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The reason BriteCo’s appraisal software for jewelers and personal jewelry insurance for their customers have such high satisfaction ratings is because our team consistently goes above and beyond.

That means making sure we help our jewelers and our insurance customers get the service they need, when they need it.

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Andrew Elawar

“With BriteCo, we can deliver a nice, clean-looking appraisal electronically or printed that’s accurate with very detailed information. It’s really foolproof and super easy to use,” he continued. “It took me no time to get used to it and it’s what I would expect out of a software appraisal. Everything is intuitive and listed in sequence the way you would normally do an appraisal.”
Andrew Elawar, Chrysella Jewelers

Zacharia of Jacksonhole Jewelers

“BriteCo has basically closed all of these loops to where a customer comes in, makes a purchase, and we issue their appraisal right away. When the appraisal is finalized, the customer also receives a text or email offering instant insurance coverage from an AM Best A rated carrier. They can answer a few quick questions and get coverage in a matter of minutes on their smartphone.”
Zacharia Turpin, Jackson Hole Jewelry Co.

Gail of Pav and Broome Jewelers

“Thanks to BriteCo, somebody has finally done something right for the independent jeweler. It’s nice to get help from an appraisal system that saves us time, is there whenever we need it, and it’s free! It also takes some of the pressure off us as the jeweler when we know our customer can get insured even before they leave the store if they like. Plus, I really like that customer replacement claims are always referred back to us, so that we can take care of them.”
Gail Pav, Pav & Broome Jewelers

Andrew of Princess Jewelers

BriteCo offers jewelers a time-saving, straightforward way to create appraisals, ensure the jewelers’ customers are protected, and generate new revenue opportunities. I like that my customers have the option to protect their purchase before they leave my store. And I especially appreciate that if a BriteCo insurance customer makes a claim, replacements are referred back to me where I can handle it my way, with my own suppliers to make sure my customer is happy.”
Andrew Dumont, Princess Jewelers

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“I absolutely love doing appraisals now!”
Brittany O.

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Andrew L.

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“This is a no brainer. Just do it!”
Brian G.

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