Jewelry warranties don’t typically cover loss, theft or “mysterious disappearance” – Insurance does!

Get the Facts Before You Buy Any Warranty or Extended Service Contract

A jewelry warranty is not meant to be jewelry insurance

It’s easy to confuse the two. But there are big differences that could be costly should you ever have your ring or jewelry lost, stolen or damaged. Warranties usually only cover defects in the quality and workmanship of an item.


Many people have been BURNED when:

  1. They realize too late that a warranty doesn’t cover the most expensive events that can happen with jewelry.
  2. The warranty is voided because the small print required them to get it cleaned and checked every 6 months.

These issues can be painful and rarely are warranty purchasers aware until it is too late.

Jewelry Insurance Provides Affordable Protection for Real Risks

Jewelry insurance goes far beyond any warranty to genuinely protect your precious jewelry items from life’s major risks. That means making sure you have replacement coverage for:


An earring gets dropped into the sink. The ring you put in your beach bag can’t be found. We know these kinds of losses happen. With BriteCo, you’re covered. A warranty? Not so much


A burglary in your home while you are gone and your diamond jewelry gets stolen. Call the police. Assess the damage. We help you recover with no deductible insurance coverage for a full replacement. Can your warranty match that?


Probably the most common problem. You chip or lose a stone from your engagement ring. Or a prong on your favorite gemstone ring gets bent. We got you covered.

Mysterious Disappearance
Mysterious Disappearance

Even when there’s no explanation for how your precious jewelry item has disappeared, BriteCo will make good for a full replacement. No warranty comes close to that.

Get a Custom Quote for 5-Star Rated Jewelry Insurance in 60 Seconds

Compare the cost of jewelry insurance from BriteCo for much better coverage beyond any warranty or extended service contract. Policies starting as low as $5 per month.


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