professional traders use the system regularly; more than 75% of the supply chain inventory is featured on the system. IDEX prices and data has become one of the industry standards.

IDEX is a leader and innovator in diamond pricing products. The widely used and followed IDEX Diamond Index has been published continuously since 2004 and is the first and oldest index based on actual listing data. IDEX also publishes a widely followed diamond price benchmark and provides traders with online, real-time asking prices research tools.

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