BriteCo or Jewelers Mutual?

June 22nd, 2021

Benzinga endorses BriteCo jewelry insurance over Jewelers Mutual Insurance in direct comparison assessment

Investing and personal finance news platform, Benzinga, conducted a head-to-head comparison of the top two jewelry insurance companies in the business, BriteCo Jewelry Insurance versus Jewelers Mutual Insurance. The result? BriteCo topped Jewelers Mutual as the preferred choice for jewelry and watch insurance.

According to Benzinga’s evaluation, “The unique combination of affordability, extra A+-rated coverage, internet convenience, annual value updates and a monthly payment option make BriteCo Jewelry Insurance our favored company for protecting your fine jewelry and watches.”

As a hundred plus year old insurance company, Jewelers Mutual is a primary insurer of jewelry stores as well as personal jewelry. Known as an insurtech innovator, BriteCo has streamlined the process of getting jewelry insurance, making it faster, easier and more affordable than ever before. With no deductibles and annual value updates, BriteCo’s insurance policies are ideal for those individuals looking for fine jewelry insurance and watch coverage outside of the limited coverage typically offered by homeowners or renters insurance policies.

The article noted that, “BriteCo’s immediate online policy quote and coverage in less than 2 minutes is especially appealing to younger customers who are used to the convenience of digital technology.”

Want more? Click here to keep reading and learn more about why BriteCo is your best choice protecting your valuables over Jewelers Mutual insurance or contact us today to get started!


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