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March 19th, 2020

With social distancing the new norm, some jewelers are closing their stores entirely, and others are seeing customers in a more limited capacity. Regardless of your response, retail jewelers are likely to see fewer store visits in the foreseeable future.

At BriteCo we’ve been asking ourselves how we can help you stay in touch with your customers and prospects using the technology that we’ve built. One way to do that is to use our free BriteCo appraisal software to offer “virtual reappraisals” to your customers. We have a free Virtual Reappraisal Guide that explains how to do it.

Because BriteCo has streamlined and automated the entire appraisal process, it takes only an average of 5 minutes to complete an appraisal in our system. That means our jeweler partners can do many more appraisals in much less time than ever before.

The Virtual Reappraisal program gives you the opportunity to connect with customers and help them update appraisals on their jewelry pieces using existing documentation and fresh photos – all without them having to leave their homes.

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Here’s how BriteCo Virtual Reappraisals work

We’ve also put together a more detailed description along with ideas on how you can offer virtual reappraisals in this Virtual Appraisal Guide for retail jewelers.

The Virtual Appraisal program is available to our jeweler partners and any jeweler wishing to sign up to use BriteCo’s free appraisal software. Stay tuned as we will be sharing how retail jewelers are promoting the Virtual Appraisal concept in ads and on social media. We’ll also be providing creative promotional ideas that you can customize to your own store.

Stay safe. And know we’re with you as we all pull together to get through this challenging time.

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Dustin Sitar, MBA - Director of Marketing and Operations

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