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May 11th, 2021

BriteCo established the jewelry insurance technology space in 2017 by offering an innovative appraisal solution that leverages relationships with independent jewelers to offer their customers a faster, more simplified way to shop for and purchase jewelry and watch insurance. A win-win for both jewelers and jewelry buyers, the opportunity to secure the best jewelry insurance on the market at or near the time of purchase offers shoppers unparalleled convenience and peace of mind. This past spring, BriteCo and its insurance partner, A+ rated Glencar Insurance Company launched a new program that offers superior rates, enhanced coverage limits, and the ability to also offer jewelry and watch insurance policies directly to U.S. consumers through an innovative, mobile-friendly web application at

The Rise of Insurtech

As more consumers turn to fintech solutions for everything from branchless online banking to debt consolidation, the popularity of insurtech has also begun to gain traction among Millennials and Gen Z. Convenience, accessibility, affordability and trustworthiness are all key elements to growing a successful online service in 2021. Having originally carved out a space for jewelry and watch insurance in the growing insurtech landscape, BriteCo realized that it was perfectly positioned to launch a direct-to-consumer jewelry insurance solution.

It’s an unsettling fact that more than 50% of all engagement ring purchases go completely uninsured. And the majority of fine jewelry owned by U.S. households is underinsured, leaving millions of Americans vulnerable to unforeseen costs associated with a jewelry loss. The average amount spent on an engagement ring in 2020 was upwards of $7,000. A typical homeowners or renters insurance policy caps jewelry insurance payouts at only around $1,000 to $2,000—not to mention a jewelry claim on a homeowners policy usually results in a rate increase, and could even result in being cancelled by the carrier. That’s why BriteCo set out to raise awareness of the importance of specialized jewelry insurance, and made it as easy and affordable as ordering a latte.


While BriteCo continues to grow their base of more than 2,000+ independent jeweler partners across the United States to reach jewelry buyers at the point-of-purchase, adding a direct channel gives owners of fine jewelry the opportunity to shop and compare jewelry insurance. Using BriteCo’s innovative Check Your Price tool, a consumer can simply enter their ZIP code, email address, and the appraised value of their jewelry and receive a quote in less than 60 seconds. Gone are the days of emailing multiple insurance companies, chasing down agents, or endlessly waiting on hold just to get an honest, affordable quote for 5-star rated jewelry insurance for an engagement ring, wedding band, necklace, earrings, or luxury watch.


The fewer barriers to entry, the better. Using a smartphone, customers can shop for an instant, no-obligation jewelry insurance quote right from their mobile browser—meaning no useless app downloads wasting valuable space, or annoying push notifications to disable. If satisfied with the quote, the application process is simple, and takes only a few minutes to complete. Simply fill out their personal details, answer a few underwriting questions (which also helps find available discounts), snap photos of their item(s) and appraisal(s), and pay. Once the policy is active, users can view their policy information anytime simply by logging into their secure online account.


BriteCo offers some of the most competitive jewelry insurance rates across the country compared to other specialized carriers. All standard BriteCo jewelry and watch insurance policies are zero deductible, meaning there’s no out of pocket expenses when making a claim. As a competitive advantage, BriteCo is the only online insurer to offer its customers the flexibility of a Monthly Pay Option—with payments starting around just $5/month. Those who choose to pay their annual premium up front receive a 5% discount.


BriteCo has been featured in several prominent publications–including Forbes, Fortune, JCK, INSTORE Magazine, The National Jeweler, and others—for its innovative, unorthodox approach to jewelry insurance and obsession with curating the best customer experience. In addition to being trusted by thousands of independent jewelry store owners across the country, BriteCo is backed by an AM Best A+ rated carrier—the insurance industry’s highest rating. Thousands more have entrusted their jewelry coverage to BriteCo. Whether praising the easy signup process, amazingly low rates, or the quick and straightforward claims process, BriteCo has some of the happiest customers in the industry. Just check out our average 5-star rating on Google.

Shopping for the best jewelry insurance is easy. Check Your Price for worldwide, 5-Star rated coverage right now.

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