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About BriteCo

What is BriteCo™?

What makes BriteCo™ different from other jewelry insurance?

What are the advantages of BriteCo™ jewelry insurance?

How can my customers get BriteCo™ insurance for their jewelry and watches?

Can my customer get a quote if I don’t use the BriteCo™ Appraisal Management System?

Jewelry and Watch Insurance

Why does your customer need jewelry and watch insurance?

Doesn’t a homeowners or renters insurance cover jewelry and watches?

Do my customers need an appraisal to get insurance?

How much does jewelry insurance cost?


What is a jewelry or watch appraisal?

What is a BriteCo™ appraisal and what are the benefits?


Does my customer get an insurance quote from BriteCo™?

What does a BriteCo™ insurance policy cover?

How can my customer update their BriteCo™ policy information?

How can my customer add a watch or piece of jewelry to my BriteCo™ policy?

Is there a maximum value that my customers can insure per piece?

Is there a deductible for a BriteCo™ policy?

How do my customers pay for their policy?

Does my customer get a discount for storing their jewelry in a safe or having a home burglar alarm?

Does my customer get a discount for insuring multiple items with BriteCo™?


How are claims filed with BriteCo™?

How does the claim process work?

Can I work with my customer for their jewelry or watch replacement?

Do customers have to pay a deductible?

Can customers get cash for their jewelry or watch claim?

How do I get involved when my customer files a claim?