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Joseph in Phoenix:
” I got my finance’s $5,500 engagement ring insured for $6.06/month
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  • Zero Deductible
  • 125% of appraised value
  • Worldwide Coverage of Damage, Loss, Theft, and Mysterious Disappearance
Becky S. leaves a 5 Star review

It was so easy to insure my jewelry with Briteco! I was Worried about the difficulty of doing everything online but the system worked flawlessly and I saved several hundred dollars plus got even better coverage. Perfect!

Do I Need Specialized Jewelry Insurance?

The Truth About the Coverage You Need

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Should I get coverage?

If an engagement ring is valued over a week’s worth of your gross salary and holds sentimental value an insurance policy is recommended. A good policy will have A+ rated worldwide coverage of loss, theft, damage, and mysterious disappearance.

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Home Policy vs Specialty

A Specialized Policy means a claimon your engagement ring or jewelry will have limited impact of your homeowners or renter’s insurance policy. The BEST specialty policies have zero deductible and 125% replacement value, ensuring you won’t pay out-of-pocket for any replacement.

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How much?

It varies, but as a rule of thumb expect to pay 1-3% of the appraised value. At BriteCo, we specialize in jewelry to ensure you receive a lower policy cost than others, from 0.5-1.5% of the appraised value. The best policies offer monthly pay options that can start as low as $5 a month.

303 Google reviews of 5 stars by customers
BriteCo named by IGS as Best Overall Jewelry Insurance Company in 2021
Julie S. leaves a 5 star review

” I can’t believe how easy it was to purchase my insurance policy!”

John M leaves 5-star review.

“Fast, easy & fair quote.”

Linda S. leaves a five star review

“Easy, quick, and reasonably priced giving me the confidence to have an heirloom diamond reset!”


Renters / Home
Owners Insurance
Coverage Limits 125% of Appraisal Value Capped as low as $1,000 Appraisal Value
Worldwide Coverage
Damage Limited
Theft Limited
Mysterious Disappearance
Limited Impact of Claims on Homeowners Insurance
Monthly Pay Option or Discount for Annual Pay
Gifts to Others at Separate Address ?
Zero Deductible ? ?
Free Annual Insurance Value Updates
Preventive Maintenance*


*Covers prong retipping; broken, worn or bent prongs; broken earring posts; clasp replacement;
restringing of broken or stretched pearl strands; and stone tightening

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