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A Hard Lesson

It’s a tale as old as time: a homeowner or renter makes a big jewelry purchase and assumes their investment is protected under their homeowner’s or renters insurance, only to find out (the hard way) that home insurance policies hardly provide any fine jewelry coverage.

Does Renters Insurance Cover Jewelry?

Considering your renters insurance for engagement ring protection? Think again. Homeowner’s and renters insurance not only limit coverage for high-value property such as jewelry, engagement rings, and luxury watches to $2,000 or less, but filing a jewelry claim on said insurance could lead to higher premiums, nonrenewal, and policy cancellations. Then what?

Tear drop diamond earrings insured by BriteCo Jewelery Insurance

Does Renters Insurance Cover Lost Jewelry?

Adding insult to injury, renters insurance jewelry coverage only applies to jewelry damaged or lost due to peril, like a home robbery or fire. In other words, it doesn’t protect your investment in the event you were to drop it down the sink, experience theft outside of the home, or find your jewelry has mysteriously disappeared (nearly 40% of all jewelry claims!). What we’re trying to say is that not even the best renters insurance for jewelry can provide the support you need to protect your investment. That also means you’ll be hard-pressed to find a renters insurance engagement ring policy that will cover your soon-to-be significant other if they were to lose the ring!

Luckily, BriteCo™ is here to change the all-too-common renters insurance jewelry dilemma with fine jewelry insurance built for the digital age.

Protect Your Jewelry The Best Way Possible with BriteCo™

When you bring together a third-generation jeweler, insurance guru, and computer programming wiz, something great is bound to happen. For the fine jewelry insurance world, this something Is BriteCo™.

Table showing BriteCo's cost is lower than other brands with better overall benefits

What Makes BriteCo™ A Better Option Over Jewelry Renters Insurance?


Coverage Limits 125% of Appraisal Value
Worldwide Coverage
Mysterious Disappearance
Limited Impact of Claims on Homeowners Insurance
Monthly Pay Option or Discount for Annual Pay
Gifts to Others at Separate Address
Zero Deductible
Free Annual Insurance Value Updates
Preventive Maintenance*

*Covers prong retipping; broken, worn or bent prongs; broken earring posts; clasp replacement; restringing of broken or stretched pearl strands; and stone tightening

Through innovation, experience, and digital advancements, BriteCo™ has turned the jewelry insurance world on its head, offering fast, simple, and seamless jewelry, watch, and engagement ring insurance second to none. With the latest technologies in tow, BriteCo™ offers 5-star rated jewelry coverage of up to 125% of the appraisal price in the event your jewelry is lost, damaged, stolen, or mysteriously disappears anywhere you are in the world. We didn’t stop there, either!

With our specialized jewelry insurance, you’ll have that engagement ring for your soon-to-be fiancé insured before you ever leave the jeweler. The same goes for diamonds, gems, precious metals, and luxury timepieces, too. We work with over 2,000 local jewelers across the country to make the jewelry appraisal and claims process easier to navigate than the office coffee order.

Aside from best-in-class customer service and Trusted Transparency, BriteCo™ provides its customers with peace of mind that they’ve got the very best jewelry insurance policy out there by offering flexible payment options, zero deductibles, free annual insurance value updates, and preventative maintenance on insured jewelry.

With BriteCo™, you’ll never have to worry about things like “does renters insurance cover jewelry loss?” or “does renter insurance cover engagement rings?” With us, the biggest question you’ll ask is, “where do I sign up?”

Visit BriteCo™ today to learn more about The BriteCo™ Promise, How to Insure Engagement Rings for First-Timers, or to get your FREE jewelry insurance quote in minutes directly from your smartphone!