BriteCo Free Jewelry Appraisal System Featured in Instore Magazine Spotlight

August 26th, 2021

BriteCo’s free jewelry and watch Appraisal System is featured in the September issue of Instore Magazine in a Spotlight feature on Digital Transformation. Highlighting the advantages of BriteCo’s leading cloud-based appraisal software solution for retail jewelers, the article features a video interview with BriteCo founder and CEO Dustin Lemick, along with BriteCo retail jeweler partner, Andrew Elawar, owner of Chrysella Fine Jewelry and Diamonds in Woodbridge, Virginia.

BriteCo’s Appraisal System for retail jewelers automates the appraisal process saving time and helping them earn additional income. Trusted by more than 2,400 retail jewelers across the USA, BriteCo gives jewelers a comprehensive Jewelry Appraisal Management System at no cost.  The system produces professional appraisals in only a few minutes, providing the jeweler with valuation guidelines based on 200,000 pricing data points. And, through BriteCo’s exclusive rewards program the jeweler earns points for gift cards with every finalized appraisal.

Speaking to the BriteCo appraisal system’s advantages, Andrew Elawar said, “The BriteCo appraisal software has been an incredible system for us. We’ve had it for about two years now. In the old days my father used to do appraisals by hand. I came into the store and advanced it by doing them in a word document. We advanced it a bit more by using The Edge, doing manual appraisals for customers through our POS software. And then Dustin called me one day and said, ‘Hey, try this out.’  And I’m glad I listened. BriteCo has really revolutionized the way we do appraisals.”

Andrew Elawar in INSTORE category spotlight

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